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"Feng Tian Yue? How is this possible!? Weren't you already crippled? "How could it be possible to kill our Flame Spirit Lightning Serpent? You, how did you do that?" Su Yao shouted in disbelief.

His white finger drew an arc in the air as he lightly said, "Just like this."

At the end of his finger, seven types of Supreme Radiance Souls shot out violently and the Diamond Profound Stone at the side shattered with a loud rumble!

Su Yao and Chang Ying were so shocked by the scene in front of them that they were about to die.

What was even more shocking was that, what did the seven attributes of the Spiritualism light stream represent? This meant that this cripple in their eyes not only had all five elements spirit roots fully awakened, but he had also given birth to two types of mutated spirit roots that only existed in legends!

Furthermore, they had only seen the Spiritual Lights that could blind a person. They had only seen it from an expert at the peak of the Spiritual Force. Furthermore, the Spiritual Lights that this cripple had condensed were even more dazzling than the Spiritual Lights they had seen from an expert at the peak of the Spiritual Lights!

In other words, not only did this cripple not lose his power, he was even able to train in the seven elements of the Immortal Spirit Extreme Realm. With such achievements in Spiritualism, at her age of eighteen, he was simply abnormal to the extreme!

How could there be such a heaven defying person in this world?

Could it be that the monster that could shock people to death was really like what the divination sticks had said, not a human at all?

Thinking about it, Chang Ying's body became extremely cold. Even if her three elemental martial arts had already reached the sixth level of the earth spirit realm, and she had become the top ranker in the entire continent, but in front of such a heaven defying monster, she would be smashed into smithereens in an instant!

"You ? "Don't come over." Looking at Feng Tian Yue who had a sinister face and eyes filled with killing intent, Chang Ying began to sweat profusely as she made her last struggles, "Ru... If ? You killed him, we, my father ? and the entire Shen Xi ? Sect... They won't let you go. And... Furthermore... If you kill us, then ? She committed a crime... The purple spirit's Glory Sect... The sect rules do not allow you to kill anyone! "

Feng Tian Yue looked at her like a dying ant, and a bloodthirsty sneer formed on her lips: "It's useless to say anything now, since I've been raised in the Upper Sky since young, you guys should be clear what kind of person I am. When have you all seen me, Feng Tian Yue, accept the threats of others, and when have you all seen me being merciful to evil people? Furthermore, they are two of the most evil people who could kill others for their own benefits? "

The eerie figure approached step by step, his cold gaze akin to that of a god of slaughter from the underworld.

"Then you... How... Deal with ? "Us?" Su Yao asked as if she had lost her soul.

Indeed, with their understanding of Feng Tian Yue at a young age and her current strength, they definitely wouldn't dream of leaving this place tonight. It's just that they didn't dare to imagine what kind of terrifying method this person, who possessed heaven-defying strength, would use to kill them!

Would it be turned to smithereens? Like a few fire thunders. Let alone having someone avenge them, their parents would probably not know for a very long time, even in their entire lives, that the two of them had long since died in front of the Teiqian's gate, turning into a pile of unbearable to look at.

Thinking of this, Su Yao's soulless eyes surged with a bone chilling unwillingness and grief.

Chang Ying's unwillingness and grief were even deeper than Su Yao's by a few times. It was one thing if that stupid Su Yao had died, but she was Shen Xi's most prized female Supreme Spirit Genius, a person who was worshipped and pursued by many. Who would be willing to just die quietly like that, a pile of useless trash who had been trampled on?

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