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As long as the performance was good enough, the new disciples would not necessarily have to compete with the new disciples.

If he was abnormal strong enough, he would be able to exchange blows with the peerless Spirit Genius s of the various great sects with him with with great cultivations that were hard to catch by.

Although this kind of opportunity always made one's blood boil, every year, there were very few new disciples that were able to reach this level.

If he really did appear, then this person would become the topic of discussion that would shake the entire world at the first possible moment.

The Spiritual Martial Assembly had started since the beginning, and now, they were already in full swing. All the disciples revealed their unique abilities, with endless profound moves, causing the onlookers to be dazzled and exclaim in admiration.

Feng Tian Yue and the other two followed the rest of the people who were not participating in the competition, and went from the southeastern part of the Tianwu Square to the northwest side of the Chu Clan, looking around.

Seeing those powerful and cool, magical Spiritualism moves, Xi Yin sighed in admiration and admiration. Xiang Lou also had a face full of unconcealable shock.

To the freshmen of the Spiritualism like them, the Spiritual Martial Assembly this time was indeed marvelous, brilliant and unparalleled. However, to the experts of the Spiritualism like Feng Tian Yue, they did not receive any sort of eye-catching surprise.

"Hmph, are all the new recruits this year just a bunch of idiots? With just that bit of ability, you can enter the competition, is Xi Yin really lacking people? " At this moment, an extremely disdainful sneer came out of the nose of a female Profound Spirit disciple who had a full face of arrogance.

It's true, running over to watch this kind of low-level competition between trash is indeed a waste of time. Let's go, let's return and continue cultivating. The other Profound Spirit lady frowned as she complained, looking at the new disciple with eyes as though she was looking at a bug that was shitting its feces.

Feng Tian Yue looked over to the source of the voice and saw two profound Spirit Robe s standing there proudly as they watched the battle. The two Profound Spirit female disciples were wearing twin spirit lines around their waists and two shining Profound Rank tokens were hanging in front of their chests.

It turned out to be two Fire Wood s of the eighth level of Profound Spirit. Although the level and spirit root weren't too surprising, it was exceptionally outstanding and dazzling amongst the group of freshmen with the highest level of spirit energy, who were only at the middle level of the Yellow Spirit Realm.

According to the rules, most of the freshmen who came to watch the competition were freshmen who were at the same level as the Spiritualism. However, some of the higher ranked disciples would also come to watch the competition with curiosity and the purpose of unearthing the dark horse.

Although the performance of the two new disciples in this competition was indeed mediocre, as seniors, they should not have ridiculed and disdained the new students' confidence.

Although the new disciples around them were enraged and shocked by the conversation, the strength of their opponent's Spiritualism s, which were both at the eighth level of the Profound Spirit, was evidently frightening.

Isn't it just a dual attribute Spiritual Artist with eight levels of Profound Spirit? If you don't want to shut your mouth and leave, then just leave, is there really a need to say such a malicious comment, you truly have no morals and morals, for such a lowly character, even if you cultivate it to a higher level, you would only become a tyrant that bullies the weak! Hearing the conversation between the two female disciples, Xi Yin couldn't help but complain.

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