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While waiting for the perverted, venomous punishment from Feng Tian Yue, every single one of them felt as though they were in hell. Every single time they closed their eyes, their bodies would be pierced by poisons.

It had clearly only been a day, yet it felt like ten years had passed. And now, their long-awaited savior, their parents, had actually come to their rescue and not saved them from this hell. Why, why ?

At that instant, how they wished that the evil ghost would not continue acting. If the truth were revealed, even if the punishment they got would be death, it would at least be a pleasant one.

Instead, it was the unfathomable Abyssal Black Demon that was humiliated and locked up in this place without any daylight, allowing it to play around with it as it wished to live on for the rest of its life.

After Yin Zhen and the others left, Tian Hen and Tian Ji waited in the Central Palace, waiting for Feng Tian Yue to explain the truth.

The reason why Tian Hen was suspicious was because she remembered Feng Tian Yue's supposed innuendo that was similar to the Winged Crows, as well as that night when a human girl screamed miserably.

However, Tian Ji suspected it because he did not believe it at all. The berserk spirit serpent that had lost its mind, traversed over the courtyards, and ran from the northernmost courtyard in the Shen Xi Sect into the Teiqian of the Abyss.

This was only a small part of it. There were also many other reasons that could make her reasoning less convincing.

"It's not a wise lie, but with your deduction, you have achieved a convincing goal. It seems that your medical talent is extraordinary, and your acting talent is first-rate as well."

Tian Ji said, the ridicule in his eyes.

"I took care of things in the lowest possible way. Isn't that nice?" Feng Tian Yue looked at Tian Ji's handsome face, who had a technique to protect his face, and at the age of Heaven's Mandate, who did not show any signs of aging, and suppressed the anger in his heart as he asked.

"Two vicious men who wished to obtain the Teiqian let out six Fire Thunder Spirit Snakes in order to put me to death. At that time, the situation was critical and I was forced to reveal my strength, but even so, how could I have the chance to stand here safely if not for me, who was heavily injured by the Evil Realm's internal organs and was designed to lie? Since lying can allow one's life to be saved by the Evil Realm, why can't I do this? As for you, I'm glad that I have the patience to show off my ability to defeat the enemy! "

Tian Ji and Tian Hen were startled upon hearing this.

Tian Hen turned pale with fright, "What? Those two children actually set fire to the Thunderbolt Spirit Snake to harm you! You silly child, why didn't you inform Senior Brother of the truth! "

"Why are you worried, Senior Brother? Aren't I fine now?" Faced with Tian Hen's worry, Feng Tian Yue asked disapprovingly.

Then, he turned to Tian Ji and said, "Go back and properly discipline your disciples. If the next time I see them bullying your doorsteps like this, I will crush all these repulsive flies into fine powder. At that time, don't blame me for being ruthless, and don't leave any leeway to deal with them.

"I don't have the leisure to care about those two villains who are courting death. But you, remember your situation, don't be too vicious, too sharp, and cause an end that you cannot handle!" After Tian Ji finished speaking, he flicked his sleeves and left.

Too much hostility, too much sharpness? If she hadn't restrained herself, then that kind of viciousness and punishment would have been something that these selfish and malicious people simply couldn't bear!

"All of you, stay here and properly defend the Teiqian. If any other people from the other three sects dares to barge in without any enemies, no need to waste words, just kill them without mercy!"

Before Feng Tian Yue left the Teiqian, he ordered a few of the Amethyst Disciple s outside the garden that had their lives withdrawn by Tian Ji when she was trying to explain the truth of the matter to him.

"Yes, Grand Preceptor's uncle." Thinking of the humiliation of being humiliated by the other three sects, the Amethyst Disciple s who were suppressed to their limits all clenched their fists as they agreed.

Tian Hen who had always been a merciful person, after hearing Feng Tian Yue's killing intent, did not refute.

Because, after knowing the truth, he had already reached the extremities of anger towards those people who were despotic and unreasonable enough to even want to murder his junior for the sake of profit.

After sending Tian Hen back to the Cabinet to rest, Feng Tian Yue returned to Jingfang Garden. When she reached the door, her gaze uncontrollably shifted towards the A wind rises from the garden.

Looking at the silent and desolate inner courtyard in the darkness, his heart was agitated.

Dong Huang Jing, you, who came from a wealthy background, whose strength is unfathomable and heaven defying, why would you choose to be virtuous and not contend?

And now, the purple spirit has fallen to the point where you have been looked down upon and trampled upon by others.

In his mind, he saw his pale face when he first saw him.

His body was so weak, and Spiritual Martial Assembly had expended a lot of energy and vitality during the day. It was unknown what kind of situation he was in right now in A wind rises from the garden.

Thinking of this, an unbearable and painful scene appeared in his mind. He actually had the urge to push open the gate and check his body.

Damn it, how could this person, who only touched one side, have given her such an uneasy, irrational act of thought?

Was she trying to take revenge for the purple spirit who was being looked down upon and wanted to crush all the heroes with her most complete strength? Was she trying to take revenge for the purple spirit who was being trampled on and not able to do anything for her?

However, this purple spirit Freshman who is strong and cold, obviously treated you as an ant trash who doesn't have any Spirit Rest.

They would even be disgusted by this hideous and hideous face, and would even retreat three feet. How could they accept the treatment that they thought they had?

Also, do you think that this weird-looking person won't come to your sect with the same motive as other evil people?

As she thought of this, the restlessness in her heart became even more unbearable. It was as if the malicious intent that had accumulated throughout the world had almost annihilated her.

Realizing that his emotions were already in an extremely dangerous state, Feng Tian Yue took a deep breath. Only after a long time did he finally manage to suppress his fury.

After returning to his room, Feng Tian Yue suppressed the chaotic internal injuries and continued to meditate as usual, assaulting her Spiritual Middle Level which had been stagnant the entire time.

However, no matter how hard he cultivated, he could not find any direction to break through.

Could it be that the spirit rank of the Spiritual Middle Level has really reached the limit of a human?

All the previous ancestors had said that in the realms beyond the Spiritual Middle Level, humans could continue to cultivate, but! He needed the guidance of the upper realms' immortal spirits. It was impossible for him to break through with just his perception alone.

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