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"Who gave you the right to barge into the Teiqian without permission, and now you are being so presumptuous to actually dare to charge into the Tai Yuan Inner Sect. You truly have big guts!"

The cold and angry voice pierced the ears of everyone present. That person that looked like an Asura, looked at Yin Zhen and Xing Feng's faces with eyes that were as sharp as knives. It made them feel as if they had fallen into a burning prison, making them unable to endure the pain.

After the shock, Su Yao's mother, who was also Chang Ying's stepmother, recovered from the shock.

Seeing that she was dressed in the purple spirit's new Spirit Robe and he did not detect any Spirit Rest on her body, she acted like she was a tiger wearing rabbit's skin. She shouted in disgust and anger: "Who the hell are you? A new disciple dares to speak to me in such a tone, what about that cripple Feng Tian Yue? Where did she go! "

While waiting for the answer, Yin Zhen thought to herself, if Feng Tian Yue did not appear, could she really have been crushed into pieces by the Fire Thunder Spirit Snake?

But who was this ugly woman, the new disciple? How did she appear in the Teiqian where Feng Tian Yue was cultivating in seclusion? And where had Chang Ying and Su Yao, the two damned girls, gone to?!

The few Amethyst Disciple s in the courtyard were also shocked when they saw Feng Tian Yue. They only knew that this new disciple was the person who forcefully defended and encouraged the Amethyst Disciple during the daytime while she was in the Spiritual Martial Assembly.

He was unclear about her identity and origins, and he was even more confused about why she would appear in Teiqian.

Xing Feng looked at the door that was knocked into the sky, falling onto the ground, holding his head and howling. He was extremely furious at the ugly girl, who had an unknown background and had low seniority but managed to open the door at the right time.

Moreover, he, who was the dignified head of Shen Xi Branch Hall, was actually scolded angrily by a new disciple in front of everyone, she deserved death!

This arrogant and ugly girl who didn't know the limits of the heavens and dared to block his path without knowing his strength. It seemed like he wouldn't be able to enter the inner building unless he used this blocking stone.

Just as he was about to take action, two deep footsteps suddenly sounded out, followed by Shen Xi and the purple spirit's highest Manager.

The person in the lead was dressed in a snow-white robe and had black hair and a jade-like face. He was facing Yan Huanghun with unparalleled might and unparalleled beauty.

They were both the sect's highest Manager s, but when the two of them stood together, it was an extreme contrast in their prosperity and decline.

The latter was none other than purple spirit's terminally ill sect master, Tian Hen, who would have never thought that the former would actually be the Sect Master of the Great Obscure Realm, Tian Ji!

Xing Feng and Yin Zhen never thought that such a small matter would actually alarm Tian Ji, but they did not know, in the eyes of Tian Ji, anything that was related to him could not be considered a small matter.

Because only he knew just how powerful and how unprovokable this monster was!

"What happened? What happened to these people?"

Tian Ji's sharp eyes swept across the people lying on the ground inside the house, holding onto their heads and howling in pain. Finally, his doubtful gaze fell on Feng Tian Yue's face.

Feng Tian Yue naturally knew the meaning behind Tian Ji's questioning gaze. He definitely thought that the people who fell to the ground were caused by her using her spirit energy.

And when they left the Forest Divinity Underground Palace, she had made an agreement that she would not use her spiritual power until she completely controlled the demonic spiritual energy in her body.

Facing Tian Ji's questioning, Feng Tian Yue said angrily: "They're the ones who brought this upon themselves, what does it have to do with me! I didn't know that the disciples of the Senior Brother s had such fearless courage, even daring to clash head on with their inner force, causing them to miss out on their heads. And, let's let them clearly understand, the Teiqian is the Spirit Treasure Holy Land, not a place for them to behave atrociously! "

Feng Tian Yue's angry words allowed everyone to understand that the imposing lady in fresh clothes was Feng Tian Yue.

So it turned out that the new disciple of the purple spirit who was extremely protective of the Amethyst Disciple today was the Grand Tutor Tian Yue who had an unyielding character and who had a domineering and resentful attitude.

It was just that why did she dress up as a new disciple and not let everyone know her identity, the Amethyst Disciple s in the courtyard were both shocked and confused.

Yin Zhen and Xing Feng were even more shocked. They never would have thought that the person clad in new Spirit Robe in front of them, was actually Feng Tian Yue.

Only, this cripple that was supposed to be devoured to pieces by the Fire Thunder Spirit Serpent was now standing right here, but their daughter was gone. What was going on?

"Xing Feng, Yin Zhen, don't you dare ignore the rules of the academy and act this way, and not give me an explanation?" Hearing Feng Tian Yue's angry rebuke, Tian Ji turned her furious gaze towards Xing Feng and Yin Zhen.

Although he was perturbed and suspicious, Yin Zhen did not dare to hide her actions and quickly put away her previous domineering attitude.

"Sect Master, Chang Ying and Su Yao have disappeared. Last night and today, we searched the entire continent but could not find them, and we have not even seen the two Li s at the gatekeeper's place, our only hope now is the Teiqian. Just now, we have been disrespectful in ways, and it is also because we are concerned with the safety of the two children.

Facing Tian Ji, the powerful Zhi Zun of the Shang Guang, Yin Zhen no longer faced the arrogance of the people of purple spirit.

"Why did no one tell the sect that Chang Ying and Su Yao did not meet?" Tian Ji asked unhappily after hearing this.

Feng Tian Yue scoffed, because of Su Yao and Chang Ying's hidden motive for disappearing from the Teiqian, how could Yin Zhen and Xing Feng possibly inform Tian Ji of this matter?

Xing Feng heard and said, "Because the Spiritual Martial Assembly is in a busy state and Sect Master does not dare to disturb me with such a small matter. If Chang Ying and Su Yao are truly not here, then Xing Feng will immediately leave this place and apologize to Junior Master Tianyue.

The two evil women had been imprisoned in the Poison Refinement Room because of their murder. Before she could even question them, he had to ask the purple spirit for an explanation.

Or could it be that they, their parents, still did not know the reason behind the two evil girls coming to Teiqian?

Just as Feng Tian Yue was feeling furious and doubtful, Tian Ji had already opened her mouth: "Since that's the case, then let's open the door and let them see.

Hearing that, Feng Tian Yue fell into deep thought.

If she revealed the truth of the matter now, regardless of whether or not she knew or not, Xing Feng and Yin Zhen would strongly deny the matter of releasing the snake and plan for life, and would make Chang Ying and Su Yao compete against each other.

And in front of someone who had backing, Chang Ying and Su Yao would naturally deny that they had committed any crime.

Even if they were forced to admit their crimes in the end, the fact that she did not lose any of her abilities would be exposed.

In the future, when he met with other things, he would no longer be able to hide his spirit energy, and thus the matter of the Demonic Spirit Possession would be leaked.

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