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I can't use medicine, and I can't move him. Could it be that I can only wait here for him to wake up? Originally, he could use the Spirit Mirror to communicate with the Senior Brother, but because of the interaction between the Spirit Mirror's spirit field and the spirit energy in the bracelet.

Therefore, she didn't place it in the Spiritual Object Space. Instead, when it was picking herbs on a cliff, it slipped out from under her clothes and accidentally fell to the bottom of the cliff.

In this way, the current her was truly at a loss of what to do.

He glanced helplessly at the top of the cloud ladder, but he unexpectedly caught a glimpse of a white figure standing on the steps with clothes fluttering in the wind.

That tall and straight figure disappeared into the darkness. The moonlight covered the surroundings, like a statue of an immortal under the night. That kind of temperament was exactly what he had shown not long ago.

The night wind was blowing, and a refreshing and strange fragrance was wafting in the air. This kind of figure, this kind of fragrance, could it be ?

Feng Tian Yue was startled, she hesitated for a moment, then called out to the figure standing in the darkness: "Xing Ce?"

As soon as she finished speaking, the silhouette of the figure in the darkness slightly moved, and with a light sound, a figure clad in white landed on the stone steps five steps away from her.

Feng Tian Yue and the man looked at each other across the stone steps, and after a long while, the man finally spoke warmly: "It's me, Tian Yue."

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Unexpectedly, he was the same as before, always respectfully calling her Martial Uncle in front of others. However, after being pestered and forced to call her by her name, he would call her Tian Yue in a gentle and intimate manner.

Such a gentle voice still had the same tone as at that time, but the relationship between them had long since changed.

Ten years had passed, and both of them had changed. When he was young, his face was as delicate as an immortal child being painted on. It had already faded into such a stunning and peerless appearance of a goddess.

The Immortal's aura was very similar to that of her childhood. However, she was incapable of superimposing her features to that of her youth. Therefore, when she saw him, she was unable to recognize him.

However, her facial appearance had undergone a tremendous change. She had changed from a peerless beauty to an ugly one. Yet, he was still able to recognize her within the vast sea of people.

She had always felt that her memories were very good. She could remember everything she wanted to, but it turned out to be nothing more than this.

Although with her situation and her promise to Tian Ji, she should not have any sort of relationship with him, this was a special situation.

Besides, since he was determined to follow her, he couldn't just let her run away from their relationship all the time. He needed to find an opportunity to thoroughly explain everything.

According to time, this was the moment when the banquet would be the most lively. However, he, the center of attention, once again left the banquet and appeared here.

"Tianyue... "I ?" His black eyes darkened, as if he wanted to explain, but was unable to.

He wanted to explain why he was here, but wasn't the answer obvious?

The answer was that he wanted to see her, that he couldn't stop worrying about her, that he had even abandoned other, more important personnel for her sake.

It was just that, after ten years of deliberately breaking off the connection, he was still so persistent towards her, so why did he unwillingly forget about her?

Feng Tian Yue didn't want to face it, but she had nowhere to escape. She wanted to say something she was determined and determined, but she was still unable to do so in the end, and could only shift her focus: "Xing Ce, it's just nice that you came. I met this unconscious Young Noble at the bottom of the Inner Mountain, and was worried that I wouldn't be able to bring him back to Shang Guang with my strength.

"There's more." Feng Tian Yue's eyes swept across the Liu Li Jade on the beautiful guy's waist, and suddenly remembered something. She took out a silver striped jade pendant from her chest pocket and said, "Here, return it to you."

They were unwilling to stay any longer and anxious to return to their rightful owners. It was as if they were strangers that no longer cared about each other.

After being frozen for a moment, the slender jade-white hand slowly stretched over. When the palm came into contact with the abdomen of the finger, she discovered that his finger was colder than cold jade.

His heart chilled to the point that it felt like it was about to break through his bones. It turned out that because of his actions, his heart was so cold that it reached the marrow of his bones.

However, the moment her fingers, which were burning with an inner flame, touched the ice that seeped into her mind, she couldn't help but clench them tightly. At this critical moment where her old illness had reappeared, Feng Tian Yue frowned, and retracted her fingers as if she had been electrocuted.

Faced with her knitted eyebrows and the electric shock from the withdrawal of her hand, her slender jade white hand froze in midair. For a moment, a freezing air pressure spread rapidly in the air.

Feng Tian Yue didn't even need to raise her head to feel the absolute coldness in his heart from the pressure he emitted.

She hurt him, she hurt him again! However, this time, she didn't do it on purpose.

"Right, no ?"

"It doesn't matter."

She had been forgiven before the words of apology were complete.

She still remembered that he had once said that no matter what kind of harm or mistake she had done to him, he would forgive her. But now, he still kept that promise, even if she had already betrayed him ?

Seemingly not wanting to get any heavier, or perhaps afraid that Feng Tian Yue would force him to do something that would make it even harder for him to stay, Xing Ce's gaze turned towards the beautiful man who was leaning on the stone steps and asked: "This is ?"

After Feng Tian Yue heard this, she calmed her emotions and told the whole story.

After listening to her story, her long eyebrows knitted together, and her eyes that were as dark as ink were filled with a layer of chilliness that seeped into one's bones, "I didn't think that this demon fox would be so savage, to actually dare come to the paleo-inner-mountain to be its master.

Looking at the bone-chilling cold in Xing Ce's eyes, and the killing intent that was being emitted from his body, Feng Tian Yue could not help but to clench his fists. He did not expect that his hatred for the Spirit Demon was as strong as it was when he was young.

She would never forget the bone-deep coldness and hatred in his eyes when she first met him. That bone-deep hatred had shaken her to the core of her grief and hatred at the injury of a boy who was only three years older than her.

Later on, she found out that all of his family and friends were killed by the ruthless monster.

Therefore, he had an irreconcilable hatred with this demon for annihilating their entire family, and because of that, he would desperately cultivate the Spiritualism, becoming the strongest demon Spiritualism, and exterminate all the evil beings in the world!

However, if he knew that there was an extremely powerful Demonic Soul in her body, would he not hesitate to stab the Demon Slaying Sword into her heart?

"It's late, let's return to the courtyard first." Keeping his emotions, Feng Tian Yue turned his gaze to the gorgeous man and said.

Hearing that, Xing Ce supported the unconscious man over his shoulder, and the two walked together on the road back to the courtyard.

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