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Dong Huang Jing is abnormal indeed, but Xing Tong's techniques are so fast that it's hard to see. After so many years, have you ever seen a disciple who could take three moves from Xing Tong, and a new disciple who hasn't even been in the sect for half a year? "" Yes.

Xing Tong, it's actually Xing Tong! Feng Tian Yue would never have thought that Dong Huang Jing's opponent this time would actually be the most pleased chief disciple of the Profound Spirit, the most powerful Profound Spirit chief Spirit Genius Xing Tong.

Aside from the Four Sect Masters of the Four Major Sects and Elder Wu Lian, there were not more than five people in the entire Profound Sky Continent who could compete with Xing Tong in terms of cultivation.

When Feng Tian Yue was seven years old, she had once witnessed Xing Tong's ability to control his techniques in a Spiritual Martial Assembly.

The him at that time, was only a child that was the same age as her, yet Dong Huang Jing was actually able to fight against Xing Tong and not lose, it was truly unbelievable!

In response to Brother Qian's question, the disciple in the back row naturally shook his head like a rattle drum.

"I've never seen it before... "No one has ever seen it before ?"

"I've never seen it either." After saying that, Brother Qian wiped the sweat off his nose, "But! Yes! The person in front saw it! "

"You mean, he took three of Xing Tong's moves!"

This question came from Feng Tian Yue's mouth. Even though it was known as the number one Spiritualism Academy in the world, since ancient times, it had always been the birthplace of geniuses and legends.

She had grown up on the Upper Sky as a child and had heard of quite a few Spirit Genius with exceptional talent, but she had never seen anyone with talent to such an extent.

"That's right, I didn't expect that your purple spirit, who is a phthisic person, would be so famous that he would defy all common sense. Dong Huang Jing, this heaven defying treasure, actually ended up in your purple spirit's hands, what kind of dog shit luck is this, what kind of incense? I think you'd better not watch the competition here, quickly go back and find a shrine to give up this treasure, if you run away, you'll even go blind from crying."

When that person said these words of ridicule, he was full of emotion. His words were exaggerated, and he danced with joy, causing the surrounding disciples to burst out in laughter.

Feng Tian Yue was too lazy to bother with him. She turned around and looked at Xiao Budian, "Ting Xi, let me ask you, how did you and Dong Huang Jing get to know each other? Are the two of you on good terms?"

Hearing that, Ting Xi straightened his body, and nodded with a face full of pride: "Reporting to Senior Sister, Ting Xi and Brother Huang Jing met outside of the world, Ting Xi followed along because he heard that Brother Huang Jing wanted to go to the top."

"Then tell me, what kind of person is Dong Huang Jing exactly?" After hearing Ting Xi's answer, Feng Tian Yue continued to ask.

"Brother Huang Jing is a good person." Ting Xi said quickly without thinking, "He's the best and most amazing man in the world!"

It was actually like this? Could it be that the mysterious danger she felt from him was really her misunderstanding and prejudice towards him?

Putting aside his uncertain character, the power Dong Huang Jing displayed was indeed shocking.

First, he obtained the position of chief among the new disciples, and then, as the new disciple, he accepted Chang Qin's arranged battle. He even won against Chang Qin, and established a miracle that was rarely seen in a hundred years.

At this rate, if he really defeated Xing Tong, then who knows how much of a stir this world would make!

Dong Huang Jing, a disciple of the purple spirit bloodline. Could it be that the purple spirit, who had been in dire straits for so many years, had finally received a redemption that could reverse the tide just as they were about to reach the bottom?

"Clang!" Just as Feng Tian Yue was feeling suspicious, she heard the sound of a copper drum beating the wall.

Victory? He actually won! At this moment, there were no other words that could describe the shock in Feng Tian Yue's heart.

A New Disciple who had only cultivated the Spiritualism of an outer island of the purple spirit for half a year, had actually defeated the first Spirit Genius with the highest talent in Profound Spirit.

What kind of terrifying person was this? With such a glorious battle achievement, this Dong Huang Jing was already able to shine all over ? no, it should be said that his knowledge of geniuses in the entire Spiritualism Realm had already been refreshed!

With such strength, who could still remain calm? Even the Martial Nephew who was used to watching amazing competitions was shocked speechless.

No matter what, this person who had obtained a heaven-defying battle record was a disciple of her purple spirit Sect.

These powerful moves that had defeated their opponents were the Spiritualism of the purple spirit, and the reverse spiritual energy that had boosted their spiritual might was something the ancestor of the purple spirit had painstakingly refined.

After so many years, there was actually someone who was able to combine the hidden might of the Spiritualism of the purple spirit with that of the reverse spiritual energy to such an unrivalled level.

This way, no sect would dare to look down on the purple spirit s.

If a knowledgeable person were to realize that the Spiritualism of the purple spirit was superior to the Other Sects in this battle, then there was no need to worry about the purple spirit being unable to recover or humans being unable to fight against the demon!

The corner of Feng Tian Yue's lips couldn't help but curl up into a high-spirited smile as she thought about all these glorious and limitless plans.

"Senior Sister is so magnanimous, we lost, but you still have the courage to laugh." Ting Xi held onto the corner of his clothes, and looked at Feng Tian Yue pitifully as she spoke.

"What did you say?" Feng Tian Yue's smile froze, his eyes were filled with disbelief, "How can this be? I clearly heard the name of the purple spirit, but why did you say that we had lost? "

"That's right, but the senior that reported the results did not state the name of the victorious faction according to common sense. Instead, he became excited and announced the name of the defeated sect, so in the end, purple spirit was defeated!"

So that's how it is. You don't follow common sense, the one who reported the results, you did well!

"Senior Sister, are you angry?" Ting Xi looked at Feng Tian Yue's narrowed eyes, and asked weakly out of fear.

"Nope." Realizing that he had lost control of himself, Feng Tian Yue's narrowed eyes relaxed.

Actually, according to the facts, Dong Huang Jing losing was more acceptable. If she really won, she would not be happy about the rise of the purple spirit, but be worried about the background of Dong Huang Jing.

Because such a heaven-defying talent, had already far surpassed the scope of humans, and had even surpassed her, who had the Demon Soul Treasure attached to her, whose talent and cultivation far surpassed the scope of humans.

"I even thought that the dark horse that rose up in the sky really did defy common sense. From the looks of it, that's all it was. He only took three moves. In my opinion, taking these three moves was pure luck."

"Of course, why don't you see who your opponent is? Can a god like Xing Tong be shaken by ordinary people?"

"That's right. If purple spirit wants to surpass Profound Spirit, in his next life!"

At first, I thought that as the new disciple, this abnormal strength Dong Huang Jing would be able to intimidate the seniors who did not even give us a glance, but who would have known, that she would actually lose like this!

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