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Xiang Lou looked at Feng Tian Yue, then at Xi Yin holding onto her little hand, feeling gratified yet guilty at the same time as she pulled Xi Yin into his embrace.

After everything was completed, it was already time for the competition to end. After what had just happened, Xi Yin had become more and more adoring and attached himself to Feng Tian Yue, insisting that she eat lunch together with him. Naturally, Feng Tian Yue rejected her request and told the two of them that it would be inconvenient for them to eat lunch together with the other freshmen.

Feng Tian Yue watched the two of them leaving and felt that it was a pity. Of the two sisters, one was impatient and hard, and the other was weak and sensitive. She hoped that they could overcome their weaknesses and become stronger as soon as possible.

This way, he wouldn't be hurt by the evil people, and he also didn't want the evil wind to affect him. Thus, he would be disappointed in his human nature and take a painful wrong path.

Feng Tian Yue, who had left Sky Martial Square, returned to Tian Hen's cabinet and ate lunch with him. During lunch, Tian Hen continued to scoop food into Feng Tian Yue's bowl until the bowl was no longer piled high enough.

Feng Tian Yue was helpless: "Senior Brother, it's not like I went to participate in the Spirit Martial Competition, I did not consume much energy, you giving me so many dishes, are you trying to push me to death."

"You're so skinny, and your internal organs have suffered such heavy injuries. These are all extremely nourishing precious medicinal cuisines; you need to eat more to be able to heal your body!" Tian Hen said lovingly and dotingly, she paused for a moment, put down her chopsticks, and looked at Feng Tian Yue with a tinge of worry in her eyes, "Tian Yue, Chang You told me everything that happened today."

What? Feng Tian Yue was startled: "Senior Brother, you made Chang You follow me?"

"I'm just afraid that something might happen to you." Tian Hen sighed helplessly, "Tianyue, it's a good thing for you to stick your neck out and protect Amethyst Disciple. Only, I'm worried that you might bring unfavorable attention and trouble to yourself because of this, so Senior Brother can't place you in any more danger.

Feng Tian Yue knew Tian Hen was worried, but since she was met with the bullying of the Amethyst Disciple, as the second generation disciple of the purple spirit's sect, how could she just stand by and watch without doing anything?

Even though she thought that, looking at Tian Hen's old and worried face, she still suppressed her excitement at the bottom of her heart, and said obediently with a calm voice: "I got it, Senior Brother, I will restrain myself even more in the future, and definitely won't cause any trouble that cannot be taken care of."

Tian Hen naturally knew that Feng Tian Yue was an intelligent person who knew her limits. He just didn't want her only Junior Sister to suffer any uncontrollable injuries again.

Feng Tian Yue then found out from Tian Hen that the only people who the purple spirit knew of her true identity were him and Chang You, and even the deacons with extremely high characters that would not easily leak out the news had not revealed their identities.

Even so, he still looked worried, and could only console her: "Senior Brother, what you should be worried about now is your own body, and the future of purple spirit. It's just that, I can see that the number of new disciples who have obtained the qualifications to participate in the Spiritual Martial Assembly competition is very few, could it be that there will not be any talented new disciples this year? "

Tian Hen heard and said: "Disciples who have obtained the qualifications to participate are naturally fewer than the other three sects, but in terms of quality, purple spirit might not lose too much, do you remember that child from A wind rises from the garden?"

Remember, such a memorable figure, but like a sticky magnet stuck to her heart all morning.

One must know that what she was looking forward to the most was seeing this person's competition. However, Tianwu Square was simply too vast, and she had no idea where this person would be competing, so she had never had the chance to meet him.

And now, looking at Tian Hen's expression of joy, could it be that this person really had an outstanding strength, and had displayed an extraordinary strength in the Spiritual Martial Assembly?

"That child crushed all the heroes in the morning's competition, obtaining fourteen victories in less than four hours. It's simply too amazing!"

What? To have such strength, Feng Tian Yue was also completely shocked. The rules of the Spiritual Martial Assembly's competition was that if the winner defeats the opponent in the shortest amount of time, then the next round could begin after the specified amount of time to rest. With the total duration of the competition, he would have killed at least nine opponents out of the fourteen, if not he would not have been able to achieve such a number of victories.

Although she already knew that this person's movements were strange and his strength was unpredictable, she didn't expect him to be so powerful that he could kill the Emperor in an instant. But now, it seemed that she wouldn't even pay attention to him.

"What was the man's name?" Before leaving Tian Hen's Cabinet, Feng Tian Yue asked.

"Feng Jing, Dong Huang Jing."

Dong Huang Jing? She remembered this name.

After lunch, Feng Tian Yue walked back to the fighting arena along the front door of the Sky Martial City. After walking a few steps, she heard a few disciples discussing something, and vaguely, they seemed to be talking about purple spirit, so he slowed her pace.

"Tch!" If purple spirit really gave birth to something good, it wouldn't be as bad as it is now. "

"That might not be the case. In the past, purple spirit has seen peerless geniuses with blind eyes. Furthermore, they are all geniuses with explosive powers. It's just that they fell into the mud with a 'pa' sound."

Hehe, you truly know that you have fallen, ah heh, a peerless genius with a blind eye, then let our dog eyes, ah pei, with our eyes, witness the performance of this peerless genius this afternoon. To be able to pass through and advance to the afternoon, you are all top class experts, I just want to see how many experts you can defeat, could it be that this year's new head disciple is going to be taken away by the purple spirit's waste sect?

Without even thinking, it was obvious that the long-tongued guy who was talking about the absolute genius was Dong Huang Jing, this terrifying Emperor of death. had been numbed by these humiliating words that destroyed the purple spirit for half a day.

However, the more it was like this, the more she wouldn't let purple spirit die from his slander.

Just you wait, she will soon prove that the purple spirit is the most powerful sect, and the Holy Spirit Master of the purple spirit is the most invincible Spiritual Artist.

She continued to walk forward until she reached the Sky Ganging Platform. The intense shouting by her ears once again interrupted her footsteps. The two sect disciples in front were currently fighting. The crowd was restless, and their auras were extremely hot.

"Profound Spirit, you have to win!"

"Profound Spirit, you have to win!"

Feng Tian Yue stood still for a while, when she suddenly heard the exhausted cries of the Profound Spirit Disciple, those who did not know of it would think that this was just an inner sect competition of Profound Spirit.

No one knew which sect the other party was from, but their aura was so weak that they couldn't even hear the sound of cheering. Could it be ?

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