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Her heart moved, she pushed through the crowd and rushed to the center of the stage to look, only to see two New Disciple s fighting intensely. One was dressed in black and the other in purple, although the other was dressed in black and he was obviously from purple spirit, and the other disciple was from purple spirit.

Looking at the surrounding disciples, there was a high chance that all of them were Profound Spirit disciples, and there were no more than a hundred or so purple spirit disciples. Even if they used all of their strength to shout, their voices would very quickly be drowned out by the ten times larger number of Profound Spirit Disciple s.

Furthermore, according to the purple spirit's sacred words, the disciples of the purple spirit would never let go of their authority and reveal their desire to win.

And on the stage, the Profound Spirit Disciple, who was filled with vigor and spirit, became more and more courageous as the disciples of the same sect continued to fight. On the other hand, the Amethyst Disciple, who was affected by this and had a low morale, found it hard to follow.

After watching the two exchange moves for a few times, Feng Tian Yue had a good grasp on the strength of the two disciples.

The strength of these two disciples, by the standards of the New Disciple s, could definitely be considered as one of the rare elite experts, but in terms of overall strength, the Amethyst Disciple was actually a level higher than the Profound Spirit Disciple.

However, in terms of the movement of the Spiritualism, it was clearly somewhat slow and difficult.

In this situation, if she had used a secret voice transmission to hint at the Amethyst Disciple, she had absolute confidence in turning the tides. However, she disdained to do such a fraudulent thing.

However, if they were to just ignore it like this, allowing Amethyst Disciple to lose the match that she could have won, and not letting it go was too wishful thinking.

Moreover, this competition was not only related to the individual honor and disgrace of the competing disciples. Under the current dangerous situation that purple spirit was in, it would directly affect the future of the purple spirit.

Therefore, victory or defeat in this battle was extremely important. No matter what, she had to find a way to obtain victory for the purple spirit.

Looking at the situation in front of her, if she wanted to turn the situation around and turn the tide of the battle, she could only start from the battle tactics and psychology of her opponents.

Everyone knew, regardless if it was the Spiritualism s or the ordinary warriors, the attitude of the participants was very important to the outcome of the battle.

Although purple spirit strictly stated that the disciples under her sect were not allowed to have any competitive spirit, they still focused their attention on controlling everything, so what she was going to do next did not violate purple spirit's teachings at all. Instead, those Amethyst Disciple s were the ones who kept to the rules and did not understand the true meaning behind the teachings.

She looked at the fighting nameplate standing in front of the stage, saw that behind purple spirit's nameplate, there was the word emphasize Li. Without further hesitation, she covered her mouth with her hands, and shouted the internal element: "Li Li will win, and defeat Profound Spirit!"

This kind of cheering sound, with a unique aura, immediately rushed into the sky and shook all of the disciples present. The sudden cheering sound that erupted from the purple spirit caused all of them to be stunned on the spot.

The Profound Spirit Disciple s all turned their heads towards the direction of Amethyst Disciple in shock. They were all wondering if they had heard something, or if they had, how could they have heard such a heaven shaking yell from the Amethyst Disciple.

The Amethyst Disciple s were also shocked, they blankly stared at the center of the formation, the one with the firm eyes, raising his fist and cheering his fellow sect members on the stage.

"It can't be, is this really someone from the purple spirit? Why are you so bold, that sentence about defeating Profound Spirit, sounds like so much killing intent! "

"That's right, in this battle, in terms of overall power, the purple spirit is several times stronger than the Profound Spirit. If he can actually lose like this, then the purple spirit, this sect that is as dangerous as an egg, will truly be hopeless."

In a short while, other than Amethyst Disciple, the spectators started to discuss with one another. Even Profound Spirit Disciple stopped cheering and joined the intense discussion.

Feng Tian Yue remained unmoved and continued to shout towards the stage. She knew that no matter how hard Other Sects ridiculed him, as long as she was determined and willing to pull herself together, she would never be defeated!

Because, at times, the thing that was truly unstoppable was not one's strong and hard to defend against, but one's own lack of confidence.

"What!?" I didn't hear wrong, someone below the stage is actually cheering for you! Who is that woman? Her voice has such power, could it be your lover? Unfortunately, no matter how hard she shouts, it will not be able to shake the fact that you are destined to fail! "

The aura of his palm congealed, and as the spirited Profound Spirit Disciple swept past his opponent's ear, he said frivolously and arrogantly.

"Shut up! You can look down on me, but you shouldn't insult her! " The Amethyst Disciple called Chong Li scolded, he was extremely angry at the frivolity in Profound Spirit Disciple's words.

No one knew how warm and touching that grand cheering sound was to the current him!

Originally, his morale was low and he was powerless to continue fighting. However, after hearing his fellow sect members cheering him up, he was greatly shocked.

He looked at his fellow disciple who had a strange voice. Even though he knew that his downfall was irrevocable, he still kept on shouting for him, as if he firmly believed in his strength and believed that he would turn the tides and become the final victor.

That cry was like a beam of light that pierced through the darkness in his heart, causing him to muster the courage to continue battling with all his might.

Even if he lost in the end, at the very least, he did not retreat. No matter what, he had to give it his all.

The spectators below the mental stage where the dueling duo were having a conversation with Chong Li were naturally clueless about it. They only saw that the situation on stage did not change because of Feng Tian Yue's shout, and started to mock him again.

"Sigh, how could purple spirit, a person with such a decadent will be able to hold herself up against the wall? Even if she were to shout her throat out, the remaining lumber would definitely not have any reaction. Moreover, failure is already a foregone conclusion, what meaning would there be in doing such a dying struggle, it would just be a joke."

"That's right. This group of useless trash with no fighting spirit and skin like a dead man occupy the biggest and best spiritual energy treasure land in the world. It's simply unbearable. Why don't the three sects join forces and kick this group of useless trash out?"

"Relax, it will be as you wish very soon. I heard that if we don't get any better this year, the purple spirit will forcefully take back the purple spirit, and after that, it will be split among the three remaining sects. Which sect has the most disciples, and will produce the most outstanding disciples, and will get the most treasured lands."

As for the purple spirit, perhaps because of their old friendship, they would reward these trash with a useless side courtyard, allowing them to live their last breaths. Sigh, what a pity, the precious land that the patriarch of the purple spirit had painstakingly created, would have all lost to these bunch of waste disciples.

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