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"Alright, no need to comfort me." A teenager in black clothes stretched out his hand and cut off the conversation, "To be defeated by a Ranker who surpasses me, that was already a smooth sailing process. How can I be persistent about winning or losing, worrying and worrying about myself?"

Even so, if the invincible gongzi was really defeated here for the first time in his life, I wonder how his expression and performance would be when he became the number one invincible gongzi in this world?

Thinking of this, Ling Lv's body broke out in a cold sweat.

"Who is that person? What a grand atmosphere." After the A teenager in black clothes and Feng Tian Yue's group left, the four disciples who were startled on the spot started to discuss with each other.

"Then, you don't even know about the person with the bright eyes?" He is Chen Jin! "

"What!?" Chen Jin? Everyone knows that Chen Jin has a strong background and is very strong herself, so today we have provoked his dissatisfaction. I wonder if he will find a chance in the future to take care of us and suppress us. "

"Forget it, he only wants to act cool in front of the three purple spirit girls and act cool. He forgot about it in the blink of an eye. He has no time to think about you."

Hearing this, the worried disciples relaxed, saying that they had only scolded a despicable cripple according to the facts, what kind of serious consequences would there be? Worried that he would get back at him for being stuck in a difficult situation, he was truly worried about nothing.

After the four Shen Xi disciples finished their discussion, they prepared to leave and search for the true arena for the last round.

At this time, two smiling figures rushed up from behind the heads of the four disciples and hugged the shoulders of the two disciples.

"Hey, you four, what did you do just now? How did you make that purple spirit girl act like that? Tell me, did you bully her or did you tease her?"

"Hahaha, one is so ugly, and the other is so small. You all want to kill him? Truly insane."

As soon as they heard this demonic laughter, even without turning around, the four disciples knew who it was.

Everlasting Heart and Zhang Ting, these two Senior Brother disciples, although both had great seniority in the Upper Sky, still played around with each other nonchalantly all day, and spoke a few words to anyone as if they had known each other for eight lifetimes.

The four of them had only been on the bright side for two days, but they had gotten to know each other quite well. Now that they heard the ridicule from the two of them, they told them what had happened.

After listening to the narration of their four disciples, Everlasting Heart and Zhang Ting widened their eyes as they stared at them unblinkingly, as if they were looking at a monster from beyond heaven that they did not recognize.

Their hair stood on end, their hair stood on end, their hair stood on end, their eyes were wide open, only then did they let out an exaggerated sigh: "You guys have the guts to publicly slander that man in the sky. If it wasn't for my martial uncle being in the sky right now, you guys would have definitely suffered the consequences.

Seeing that the four of them had widened their eyes and their faces were filled with shock and puzzlement, Chang Ting continued to speak: "Could it be that you all didn't know that the name Feng Tian Yue is a taboo in Shang Guang? It's one thing for you to say it, but you actually dared to speak out and slander us in such a manner.

"Let me tell you, for seven years ago, there was a person who only slightly disrespected one of these three words, and on the second day, that person completely lost his ability to speak. At the beginning of the sixth year, two people directly insulted that name, and immediately after, disappeared from the world forever, and anyone who insulted that name suffered extremely severe consequences. After that, the entire world regarded that name as a taboo."

"Yes, don't think that my tyrannical and insolent Unrivaled Martial Uncle is out of this world now, and that you will be safe and sound. Once he returns, if today's words were to reach his ears, you will all be unable to bear the consequences. You also know that with his power and strength, killing you all will be easier than crushing an ant."

The four disciples looked at the two who were smiling mischievously, when they said that, they looked extremely serious, without any expression, and even wanted to die. If they knew earlier, they wouldn't have provoked Feng Tian Yue, and wouldn't have tried to kill him!

Right now, their only prayer was that the great god who had been tyrannically protecting Feng Tian Yue should not return so quickly, or else find out about this. Otherwise, they would really be ripped off!

After Feng Tian Yue and the other two left, they did not continue to look for the competition grounds, because they had miscalculated the competition grounds. Even if they went there now, they would not be able to squeeze into the crowd of people watching the competition, and would instead return to the information rankings, and directly wait for the results of the competition.

"I think Dong Huang Jing has already reached her limit, but look at how weak he is, he looks like she's going to fall anytime, I bet that in the following competition, he's definitely not Chen Jin's opponent, Chen Jin will definitely get first place!"

"That's right, that's right."

After two more matches ended, a group of disciples walked past Feng Tian Yue and the other two while discussing amongst themselves.

Two hours later, in front of the information ranking.

"Who said that Dong Huang Jing is definitely not Chen Jin's match, so why don't you come out and fight against him, AHHHHHHHH!"

A roar filled with grief and indignation echoed over. No one in the surrounding responded, but all of them were clenching their teeth, looking as if they were in deep grief.

"That's right, how could Chen Jin lose, how could she lose on Profound Spirit, I don't believe, that my Great Profound Spirit would actually lose to purple spirit!"

"Great, Ice God got first place." Xi Yin, who had been anxiously waiting for the results of the competition, clapped his hands and shouted when he saw the name of the chief of the information rankings wrote the three words "Dong Huang Jing", "We, the purple spirit, have become first place. Let's see which disciple still dares to look down on us, the purple spirit!"

Feng Tian Yue frowned. Dong Huang Jing's physique was weak, under such a situation where she was exhausted, even the powerful Chen Jin was not his opponent. She was truly abnormal.

However, there was something else that caught her attention more than the fact that he had become the chief.

"It's out. The result is out." Just then, a disciple with a head full of sweat ran over in shock. Looking at the crowd who were filled with anticipation, he said, "Do you know who Dong Huang Jing's opponent is tomorrow?"

This was what she was most concerned about right now, because since Dong Huang Jing had obtained the championship of the new disciples, then that meant that tomorrow, his opponent would no longer be a new disciple, but a highly ranked disciple of her generation.

All of the disciples knew of this rule, and were naturally filled with anticipation for tomorrow's competition.

That surprised disciple whose head was drenched in sweat, upon seeing everyone's impatient expressions, he shook his eyebrows complacently and spread out the exclusive message he had just received: "I heard that it's Tung Wah's Lan Peng's second disciple, Zhang Qin!"

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