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The main courtyard's gate was the only exit into the Upper Sky. Any place other than the main courtyard had a very strong barrier around it, if she wanted to use Li from any other place, she would definitely be affected by the barrier.

Besides, even if she wanted to forcefully break through the Spirit Formation, she couldn't use her Spirit power so recklessly. It would be very difficult to do that.

It was just that when they left the main courtyard, they must have either the Manager's command medallion or the Li's waist so that they could be allowed to leave. Feng Tian Yue had forgotten to ask Tian Hen about this earlier, so she passed the information to him through the Spirit Mirror.

Chang You was busy with something, and he did not want to alarm the other people who had Feng Tian Yue's identity concealed, so he made Feng Tian Yue wait at the main gate of the southern courtyard.

Feng Tian Yue traveled across the Cloud Tower as fast as she could, ensuring that she was not caught by Tian Ji's gaze. Only then, did they meet up with Tian Hen, who had brought the waist-length wood, in a secluded place in the main entrance of the south courtyard.

"Tianyue, this time Li must be careful. When we go to the bottom of the mountain to gather medicinal herbs, we must also be careful. We must not have any accidents." After handing the waist-wood to Feng Tian Yue, Tian Hen was still a little worried as she instructed them.

Feng Tian Yue said helplessly: "I got it, I will return the same way I went out and I will guarantee that not a single strand of my hair will go crooked. This should be fine, right?"

Tian Hen still wanted to speak, but Feng Tian Yue had already extended his hand and pushed him away, "The banquet will start soon, if you say a few more words, you won't be able to make it in time. If you're late, the people of Other Sects will have their excuses again.

After Tian Hen heard this, she also left for Cloud Tower.

"Martial Uncle."

Feng Tian Yue held Li's waist and walked towards the main entrance. Just as she walked out of the Nan Gong Residence, she heard a strange voice, it was clear and pleasant to the ears, like the music of nine fairies, extremely gentle.

Hearing that, Feng Tian Yue stopped and looked up. Her body froze.

On the side of the vermilion pillar stood a man in spotless white clothes. His skin was fair, his eyebrows were long, his nose was tall and his lips were thin and straight.

A head of ink-black hair that was like flowing water hung down to his waist, and a pure starlight poured down onto his flawless jade white face, reflecting a gentle silhouette between the bridge of his nose and his thin lips.

She lowered her long eyelashes to block the flickering moonlight. A pair of eyes as deep as the ink pool stared at her without blinking. She exuded an attractive elegance and an intoxicating cold fragrance.

He just stood there with a posture as dashing as a tree, his silky long hair fluttering in the wind. His ink-black hair was scattered all over the place, even making his white clothes seem like snow, spotless, as if he had strayed into a celestial body in the highest heaven that did not eat the dust of the mortal world.

Looking at the silver lotus pattern on his snow-white clothes, one could tell that he was a disciple of Shen Xi's generation, which was only second to the "heaven". However, how did he know his identity?

That's right, since he was standing so close to her, she must have heard about the conversation between his and Senior Brother, but he and Senior Brother didn't notice his appearance at all, which showed just how high his cultivation was.

However, with his current cultivation level, he was actually willing to greet a "cripple" like her, who did not even dare to reveal her identity lightly. It seemed like his mental realm was also extraordinary.

Even though it was like that, with her current situation, she didn't want to have too much interaction with him. Why would he come here?

Thus, after being stunned for a few seconds, he retracted his gaze and pursed his lips in a symbolic manner. He sent out a word of 'En' through his nose and was about to leave.

"Martial Uncle." Just as she was about to rush past the pillars, the heavenly melodious voice rang out from behind her once more. It was just that the heavenly melody sounded a bit disappointed. Strange, why was she disappointed?

"Hmm?" Feng Tian Yue felt that it was a bit strange, she remembered that she answered quite a few times, there was no reason why he didn't hear her, why did he call her again?

"You hate me so much." Tian Yin continued to speak in a low voice, "So hateful, are you afraid of avoiding it?"

Feng Tian Yue thought, who are you, I don't even know you, how can I hate you?

Even though she complained, she still tried hard to search her brain, but to no avail. He had no impression of her face at all.

From the looks of it, she only knew that he was a disciple of Shen Xi's peers.

However, there were over twenty of them. There were several that she had never met before. In an instant, she was truly unable to place this person in front of her as her opponent.

However, what was strange was that with his status, why hadn't he participated in the banquet? Could it be that he, like her, hadn't been invited as well?

Thinking of this, she felt a sense of empathy for her fellow sufferer. Hence, she stopped walking and turned her face around again, trying her best not to sound as cold as before. "Why do you say that, martial nephew?"

Where does it come from that we don't know each other? Feng Tian Yue did not say the last sentence, because she did not have the heart to attack this sad person who was like her, excluded and forgotten.

Besides, this person who was sad had such an awe-inspiring appearance. It was like an immortal descending from the heavens to the mortal world. With just a gentle breeze, he would be gently blown away with his white clothes on.

"Since Martial Uncle left that place, why didn't he come to participate in the banquet?" That immortal was looking at her with a questioning gaze. Weird, what kind of gaze was that?

But that place, was it the Teiqian? It was clear, because other than Tian Ji, everyone else thought that the place where she had been confined for ten years was the Teiqian.

"It doesn't matter if we participate or not." At this point, she no longer had the position to attend the banquet that had not left her a place long ago. Moreover, "Didn't you also not go?"

Upon hearing these words, the immortal goddess was speechless and fell silent.

However, a pair of black pupils with complicated emotions were deeply fixated on her face. Inch by inch, they grazed every scar on her face.

From those deep eyes, she could see an indescribable feeling of extreme grief and heartache. He was ? Are you feeling sad for her now?

But, why was that feeling of worry so intense and out of control? Just who was he, and why was he so worried about her!

Just as she was astonished and unable to guess what was going on, a step with strong inner strength came from behind her. She turned around and saw a person walking towards her.

The person was dressed in a snow-white robe with black hair and a jade-like face, exuding an incomparably majestic aura. His eyes were like those of an eagle, sharp to the point that they seemed to be able to penetrate through everything.

If such an awe-inspiring presence was not the Supreme Master of the Overlord, then who could it be?

But, why would Tian Ji, who should be hosting the banquet from Cloud Tower, appear here right at the start of the banquet?

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