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"What!?" Chang Qin? It was actually Chang Qin! "How is this possible!?" When the disciples heard this, they were so shocked that they could no longer keep their mouths shut.

Dong Huang Jing was just a newbie who had only cultivated the Radiant Spiritualism for half a year, yet she was able to make Zhang Qin his opponent.

"That's right, Zhang Qin is a supreme expert with three spirits, and will soon be promoted to the ninth level of the Earth Spirit Realm. Let alone the new disciples who have only been in the sect for half a year, even among those who have entered the sect from a young age, very few experts of the Spiritualism that have cultivated for decades would be a match for him."

"Yeah, he actually dares to accept an opponent that defies the heaven's will. He is too arrogant!"

In an instant, Dong Huang Jing's name once again shook the entire continent.

After the end of Spiritual Martial Assembly, Feng Tian Yue went to Tian Hen's cabinet as usual, and after checking and treating Tian Hen's body once again, she started to spend a lot of ink and ink to talk about Dong Huang Jing.

No matter if it was her or Tian Hen, facing Dong Huang Jing's heaven defying performance in the Spiritual Martial Assembly, they couldn't help but relate him to the future of the purple spirit.

The last conclusion he came up with was that a heaven defying talent like Dong Huang Jing would definitely use all of his power to keep him in the sect and train him. He would then use all of his effort to fully tap into his potential.

And the heavy responsibility of regulating Dong Huang Jing's health, was naturally given to Feng Tian Yue, whose medical skills were exceptionally high.

Feng Tian Yue didn't have a specific understanding of Dong Huang Jing's body's condition, and was also unsure if Dong Huang Jing would accept her treatment.

Moreover, she didn't know how much damage his body had suffered, and whether he could still recover.

However, there was still a long way to go. After the Spiritual Martial Assembly finished, she would have a chance to thoroughly understand these things.

Besides, she had wanted to investigate his identity and origins, as well as the various unfathomable mysteries of the Black Well's scales.

In this way, she and Dong Huang Jing would have to form a good relationship.

After leaving Tian Hen's cabinet, Feng Tian Yue did not return to Jingfang Garden, but instead went there. Her internal injuries had not yet recovered, and in order to prevent Tian Hen from worrying, she had to show that she was alright.

Upon entering the Teiqian, Feng Tian Yue only sat on the ground floor to adjust her injuries. In the beginning, she did not even glance at the top of the stairs, as if she had long forgotten about the two malicious girls being locked up in the pavilion.

Right now, she didn't want to care about it. She wanted to make them suffer all the psychological torture under the torment of not knowing what would happen in the future!

At the end of the session, a burst of loud and intense noises could suddenly be heard from inside the building. Following that, a group of people could no longer hold them back as they stormed into the courtyard.

"Madam Yin Zhen, Manager, Shen Xi and everyone else, you said that Chang Ying and Su Yao had gone missing, and have confirmed that there are no Li s around, and that the entire Omega Essence has been turned over and over except for purple spirit. In order to help you guys look for someone, even though the inner courtyard of purple spirit has helped you guys look for someone, you guys have not yet resigned yourselves to the fact that you guys want to barge into the Teiqian s who have gone into seclusion to recuperate.

A clear male voice sounded angrily from the courtyard outside the window.

"Hmph, respect? Aside from the Teiqian, everyone else had done their best to look through them! "You were the one who was stubborn and insisted on stopping us from entering the Central District to search the place, and now that you're rejecting us, we're not giving you any face by barging into the Central District. What shameful thing is inside that made you all so afraid of being exposed by us?"

Another arrogant female voice mocked him in a very dissatisfied manner.

The clear and fierce male voice continued, "I already said, this is a quiet place for Grand Tutor Tian Yue's closed doors cultivation. Without the approval of the Grand Tutor Tian Yue, no one is allowed to enter! Also, please speak with respect, and not insult and slander the Grand Tutor Tian Yue! "

The arrogant female voice raised her voice, "What did I say? A cripple whose cultivation went berserk treated her like some untouchable treasure. She was so delicate and precious, why didn't he find a shrine to serve her!? If she dares not agree, then personally come out and refuse, hiding inside like a turtle is nothing, then a useless, useless, cowardly cripple like you still lives in Teiqian, it's simply ? "

"Enough!" A man's scolding interrupted the harsh woman's words, "Right now the most important thing is to find Chang Ying and Su Yao, what's the use of learning from a shrew here! Don't blame us for disregarding the courtesy, it is your group of purple spirit that aren't lacking in manners. Disciples Shen Xi, all of you come up for me, force the door of this building open for me, if anything happens to Master, I will take responsibility for it, if you slow down a little, and let my daughter, Chang Ying, have whatever happened, I will ask you! "

The man who spoke was Chang Ying's father, Xing Feng. The reason why he was so arrogant was because he relied on his position in Shen Xi's heart, as well as the fact that his purple spirit was in such dire straits.

Besides, compared to offending a sect that was on the verge of disintegration and a cripple that could go berserk, he did not want to lose a high-grade Spirit Genius's daughter that was at the sixth level of the earth spirit realm.

After hearing Xing Feng's words, the Shen Xi disciples who came with him were full of energy and did not hesitate to charge towards Tai Yuan Inner Sect. The reason they made such decisive moves was because purple spirit was already at the end of his strength.

In order to force their way through purple spirit and get their hands on the spirit artifacts, they would have to tear off all decorum sooner or later. As for tonight's matter, even if they were looking for someone, they wouldn't miss an opportunity to thoroughly trample the purple spirit's Discarded Sect under their feet.

They were both and Yin Zhen's most trusted aides and confidants, and when the purple spirit was forced to accept Shen Xi's request, they would get their hands on the purple spirit's treasured Spirit Treasures.

As long as there was a high-grade spirit artifact treasure to increase one's cultivation, they would be promoted to a high-grade Spiritual Artist. They would receive endless praises and glory, and would even be able to trample over those unconvinced ants.

I can't wait to fall out with the purple spirit! This way, he could shorten the time he had to obtain the purple spirit's treasure.

Then looking at those few angry trash from the purple spirit who were about to die and wanted to stop them, but were unable to, this door was truly satisfying!

Tai Yuan Inner Court was created by Xuan Gang, so it required a great deal of energy. Therefore, everyone pushed their strength to the limit, and just as they were tightening their bodies and ramming into the door with all their might, the tightly shut door suddenly opened from the inside.

The force of gravity missed, and the group, who didn't have time to attack, followed the inertia and charged into the building. They crashed into the wall of the building, which was as hard as iron and stone, and were instantly decapitated as they let out an ear-piercing scream.

Xing Feng, Yin Zhen and the rest of the purple spirit s who did not manage to stop him in time were all shocked by the scene in front of them.

What was even more shocking was that behind the open door of the building, they saw a person who had a murderous look in his eyes that made him look like an evil spirit.

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