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In the last few battles, due to the expansion and adjustment of the arena, it would take at least an hour before the start of the competition. Thus, Feng Tian Yue and the other two could only stand outside of the arena where they calculated it to be the most likely to be the start of the competition, and idly wait.

The other disciples who were waiting for the competition to begin gathered around and started to chat.

"Don't look down on Dong Huang Jing for boasting so much now, honestly, the Spiritualism of the purple spirit is only suitable for those girls who don't have any goals, they are just flowery fists and can't even take a single blow, how can someone like us who want to become the strongest Demon Spiritualist, how can we waste our youth by joining a rotten sect like the purple spirit?"

The people who gathered this time to chat were four arrogant Shen Xi disciples who had their noses pointed towards the sky.

Hmph, fancy boxing! These things that had forsaken their ancestors, had most likely already forgotten where Shen Xi came from. One must know that Shen Xi was not an independent sect since the ancient times, but a traitor who abandoned the purple spirit, a sect that split from the purple spirit.

Other than the drastic changes to the clan rules, Shen Xi's Spiritualism s had all been extended to the purple spirit.

However, the profound and obscure essence of the purple spirit's power had not been completely grasped, so to say that the purple spirit's Spiritualism was even more flowery than Shen Xi's, and there was no difference between them in such a short period of time, was just too ridiculous!

The discussion between the four Profound Spirit Disciple s continued ?

"You don't have to put it that way either. Ten years ago, didn't the purple spirit produce a peerless genius who could suppress all living things? He even said that his Inherent Skill far surpassed Ying Zhi's, and that he didn't dare to underestimate the Szechwan Academy, but in the end, he actually caused a Qi deviation in one move! I don't know what kind of appearance she has changed into after becoming a cripple and locking herself up in her room for ten years without seeing anyone, but I heard that there was a young lady with a brain problem who still worshipped that cripple. I don't know what kind of evil she was infected with, it's really pitiful. "

I heard that when that cripple went on fire, he let out an earth-shattering scream and scratched his face as if he had gone crazy. The nails of all ten fingers dug into his flesh and it was so deep that the bones could be seen and his flesh was a mess of flesh and blood that even a real ghost would be afraid of his face right now. So, that cripple not only did not dare to come out, he also could not come out!

The scene of Feng Tian Yue's face being corroded by the Fey Heavenly Demon Soul Water was indeed seen by disciples of Other Sects other than Tian Hen. That was why the rumors of her cultivation going berserk had spread.

Although this scene that had happened before sounded especially soul-stirring, Feng Tian Yue had long walked out of it and was only coldly staring at it from the side, not bothering to explain herself.

But when Xiang Lou and Xi Yin heard the bloody scene, they could not take it anymore. The two of them had extremely pale faces, but their reactions were different.

Xiang Lou who was both sensitive and associated with it, subconsciously looked towards Feng Tianyue's face, but upon seeing the unmoved expression on Feng Tian Yue's face, his heart was at a loss.

On the other hand, Xi Yin was so agitated that he lost all reason. He rushed up to the few Shen Xi disciples who were still discussing with them and shouted, "Stop talking! Don't even mention it, Lord Tianyue must have recovered a long time ago, Lord Tianyue is not a ghost! Only you all are devils! "

Facing the howls of the little girl who suddenly rushed out with red eyes, a few of the Shen Xi disciples were startled, and reacted: "Why are you so angry, are we wrong? After Feng Tian Yue went berserk and became a cripple that does not come out of closed doors, isn't that what the world knows?"

"That's right. Seeing how red your eyes are, could it be that you want to charge over and bite us?"

"I want to bite you guys, you bunch of people that maliciously slander the Lord Tianyue, I want to bite you guys to death!" As Xi Yin said this, he rushed forward, his eyes were already so red that blood was about to drip.

"From the looks of it, this must be that little girl who has a brain problem, and she still wants to bite someone, could it be that she's a mad dog that changed into a mad dog? She's a madman that has a Qi deviation, this is called a different kind of person. If we don't enter the same family, then that cripple will appear ?"

"Shut up!" Just at this time, a clear, beautiful voice filled with Willie came over, followed by a handsome looking A teenager in black clothes with features that looked like they were painted on.

The A teenager in black clothes's sword-like eyebrows were straight and his eyes were bright like new water. The sky was brimming with light, the wings of his nose were bumpy, his entire body was surrounded by an auspicious light, his entire body was releasing a suffocating noble Qi, at the same time, he was also releasing a kind of extremely terrifying aura.

This was the first conclusion Feng Tian Yue came to regarding this A teenager in black clothes.

The four Shen Xi disciples were obviously intimidated by the A teenager in black clothes's aura as well. They stood there in a daze, not daring to speak for the moment.

A teenager in black clothes saw and said: "A gentleman does not speak nonsense, his words must be reasonable. Towards people that you do not know about, you cannot make wild guesses about them, not only are you not restraining yourselves, you are actually so aggressive, stabbing the innocent young girl, you truly have no grace at all. If the Ancient Sage knew that there are descendants like you, he would definitely cry in shame, wailing and wailing endlessly."

Not only were they crying, but these people were of inferior character and did not have the slightest bit of education. They were simply the shame of the later generations of the Sage Saint.

Feng Tian Yue was furious to this point. She admired the noble aura of the refined youth, and the righteous and refined youth that appeared between her brows. She also intended to test his strength, but the result made her even more shocked.

She actually sensed Spirit Rest s with four attributes above the sky spirit realm from him!

Even though he had already tried his best to hide his true strength, with her profound strength, she could still judge his approximate cultivation level through the characteristics of his broken realm.

This kind of rare and powerful master actually came to the top as a new disciple, it was truly shocking!

He looked at the follower beside him who was bowing his head respectfully. This follower also had an extraordinary temperament and shocking strength.

Not only that, when the A teenager in black clothes approached his, she also sensed many hidden spots around his. He released his high alert thoughts, tensed his body, and activated Shadow Guards who were ready to attack.

Judging from the Spirit Rest that were sent out by the shadow guards, these guards and experts were all experts of the Earth Spirit Realm or higher.

To be able to use such a large number of experts to protect him in secret, the background of this A teenager in black clothes was most likely even more noble and extraordinary than what she had expected.

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