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However, how could she know that the eighth level of Profound Spirit was not worth boasting about? That was only for Spiritual Artist s who were at the peak of the sky spirit realm or above, but Spiritual Artist s who had reached the profound realm or above had ears that were far sharper and sharper than normal people's.

"Little girl, what were you saying just now?" Before Feng Tian Yue even had the chance to remind him, the two Spiritual Artist s had already walked over with unfriendly eyes.

"What the two of us are saying is merely the truth. The people from the other sects don't dare to say anything, you are a newcomer to purple spirit, how dare you secretly curse us? Who exactly gave you the courage to be so reckless! "

"Since you say that we are malicious, why don't we teach her a lesson? Wouldn't we be letting down this evaluation and also letting her know the punishment for disrespecting senior's disciples?"

Seeing the two Profound Spirit Disciple s coming closer and closer, the freshmen disciples who were hit by the scolding revealed a look of shock, as if they had been made an example of by someone.

"Hehe, this is going to be a good show for the disciples of the senior generation to teach the new disciples a lesson, it's even more exciting than the Spiritualism on stage."

"I say, that little brat from purple spirit is truly reckless. She even dared to provoke the two of them, not to mention their strength, just by looking at their powerful backgrounds, they are not something a newbie can afford to provoke."

"That's right, the people from the purple spirit, have been suppressed in recent years, and their brains have been crushed. How dare they provoke an expert with such a huge gap in strength? There's simply no cure for them."

If it was Other Sects, he would perhaps give up on her because of his misgivings. However, in such a weak sect, even if they were taught a lesson, no one would stand up for it.

Seeing that the gazes of the surrounding people had gathered over, even if it was for face, the two Profound Spirit Disciple s could not do anything, furthermore, they had not intended to do anything in the first place.

Seeing the overbearing attitude of the two Spiritual Artist s and the discussions of the people around them, Xiang Lou was terrified and panic-stricken. She subconsciously looked at Feng Tian Yue, but seeing that she had an indifferent and indifferent expression, she could only grind her teeth and say to Xi Yin in a low voice, "Xi Yin, it's already like this and you should apologize to the two seniors. Let the two seniors be magnanimous, and don't bother with you anymore."

"Apologize?" Xi Yin's eyes were wide open as he exclaimed in shock, "I didn't say anything wrong, what right do you have to apologize? Even if they beat me to death today, I would not apologize! "

"Xi Yin... Haven't you caused enough trouble? Think about it, how many people have you offended with this mouth that did not hide anything? You think you're still the same. In order to fulfill your wish, how much effort did we put into coming to the Upper Sky? Can't you recognize reality and restrain your temper? Do you really have to make a ruckus in the city before you are willing to give up?

Seeing that Xi Yin could not understand reality, Xiang Lou couldn't help but to growl. In this world where the strong preyed on the weak, without power, one had to lower himself like a dog.

In this place without any support, even if you were not at fault, you still had to plead guilty and be punished as if you had committed a heinous crime, because you were the weak!

Hearing Xiang Lou's low roar, Xi Yin was startled, as though she had been touched by something, and her stubborn little eyes were filled with tears that rolled down like beads.

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