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Perhaps it was because Feng Tian Yue's forceful attitude had stimulated the hot blood of the person being humiliated, or perhaps it was because the misgivings of the women of the Profound Realm gave people the courage to stick their heads out and defend their self-esteem, but in short, these two women of the Profound Realm who had caused the anger of the new disciples were immediately criticized and cursed by the crowd of new disciples.

"You guys only came to the continent before us. Do you really think you're so amazing that you can ascend to heaven? Furthermore, the spiritual energy in the Ancient Spirit Mountain was not created by you guys, so why can't you use it? "

"That's right, to bully a helpless little girl in front of us, who do you want to kill the chicken for? We are trash now, but that does not mean we will always be trash. You are allowed to speak vulgarly and trample on others, but not allow others to be dissatisfied! "

"Do you really think that you are some deity that has descended to the mortal realm, that you don't even put the academy rules in your eyes? You are all so arrogant, that even a dead pig wouldn't be able to endure it.? If you have the ability, then why don't you beat up all of us discontented people?"

The new disciples loudly jeered and cursed at the top of their lungs, greatly opening up a way for them to group up and attack. The scene instantly went out of control.

The previous disciples who had taunted him without restraint previously were so frightened that their mouths were covered, upon seeing the scene, the two Profound Spirit ladies frowned, they could not enter, and could not retreat either, until, a deacon with the Maintenance Stage 'badge walked over, and looked at the bustling crowd, and shouted fiercely: "What's going on, why are you guys gathered here making a ruckus?"

Without waiting for Feng Tian Yue and the others to speak, the angry new disciples all rushed forward and told the deacon everything that had happened in detail.

After the man who was determined to listen, under the pressure of the anger of the new disciples, he said with a serious expression: "Although the two of them have yet to truly take action and cause harm to the new disciples, insulting and suppressing the new disciples, still violates the rules of the Supreme Radiance Academy and must be punished accordingly. This matter must be carried out immediately, rest assured, the Sky will definitely report it to the public and will not take matters into his own hands."

"You ? How dare you! Do you know that we are ? " The Profound Spirit woman stomped her feet as she shouted in anger.

"No matter who it is, they should be punished if they violate the rules of the academy. If they dare to stubbornly resist again, the punishment will be even worse. If you think that your appearance is not ugly enough, then just struggle and resist as much as you want, I don't mind enforcing the punishment on the spot." The foreman of the Righteous and Righteous Department stepped back without mercy.

Hearing up to here, the two women from Profound Spirit knew that the situation had become irreversible and angrily shut their mouths.

After the Enforcer finished speaking, he comforted Feng Tian Yue and the other two gently and ordered the two Profound Spirit women to leave the plaza to receive their punishment.

Before the two women from the Profound Spirit were taken away, they gouged out Feng Tian Yue with their furious and merciless eyes. Their eyes clearly stated: Just you wait, how do you expect me to take care of you in the future?

Facing such a threat, Feng Tian Yue disdained to bother about it. Was she that scared? Moreover, in the Upper Sky, with her identity and strength, it would not be that easy to make a move against her!

After the Enforcer brought the two girls with him, Feng Tian Yue and the other two became the center of attention once again. Facing the gazes of shock and admiration, Xi Yin turned towards Feng Tian Yue, raised his tear-stained little face and said: "Senior Sister, you're too awesome. In the future, as long as Senior Sister is by his side, Xi Yin will never be bullied again."

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