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Seeing that, Feng Tian Yue was shocked, she extended her hand out and pulled Xi Yin behind him. She frowned and shouted angrily: She is only speaking the truth, why do you have such an evil Qi, you have to exterminate the kind? I do not care what kind of situation you are in, but, since you are in the Upper Sky, and are in the purple spirit, then purple spirit will do everything to protect your rights and interests.

"Similarly, the rules of the academy don't allow anyone to ignore them! Even if the two of them are deities that have descended to the mortal realm, if they dared to come into contact with the academy's rules that are reversed, and do evil deeds that would oppress new disciples as elders, they would definitely let them suffer the consequences. Furthermore, with me here today, no one would be able to even think of touching a single hair on Xi Yin's head! "

Hearing this, Xi Yin snuggled tightly behind Feng Tian Yue like a helpless little bird who had been intimidated and was feeling wronged, hiding under the warm wings that sheltered her from the rain.

When Xiang Lou saw Feng Tian Yue sticking his head out to defend her and the scene of Xi Yin snuggling behind her as if she had met the God of Life, blood rushed to his head. She felt so embarrassed that she couldn't control herself.

It was one thing that she herself did not have the ability to protect Xi Yin, but she had actually misunderstood the true protector of justice with her dark heart. For someone who had gone all out to protect the Amethyst Disciple, her true love and protection of the sect caused her, a person who was also a newborn in the purple spirit, to feel ashamed.

She seemed to be about the same age as her, but her aura was several tens of thousands of times weaker.

Facing such a threat, Feng Tian Yue naturally would not give in. If these two Profound Realm disciples really did not care about the opinions of the surrounding New Disciple s and the rules of the Shang Guang Academy, and wanted to use your willpower to force them, then she would not mind making a move!

Relying on her powerful willpower, she was able to see the fatal flaw of both the fire and wood spirits of these two disciples. The difference in strength between the two halves of Profound Spirit and the five types of celestial spirits was already several hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Since she had seen through their fatal points, she wanted to subdue them. As long as she used a Gravity Strike at their fatal points, she wouldn't even need to use spiritual energy. In other people's eyes, if she won by a fluke, she could make them suffer.

To her, in the face of this situation, even if she had to use her spirit energy, she would not blindly hide anything. She would endure, she would endure, but when she did not allow herself to resist strongly, she would allow the evil person to gain the upper hand, and even more so, she would not allow the weak disciples of the purple spirit to be harmed by evil people under her watch!

Looking at the two approaching Profound Spirit Disciple, Feng Tian Yue's attitude of self-defense had obviously shocked them. One of them gritted his teeth and said: "What arrogant words, a newbie that just arrived, actually dares to talk about the rules of the world with me? The rules of the world, are they also under the control of a newbie like you?"

"That's right. If we insisted on teaching her a lesson, with your ability, would you be able to stop us?" The other one also said with a red face. Although he still had a bit of unyielding attitude, he no longer had that unyielding and arrogant aura from before.

"Then you guys can try!" Feng Tian Yue didn't back down in the slightest as she confronted him head on.

The two were once again shocked by Feng Tian Yue's tyrannical strength. In addition to their concern for the academy's rules, they didn't dare to act rashly for the moment.

Looking at the both of them being angry and unwilling, forcing themselves to hide their vexed expressions, Feng Tian Yue sneered in her heart. With their current position, if they really fight, regardless of whether they win or lose, it would be useless for them.

If one's spirit was used on the person who submitted to them, they might be able to show off their tyranny. However, once they met a strong opponent and threw out another detrimental factor, they would be wary of the consequences.

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