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Seeing that the two of them were powerless to resist the extremely sorrowful expression, Feng Tian Yue laughed coldly in her heart, but her face revealed a look of extreme pity: "You think that I will kill you? I wanted to do that, but with the sect rules in front of me, I can't act rashly and in a fit of anger, executing my fellow cultivators wrongly. Furthermore, the heavens are kind, and anyone who makes a mistake should be given a chance to make up for it, so, as long as you sincerely admit your mistake now, I will spare your lives. "

What?! He actually didn't kill them! Give them a chance to make up for it? This "cripple" was truly worthy of being the goddess of a sect in purple spirit. Someone who could poison his life like this was actually able to forgive him. Chang Ying and Su Yao were cursing in their hearts, while rejoicing that they were about to escape.

"Grand Preceptor's uncle, I'm sorry, I was wrong!" I shouldn't have been so distracted, and used the Profound Rank Fire Thunder Snake to harm you for the sake of the Teiqian. Thank you for forgiving me, my lord, but next time I will not do such a malicious thing. " As if afraid that if he were to be left behind, he would lose all mercy, before Su Yao could make a move, Chang Ying had already abandoned his pride as an arrogant genius, and pounced at Feng Tian Yue's feet, crying and shouting with all his might.

Wiping away the tears that did not exist, he harrumphed coldly in his heart. Next time? How could he use a Profound Rank spirit snake next time? Of course he had to use a Heaven Ranked [Zhi Zun] [1] or above!

Seeing Chang Ying dodging the attack, Su Yao imitated her and threw herself onto the ground, hugging Feng Tian Yue's other leg: "I was wrong too! Lord Tianyue is invincible, I do not dare to be malicious anymore. In the future, I will definitely change my mind and change my mind, becoming a kind-hearted and pure person. "

The two wailed miserably, feeling extremely regretful. However, they were extremely proud of themselves, since they did not think that they were discovered by Feng Tian Yue.

Awesome person, such a boastful acting, if I don't become a movie queen, it would truly be a pity. Besides, shouting so loudly on purpose, do you want the entire academy to know about it? Unfortunately, the Teiqian was too quiet, there was still a long distance between them and the main courtyard of the purple spirit, let alone the other courtyards. Adding the sound of the rain and thunder, even if they shouted their lungs out, no one would come to save them!

In the face of their acting, Feng Tian Yue did not expose them, but pretended not to have seen them, and supported them up from the ground. He said in an unusually serious and sincere tone: "This matter is not your fault, you were just muddle-headed for a moment, since you two are willing to acknowledge me as your elder, and sincerely repent of your kindness, I, who was extremely pleased, have decided to give you two a reward."

What! The two of them were stunned. Not only did they escape death sentence, they even received rewards?

Seeing their shocked reactions, Feng Tian Yue continued: "All of the injuries and errors that you made originated from the Teiqian, since this tower is the crux of your mistake, I must open this crux right now. Since you two are so keen on the Teiqian, I have decided to lend it to you two for cultivation. In any case, with my current realm, the spiritual energy here will not bring about any further progress to my cultivation. I might as well give it to those of you who need it.

Hearing that, Su Yao and Chang Ying almost dropped their jaws as they took control of the snake, not only did they forgive him, they even offered the Teiqian s to them. Indeed, with their superior elder status, the insufferable Immortal Realm Spirit Wu, they thought that they had truly transcended mortality and entered the Immortal Realm.

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