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Just as Feng Tian Yue was thinking this, A teenager in black clothes had already walked in front of Xi Yin. His expression became as gentle as water, and like a warm big brother, he extended his slender jade white fingers to comfort the top of his head.

"Alright, no need to be sad, and no need to be angry, because what they are saying is just an exaggeration of the rumors and it is not necessarily the truth. Besides, I also do not believe that a strong person like Senior Tianyue will be defeated by a single mistake. Ignorant people are not important, and as long as your heart is firm, the heavens will definitely be moved by your sincerity to help you fulfill your wish to see her."

"Really?" Under his gentle consolation, Xi Yin asked with full of hope and expectation, stabilizing his emotions.

"Of course, I will wait and see. Believe me, the phoenix which represents the hope in the sky did not fall, so the lord you admire will definitely rise up once again, and use her unparalleled wisdom and power to bring peace to the continent."

A teenager in black clothes looked at the blue sky, and revealed a confident expression, "Alright, I should get up and prepare for the competition, we will meet again if fate wills it."

With that, he bid farewell to Feng Tian Yue and the other two.

Can you tell a fortune? Feng Tian Yue thought back to what the youth said when she looked at the blue sky, and mocked in her heart.

She was just a lonely soul that had traveled here. How did she become the savior of some bloody prophecy?

Besides, if she wanted to change the world, her current power was far from enough. The only thing she could do was protect the things around her.

Right now, the conflict between Xi Yin and the four Shen Xi disciples had come to an end, and this place did not seem like the place where the start of the competition would take place, so she did not stay any longer.

"Senior Sister, I'm sorry, I spoke wrongly, just now I ?" Xi Yin didn't know what Feng Tian Yue was thinking. Looking at her knitted eyebrows, she remembered the words she said this morning in front of Feng Tian Yue. She thought that Feng Tian Yue was angry at her and felt extremely guilty in her heart.

Feng Tian Yue looked at the worried little face and said: "Just as what that black clothed young master said, a true expert would not lose to a single mistake. On the other hand, if she is truly depressed because of this, other than her, no one else can save her.

With my knowledge of her?

When Feng Tian Yue said this, she was very confident, which caused Xi Yin and Xia Xinyan to be shocked.

Seeing this, Feng Tian Yue calmly added: "Like you all, I have gained my understanding from the legends."

"Yes." Hearing this, Xi Yin clenched his fists and said, "I believe in Senior Sister, and I also trust that Big Brother Profound Spirit. Lord Tianyue will definitely be fine, he will definitely pull himself together."

Xiang Lou looked at the imposing and scarred Feng Tian Yue, she could not let go of the speculation in her heart. Was she her?

"Young master, why are you still frowning? Are you still angry at those low-ranked people who have vile words and deeds?" Just then, the man beside A teenager in black clothes asked.

A teenager in black clothes gazed into the distance: "On the way here, all the poor people look down on us, and it is already hard to stop sighing. I just did not expect that the spiritual land above the mortal world, which is a pure land for spirit cultivators, would also be contaminated by this group of impetuous commoners."

"Young master, there is a difference in character between the common people, there is no need to let those lowly commoners with bad morals break their own mood, furthermore, there is a group of pure and holy people from the purple spirit's Sacred Sect who do not care about fame or profit. Ling Lv knows that the young master respects the bloodline of the purple spirit's Saint Sect, so he cannot be slandered by those evil people."

"This time, young master came to the top and donated a large amount of funds to the decadent purple spirit, allowing it to continue on. He paid even more attention to and protected those disciples who chose to enter the Sacred Sect, and just now, young master used his elemental energy to observe the lives of the three purple spirit girls. I wonder, what kind of path of life did young master take from this?"

In the face of Ling Lv's question, the A teenager in black clothes replied: "That weak-looking lady has a sensitive heart and is good at guessing other people's thoughts, but he is also so weak that he is easily magnified and injured to the extreme. He has a twisted nature, has stepped onto the wrong path, is fortunate enough to be blocked by a star, and has been turned into a righteous girl. What a pity ? but it was a predestined death. "

"What, that clever little girl actually died prematurely? Sigh, she's indeed the same as the one she worships. Then, what about that calm and indifferent dark-skinned girl? What kind of fate did she have? "

"This ?" A teenager in black clothes pondered for a moment, and his distant eyes turned deep. "I don't know, her fate is too confusing and complicated, and also ? "It's too contradictory, with my current abilities, I still can't understand it."

"Contradictory fate, incomprehensible?" Ling Lv revealed a shocked expression, he had followed his Young Master for so many years but he had never seen a clever and godlike Young Master revealing such a confused and confused expression, "That woman seems to be abnormal, and even his fate is so strange?"

"That's right. Although she did not say anything at the beginning, nor did her expression change, it is precisely this calmness that emphasizes her steadiness and difference."

Seeing that his young master was still lamenting about the young girl's premature death and was still entangled with the dark-skinned woman's complicated fate, Ling Lv could only console her: "Sir, given the fate you have, even if others were to see through it, it would be difficult for them to reverse the situation. As for the fate of the unfathomable, your young master needs to not waste time guessing.

"The final match, in its best form?" A teenager in black clothes's eyes drooped, looking at his own hands, his expression was a little depressed, "If I really enter the final battle and meet that person, say, if I lose, Father ? Would kissing him cause you to be disappointed ? "

"Young master!" Ling Lv trembled again, "With young master's strength, how could you lose! Young master is peerless in talent, you are invincible, and you have never lost, this kind of result is simply impossible! "

A teenager in black clothes: "The opponent is an expert who is hiding his strength."

"Isn't the young master hidden as well..." He thought for a bit, then turned and comforted her, "Even if we really lose, it's nothing. Everyone knows that we can only use the Golden Spiritualism that we learned on the outer islands for this competition, and the Golden Spiritualism is young master's weakest ?"

Amongst the Five Elements Spiritualism, only the metal spirit's flaws are serious. But this time, the Spiritual Martial Assembly regulations state that you can only use the Radiant Spiritualism, so young master can only use the Golden Spiritualism that you learned on the Outer Islands.

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