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To humans, Celestial Spirits from the upper realms were something that couldn't be found even after a thousand years.

In order to obtain the breakthrough guidance from a supreme immortal spirit, one would not only need to possess heaven-defying talent and strength, it would also require heaven-defying luck and good fortune.

Feng Tian Yue had never discovered any kind of heaven-defying luck or good fortune, all she had was some sort of heaven-defying misfortune like the possession of Demonic Soul. Thus, for her to be able to receive the guidance of the deities of the upper realm, it was simply a pipe dream.

Even though this was just a dream, she refused to give up. Even if she had to spend a lot of time every day, it would just be wasting her headlessness in the middle realm.

She yearned for the guidance of the upper realms' celestial spirits too much, not only because of the beyond, but also because of a power that was even more heaven-defying.

Even more so, he wanted to completely eliminate the threat left behind by the possession demon spirits to the host shadow from the immortal spirit that had an unparalleled intelligence and was aware of all that humans could not comprehend.

With this obsession, Feng Tian Yue cultivated for an entire night, unwilling to stop until her vitality was exhausted, and then collapsed due to exhaustion.

When he woke up again, it was already afternoon. After hurriedly washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he went to greet Tian Hen. Tian Hen saw that Feng Tian Yue still had not woken up yet, so she went to visit her in the Jingfang Garden a few times.

He did not disturb her rest, but he was still worried about her. Seeing that she was fine, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

Feng Tian Yue comforted Tian Hen a little, and after hearing what Tian Hen had to say about today's competition, she could no longer hold back and walked towards the stage where the final match would be held at the fastest speed possible.

"Just where did Dong Huang Jing come from? She is simply too heaven-defying, and he actually really defeated Chang Qin! From noon till now, I have always felt like I was dreaming! This is too unbelievable!"

"That's right, are they still human? Or could it be that the Spiritualism of the purple spirit truly possesses such a heaven-defying power?"

"I heard that the spirit energy he gathered was too powerful, and the domineering power of the spirit energy was simply impossible to resist. The spirit energy seems to have its own will, not only is it terrifyingly powerful, it can even see through the enemy's weakness and attack, and took the initiative to avoid attacks. I heard that the spirit energy is the legendary reverse spiritual energy s uncontrollable spirit energy!"

As soon as Feng Tian Yue stepped into the front door of the Sky Martial City, she heard the shocked discussions of the disciples along the way.

Dong Huang Jing had used the reverse spiritual energy to defeat Zhang Qin, she had just found out about this from Tian Hen. With regards to his heaven defying strength, Feng Tian Yue was already at a loss for words.

In these recent years, due to the demon's calamity, these disciples who had been recruited were different from those who had been admitted to the academy from a young age and did not have a Spiritualism base on their own.

However, regardless of how extraordinary their Spiritualism cultivation was before coming to the surface, this group of foreign disciples was only allowed to use the Radiant Spiritualism that they had learnt from the outer islands for half a year during their stay in the Spiritual Martial Assembly.

Dong Huang Jing had only relied on her half a year of cultivation on the Outer Islands Spiritualism to condense her moves, and she was able to defeat an expert like Chang Qin. From this heaven defying battle result, wouldn't she be invincible?

"Hmph, our Zither Master has always been unwell, Dong Huang Jing just got lucky. Everyone says that he won by a fluke this time, I want to see how far he can go in her last heaven-defying battle."

In the midst of everyone's extremely shocked praises to Dong Huang Jing, a group of young and tender faced Tung Wah disciples spoke out with indignation.

Although Zhang Qin was sick, Feng Tian Yue knew clearly what kind of expert the Earth Spirit Nine Realm was. As matters stood, they still dared to look down on Dong Huang Jing, they were truly fearless.

As Feng Tian Yue was still thinking, she suddenly felt her hand sink. Lowering her head to look, she found that a pair of hot little hands had already pulled her up, it was actually that Xiao Budian from yesterday.

"You're in such a hurry, where are you taking me now?" Just as Feng Tian Yue was about to raise her leg, she remembered how she was left hanging by the little guy there the day before.

"Senior Sister, let's go, let's go cheer for Brother Huang Jing. There are too many people at Brother Huang Jing, I can't squeeze in." The little guy replied with a pitiful appearance.

Brother Huang Jing... Dong Huang Jing? Hearing this, Feng Tian Yue immediately let go of her feet, allowing the little guy to drag him away.

The little guy dragged her to a place where there was a sea of people and stopped. She looked at the dense crowd in front of her that was like a small mountain. Her face immediately turned green.

With this sea of people, not even a single person would be able to squeeze their way in, much less turn into a mosquito with a thin leg.

Looking at Xiao Budian's anxious face and hearing him call Brother Huang Jing affectionately just now, it seemed that this kid knows Dong Huang Jing, maybe their relationship was not bad?

Feng Tian Yue stretched her body and looked at the stage far away, where she could vaguely see the name plates for the competition. If she could not see the name plates for the competition, she would have no way of knowing who Dong Huang Jing's opponent was.

Looking at the imposing manner of the crowd, everyone's hands were dancing and saliva was flying everywhere. They were completely oblivious to themselves. Such a warm and spectacular battle scene could be said to be a rare sight in a hundred years, even among geniuses.

However, it was not as if such a spectacle had never happened before. Such a grand occasion had happened before in her memories.

And after that grand occasion, Tian Ji, who had not taken in a disciple for forty years, took in his first and only disciple to date.

And that grand occasion, that person, that year, shook the entire continent, and even the entire Xi Yin.

Judging from this trend, this year would likely be the same as that year, a peerless figure that would shake the world.

Looking at the audience that was like the Great Sea, it was definitely impossible for them to be affected by one of the parties alone. Other than Dong Huang Jing, the heaven-defying rookie that was highly praised, no one knew what kind of influence the other party possessed.

"What happened? How is it going?"

As the stage for the competition of the Radiant Spiritualism was wide and flat, as a result, those disciples in the back row, who were separated by the heads of the figures of millions of people, simply could not see half of the situation in the arena.

One by one, they stretched out their necks, stamped their feet, and anxiously asked the disciples in front of them, "What happened up ahead? You've been waiting for an hour. Did the news come over? What happened?"

"Well, it's said that the two are evenly matched." The disciple who was questioned, looked at the Spirit Robe that had been pulled into a fried dough twist and said.

Hiss! Tsk tsk... Wow... How could this be ?

As soon as he said this, exclamations of surprise and gasps could be heard.

"Listen to his nonsense!"

Everyone was still deep in their thoughts when they heard a sudden shout. The one in the middle was a disciple who had been squeezed into a crowd. His nose was covered in sweat and he was too excited to control himself.

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