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hurriedly interrupted Xi Yin when he saw that he was about to release a torrential stream of praises, and conveniently threw out the question that she wanted to know the most: "It's a pity that we came a step too late. I don't know if purple spirit has lost or won the match that we're fighting in right now."

"Needless to say, he definitely won. This is the arena of the Ice God's competition! Given the Ice God's strength and battle achievements, how could he possibly lose? " Xi Yin said confidently, "Senior Sister, you don't even know how many female disciples with ill intentions came here just now to watch the competition. The competition is so intense that it's almost over, but Ice God wouldn't care about them.

Ice God? Dong Huang Jing?

After getting confirmation, Feng Tian Yue and Xi Yin then went to another competition grounds. After a few rounds, it was already time for the new year.

Due to the elimination system used in the competition, after the long period of time from the start to the end, the number of participants in the competition to become a new disciple had been quickly reduced to the point that one could count it with a finger.

If nothing unexpected happened, at the end of today's last match, the first place would be given out from the New Disciple.

Now, the results of the twenty-first round had been announced. The victor's name was on the information list in front of the Chu Clan's gate, and the victorious disciples were taking a nap, preparing for the last few rounds of today's competition.

By the time Feng Tian Yue and the other two arrived in front of the nameplate, the disciples that were gathered there were already on the third floor and on the third floor. Helpless, they could only stand at the back and inquire about the ranking for today's competition from the surrounding disciples.

"What, Hua Chu actually lost? It is said that the Tung Wah with unrivalled power, the noble Spirit Genius of the Szechwan Academy, such an unparalleled being, how could he have lost just like that? "

"Yeah, I heard that not only did he lose, but he also lost miserably!"

"What?" A tragic sight? "Then who is his opponent, and how strong is he to be?"

"Dong Huang Jing!"

"It's him?" The cold-faced deity that lured away half of the woman's soul the moment he stepped into the world? I never thought that a dying man who was possessed by the god of death would have such a shocking burst of power. It's fine if he looks heaven-defying, but he's actually so powerful.

Dong Huang Jing's eyes are in the sky, so how could the women walking on the ground enter his eyes? Furthermore, if he is interested in women, how could she choose the purple spirit who has the desire to cut off all emotions? The one with the most trouble for Shen Xi is not in the courtyard right now, so there's no need to talk about that, it is said that the Chen Jin of your Profound Spirit is the hottest female assassin this year!

"Chen Jin is very strong and is very popular, but, isn't Dong Huang Jing the sickly one that no one has ever placed in their eyes? Why did the Spiritual Martial Assembly suddenly burst with such abnormal strength?

This proves that he has been hiding his strength the entire time. Not to mention anything, just by looking at his imposing manner, it is impossible for him to be just some ordinary person.

"That's a possibility, but don't keep talking about Dong Huang Jing. Don't underestimate Shen Xi and Profound Spirit, the two leading figures, right?"

"Who dares to look down on Chen Jin, it's just that Xiao Yu doesn't know much about him."

I, Xiao Yu, have the clearest understanding of her abilities, she is simply not a material for cultivating the Spiritualism, if not for her untamed death aura, and her ability to eat and drink daily, just based on her talent alone, she would have truly thought that she was a white swan who was unattainable, it is truly hilarious. She only started cultivating the Spiritualism at the age of sixteen, but what kind of step do you think she would be able to reach if she missed the optimal cultivation period.

At this time, Shen Xi, a female disciple with sharp monkey ears, said with a face full of disdain.

Big sister Huang Yan, I've always said that Xiao Yu is as beautiful as an immortal, but her character is bad, cold and arrogant, not easy to get along with, are you speaking the truth? No wonder she is so notorious, and I have always been defending her, thinking that the other sects are just jealous and deliberately slandering her. A female Tung Wah disciple exclaimed.

"Is Shang Guang number one worthy of her? I have closed my eyes and am practicing wildly. I am also stronger than her. I must be laughing my teeth out. " Huang Yan was unwilling to let it go, the length of one's mouth and face were truly ugly to the extreme.

"Although Xiao Yu is proud and aloof, her strength is undeniable." At this time, one of the male disciples standing next to the middle-aged man had an unsightly expression on his face as he retorted.

"That's right. These ugly women are jealous of their beauty and deliberately malicious." Another male disciple also agreed and agreed, "However, what people can't understand is that when Xiao Yu found out that her opponent was Dong Huang Jing, she actually gave up. What do you think, what does she mean by this? It was all in vain that I made the battle between the two of them the most interesting highlight of the day, and in the end, because of Xiao Yu's lack of battle, I retreated like a bubble! "

"Is there even a need to think about it? Maybe she gave up because she was afraid, or maybe it was because she was afraid of her reputation, and she did not want to lose too badly. After all, for Dong Huang Jing, that cold faced Ice God who was like a ghost, ordinary people would even feel fear in the face of a battle of attrition if they approached him a little, let alone a battle of immense disparity in strength. "

"Forget it, in my opinion, Xiao Yu definitely likes Dong Huang Jing, so he is too embarrassed to face him. After all, with that kind of face, who in this world can resist?"

"Even so, it is still an impossible task, who doesn't know, Dong Huang Jing never looked at any female disciples, that kind of person is too high up, no one can afford to like him."

"In the end, Chen Jin is the strongest.

"That's right, that's right." Everyone agreed.

The saying that Chen Jin was the strongest rookie seemed to be more popular. It's just that, Dong Huang Jing is so ill, is Death entering her body?

Feng Tian Yue was a little shocked, and her mind recalled the scene when she first met him in A wind rises from the garden this morning. Such a cold and colorless face did indeed seem to be caused by Qi, but it was concealed by his own might, and it was also disturbed by the matter of the scales in the well.

If that was the case, Dong Huang Jing, who had expended a lot of energy and vitality during the numerous contests, could she really lose to the head of the Profound Spirit, Chen Jin?

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