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The surrounding disciples were still in the midst of a vicious discussion without restraint, and did not realize that the group of purple spirit Wood had already tightly clenched their fists as they stood blankly on the spot.

Looking again at the battle situation on the stage, Yuan Li had already been forced to the edge of the stage by Profound Spirit Disciple, and the outcome of the battle, seemed to no longer have any suspense. Just when everyone thought that Profound Spirit had already won, something unexpected happened!

All of the surrounding Amethyst Disciple s suddenly rushed to the front of the stage, and shouted at the top of their lungs in the direction of Li Jun: "If we leave, we will win, and defeat Profound Spirit! He would definitely win, and defeat Profound Spirit! He would definitely win, and defeat Profound Spirit! Defeat Profound Spirit! Defeat Profound Spirit! Defeat the Profound Spirit ? "

At that moment, all the Amethyst Disciple s were shouting, using all their strength to shout and that heart of theirs to shout broke through the sky, shook the earth, and caused everyone's blood to boil. At that moment, all of them exploded with a kind of supreme might that broke through everything, all for the sake of winning!

She never would have thought that the purple spirit, which had such a weak number of people, would actually have such an earth-shattering aura after it erupted. She even more never would have thought that it was because of her leadership and perseverance that the heart of the Amethyst Disciple, which had been trampled to the bottom by the other three sects' disciples, would once again boil over. With such a hot-blooded disciple, the purple spirit Sect would not be able to prosper again!

He saw himself being forced to the very last line of the competition. Suddenly, he heard an imposing and loud shout that could split the skies and split the earth, shaking the mountains and overturning the seas.

At the same time, an unstoppable tyrannical force rushed out of Amethyst Disciple's body and poured into her brain at an unimaginable speed.

All of a sudden, his exhausted body brimmed with energy as his palms increased their strength. Qin Han, who had already arrived at the front, was pushed back thirty feet, retreating to the edge of the field.

At that moment, he had won! Not only did he win, he even comprehended it! So this was the spirit of the mind. This was the spirit of the will that was gathered in the hearts of the people!

The moment they saw the results of the competition, the Amethyst Disciple let out an earth-shaking cheer. Every single one of the Amethyst Disciple revealed a smile that was as bright as the spring sun.

At that moment, they no longer felt depressed or depressed. At that moment, they knew that as long as they were willing to pull themselves together, they would not be defeated. As long as their hearts were one, they could release the spirit of the will to reverse the situation.

Once Yuan Li left the stage, he was immediately surrounded by Amethyst Disciple's excited mood. Everyone was excited to the point where they couldn't suppress it.

"Come again, good job. We knew you would win."

When Zhong Li heard this, he said with an ashamed look on his face, "Everyone, please don't say it like this. Zhong Li's cultivation is shallow and is far from being a match for Profound Spirit and Senior Brother.

"Of course, why don't you take a look at who was the one cheering for you just now. Can you not win?" It was actually one of the purple spirit's deacons, Yun Lin, who came over with Chang You.

When Zhong Li saw Chang You and Yun Lin, these two deacons with the highest statuses, appear outside of his fighting arena, he revealed an extremely shocked expression. However, when he thought of what Yun Lin said, he could not help but become even more astonished and asked: "Senior Deacon, what is the meaning of this? "You know that person just now ?"

"When the time comes, you will naturally know. For now, you should go prepare for the next match." Chang You interrupted them and said. Feng Tian Yue's identity was hidden from the other foremen, but not from his most intelligent disciple in the department.

Feng Tian Yue's performance today had caused the two of them, who had been indifferent for many years, to become excited. With this encouraging and domineering Supreme Grand Preceptor's uncle, would the day where purple spirit would rise again?

No matter what, this Grand Preceptor's uncle that they had always been worried about, no longer sealed themselves because of the fire, was a gratifying matter. But now, it seemed that not only had she walked out of the shadows, she was even leading the Amethyst Disciple to create a glorious future with boundless hope.

When the phoenix spread her wings once more, all of the dark clouds and thunder could not stop her from charging up to the highest peak, Yun Feng.

"What kind of great person is that? Wasn't he also a new disciple in a simple sect when he talked so much about profound mysteries?" Could it be that there is some hidden expert in the purple spirit? "

Hearing Yun Lin and Chang You's words, all the surrounding Profound Spirit Disciple were just as shocked as the rest of the people in the purple spirit.

"No matter who she is, at least Chang You Yun Lin is willing to support us, the higher ups of the older generation, but as for our Profound Spirit, we haven't even seen a few of the previous disciples who entered the sect last year. Are we new disciples really so irrelevant?" Profound Spirit Disciple continued to discuss.

Humph, those seniors with cultivation levels that go against the heavens only care about their peers, us unknown new disciples are nothing at all. As for the elders and deacons, even if we put in all our effort, it would still be difficult to meet them.

On the other side, Profound Spirit Disciple was continuously discussing, but on the other side, Feng Tian Yue was being pulled forward by a pair of hot little hands: "Junior Apprentice Nephew, eh ? Youngest junior brother, you're in such a hurry to leave, where are you taking me to? "

"Senior Sister, hurry up, I'll bring you to a place." After walking to an empty competition grounds, he stopped and looked for a long time. His face was red as he stammered, and said embarrassedly: "Sorry, Senior Sister, I didn't know that the competition is over, I have to go now. Goodbye Senior Sister!"

After Xiao Budian finished speaking, he slipped away, leaving Feng Tian Yue, who was unclear about the situation, standing where he was as he blankly rubbed his chin.

"I know what that brat Ting Xi is trying to do." Just then, a familiar face came over and said to the confused Feng Tian Yue: "This brat must have seen Senior Sister's divine might, so I hope Senior Sister can come over and continue displaying divine might, and cheer for purple spirit!"

"It's just that he didn't expect that the battle over here has already ended." Feng Tian Yue replied in understanding. It was just that she did not know whether purple spirit had lost or won.

However, where did this Xi Yin come from? Feng Tian Yue came back to reality and was shocked. Did the two of them have to be so unlucky?

"Hehe, Senior Sister doesn't need to be surprised, the first thing we did when we came to Sky Martial Square after lunch was to look for Senior Sister, we didn't have any direction in the beginning, because Sky Martial Square is really too big, and in the end, it was Xiang Lou who reminded us that Senior Sister would very possibly go watch the competition among the new students of purple spirit. When Xiang Lou and I came back to Senior Brother, we just happened to see the godly side of Senior Sister's display of great might, Senior Sister, you are really mighty, you are simply as mighty as my most adored Lord Tianyue ?"

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