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Although she did not mind completely falling out with them, and using unyielding methods to keep Su Yao and Chang Ying here.

But if that was the case, the furious Yin Zhen and Xing Feng would definitely do many things that would be detrimental to the purple spirit.

Although those weren't things that she was afraid of or unable to deal with, it still pushed her to the forefront of attention.

Besides, there were plenty of ways to make them regret punishing these villains.

Thinking about it, Feng Tian Yue's expression changed. She sighed helplessly: "Since all of you insist on finding out the truth, then I can only tell you the truth."

Speaking till here, he purposely stopped, seeing that Yin Zhen had tensed up and was ready to argue, Feng Tian Yue confirmed his intent to kill, and the two of them were indeed aware of it.

Even so, he still remained calm and continued, "Last night, due to the stimulation of the divine lightning, the Fire Thunder Spirit Serpent that Chang Ying and Su Yao, the two senior and junior brothers had raised, went berserk, flipped over a wall in the courtyard, and burrowed into the Teiqian which contained extremely high spiritual energy. The two junior and junior brothers followed me and discovered that the Fire Thunder Spirit Snake that was inside the Teiqian was currently attacking me, who was meditating.

I am grateful for the kindness of you two junior brothers, so I borrowed the Teiqian and you two junior brothers to cultivate. When the two junior brothers received this high quality spirit energy, their powers improved extremely quickly.

Yin Zhen and Xing Feng were startled when they heard it, and were extremely shocked by this story that went against the truth.

However, if this was just a scam, then why would Feng Tian Yue use such lies to hide the truth of releasing the snake and its life from Su Yao?

Since Tian Ji and Tian Hen were both here, wouldn't it be better for her to tell her the truth about releasing the snakes to their deaths?

Just that, if Chang Ying and Su Yao had really done as planned, then how could this cripple who had lost all of his cultivation and spirit energy stand there unharmed?

Could it be that Chang Ying and Su Yao had suddenly changed their plans, and purposely used Feng Tian Yue's plan to make this cripple give up Teiqian on her own account?

If it was really like that, then it was truly a brilliant plan, because even though the purple spirit was crippled, it would still take a long time for him to truly force the interpretation out of her.

After it broke up, in order to obtain the Teiqian, it would have taken a lot of effort, not to mention the Profound Spirit and Tung Wah, two sects that were evenly matched, staring at each other like tigers eyeing prey.

However, if Su Yao and Chang Ying were to act in such a manner, they would immediately be able to stay in the Teiqian to cultivate.

Although Su Yao couldn't think of such a plan, but Chang Ying, that clever girl, knew how to calculate the benefits well.

Although they understood it like this, Yin Zhen and Xing Feng did not dare to let their guard down.

Moreover, even if they really did get the chance to train in Teiqian using this method, they should at least go back and inform them.

Thinking about it, Yin Zhen could not let her guard down and said: "If that's the case, then I also want to go in and see those two children. This is a mother's wish, so Martial Uncle Tian Yue should understand and understand."

Feng Tian Yue knew that even if they had doubts in their hearts, they would still follow her.

Because, now that Tian Ji had stepped in, if he told them the truth, Chang Ying and the couple would be severely punished.

However, to make them confess and accept punishment was something that they had to put in effort for. More importantly, it would be detrimental to her concealing the Demonic Spirit Possession.

Therefore, facing Yin Zhen's petition, Feng Tian Yue was in a difficult situation. She pretended to be helpless and gave in, "Since it's like this, then follow me."

He opened the window screen of the private room. Through the hole in the window, he could see that Su Yao and Chang Ying were meditating with all their focus, it was obvious that they were still fighting against each other after the scattered arts and soft tendons.

Yin Zhen, Xing Feng and the others did not know about the matter of the scattering of the energy tendons. Seeing that the two of them were cultivating unharmed and were meditating in the inner room, Yin Zhen felt at ease.

Because they had set up the sound barrier, Su Yao and Chang Ying were not aware of Yin Zhen's arrival.

Although they were a little relieved, in order to confirm that it was not a scam, Yin Zhen and Xing Feng deliberately called out to Chang Ying and Su Yao a few times, but they saw that the two of them did not have any reaction, as if they were really training in a deep state where their five senses were completely erased.

Just as the two of them relaxed and prepared to leave, the two people who had been quietly meditating suddenly began to mutter as if they had suffered a great pain. Their bodies began to tremble violently as well.

Xing Feng and Yin Zhen were shocked: What's wrong with the two of them, why do they look so pained? And why can't I hear them? "

Seeing that, Feng Tian Yue said without changing her expression: This is the place where all the ancestors of purple spirit cultivate to the point of breakthrough, in order to avoid being disturbed while training, so in order to avoid being disturbed, I set up an extremely strong sound barrier, not to mention, I told you earlier, the two of them are at the critical stages of breaking through, the pain of breaking through, didn't you two not experience it before? Why, seeing them in such a painful state, your hearts can't you two endure it. If that's the case, I will call them out, sigh, I didn't think that the fate of the two of them with this Teiqian is so shallow.

Feng Tian Yue lamented as she pretended to open the door.

Seeing that, Yin Zhen immediately pulled on Feng Tian Yue's sleeves, and forced out a fake smile: "Junior Master, it's better to not worry about them, and let them train properly, young people do not need to suffer a bit, what kind of treasure would that be, if they leave, wouldn't they disappoint Junior Master?"

Even though Xing Feng had been observing Feng Tian Yue's demeanor the entire time, he was calm and composed at the beginning.

Thinking about the fame and benefits Chang Ying would bring him after breaking through, she made a greedy concession in her heart.

It would be strange if these hypocritical people, who valued their work more than anything else, did not fall into her trap.

It was just that they did not see the indescribable shock and despair in Su Yao and Chang Ying's eyes when they suddenly opened their eyes and saw the scene outside the window when they turned around in delight and delight!

Feng Tian Yue turned and looked at Su Yao and Chang Ying's shocked expressions that were filled with unspeakable despair, her mouth slanted and her eyes evil.

When paired with his scarred face full of fiendish aura, he looked like a genuine devil of hell, radiating with an aura of extreme evil that caused one's heart to split.

In that instant, it was as if Su Yao and Su Yao were looking through that thin and weak human skin under Feng Tian Yue's clothes and saw an evil demon that was filled with an unfathomable amount of baleful qi!

If they fell into the hands of the demons, would they still have a chance to escape? There was no hope, no hope at all!

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