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Feng Tian Yue kept quiet along the way, and deliberately walked to the extreme right side of the cloud ladder, maintaining a distance from Xing Ce. That appearance, was as though he was afraid to stick close enough, and stick close enough to her.

Xing Ce no longer looked at her, nor did he express anything towards her distancing herself from him.

They didn't speak again along the way.

After being trampled on by him twice, he finally gave up on her. This is good as well.

Feng Tian Yue looked at Xing Ce who was walking alone, with an ice-cold expression, she thought to herself.

"Senior Martial Uncle, this is?" When the two of them reached the courtyard door, the oldest gatekeeper looked at Feng Tian Yue who was walking together with him, and asked in shock and confusion.

Xing Ce: "This young master met a demon at the foot of the mountain. He was so frightened that he fainted. In order to prevent the demon from harming him again, we had no choice but to bring him back to the Upper Sky."

"What? Monster? How is this possible? There is actually a demon in the paleo-inner-mountain, this is too savage ? " All the guards were shocked when they heard this.

It is true that he is arrogant, but everyone need not worry too much. Regarding this matter, I will report it to the Master and ask him to assign a few more strong disciples to patrol the mountain. You apprentices who are guarding the gate must not relax your vigilance.

"Yes." The guard disciple replied respectfully.

After stepping into the courtyard, Feng Tian Yue followed Xing Ce and walked all the way to the Shining Star Tower. The Shining Star Tower was the place where the trusted aides of past generations lived and worked, it was the most respected and important place in the world, grand and dignified.

Therefore, when Feng Tian Yue, who was dressed in the newborn Spirit Robe, along with the disciple of the Overlord and future Master, entered the Shining Star Tower together, it attracted quite a bit of attention and commotion along the way.

Seeing that the gorgeous beauty had been placed in the Shining Star Tower's guest room by Xing Ce, Feng Tian Yue bade her farewell and said, "Sir, I'll have to trouble you to take care of me tonight. It's getting late, I need to report back to purple spirit to report my safety."

With that said, he turned around and left without any delay or nostalgia, nor did he engage in any small talk.

"Tianyue, are you in such a hurry to leave? Do you really intend to ignore me forever? "

Just as she was about to step out of the room, a sorrowful heavenly music called out to her.

Feng Tian Yue stopped and turned back, as she spoke with the most heartless and cold voice possible: "You have your own path, I have my own life, and since I had expressed my attitude ten years ago, there was no need for you to continue pestering me, and when I was young, I said that it was just a joke to be a close friend of my family, and the promise I made when I was young, was nothing more than a child's play. If I still cared, I would not have thought that it would be you the moment you appeared in front of me.

Such heartless and merciless words caused her heart to feel as if it had been stabbed by a knife. This was the companion she had painstakingly obtained in this world, yet now she wanted to use such a method to divide and break her heart.

Upon hearing this, the person behind him held onto his heart with his fingers, and his snow-white face was almost transparent. He could not bear it and shook his head: "I don't believe it, I don't believe it, this is definitely not your real thoughts, I don't believe it, I don't believe it, you really forgot all about me. Tian Yue, don't ignore me, don't, abandon me ?"

The stubborn words were like a child who was too sad to control himself. It was a helpless and sorrowful request, as if if if she were to leave, this helpless child would lose the world and become completely dark and gloomy.

Since things had come to this, how could she give up so easily? Furthermore, in these ten years without her, he had lived an outstanding and glorious life. Therefore, he must be stronger than she had imagined!

Having decided to this point, she no longer hesitated and stepped forward resolutely. This time, she would definitely be able to let him see her intentions clearly. She would definitely be able to make him completely give up on her.

He didn't call out to her again, and neither did she stop. Even though her feet felt like they were bound by a thousand kilograms of stone, it was too heavy to move.

One more step and they would be out of this place. After this final step, they would no longer be connected to each other.

She would have been able to cross this step if she did not hear the words that rang out from behind her ?

"If it were not for that demon-level character, would you have not broken away from me, and would we have been like what we said before, forever unseparated?"

Stunned, she turned her head in disbelief. "You actually ?"

"Yes, I know it all, I always knew it." "You are the person I cannot abandon the most in this world. It is impossible for me to ignore you and not know about it after what has happened to you. Tianyue, with your intelligence, have you never suspected why your appearance changed so much in the past ten years that I recognized you?"

She was shocked, "Didn't you hear my conversation with Senior Brother?"

Xing Ce shook his head: "I told you before, I caught up to you when you were walking past the Cloud Tower."

"This ?"

"Was it surprising that I recognized you? In the seven years that I didn't die, I would look at you through the Spirit Mirror every day, see you train, watch you think, watch you sleep, see what you do every day, see if you were troubled by the Master, see if you were attacked by that demon genius, all of your emotions are in my eyes, it's just that you didn't know ? "

How, how is this possible? So it turned out that she was only separated from him by a single direction?

"But Senior Brother, how would he let you know ?"

"It's me... to force Master, so Master had no choice but to give in. "

Forced? What kind of pressure was this, making Tian Ji, whose heart was as firm as a stone, to have no choice but to give in ?.

"Tian Yue, I have always believed that no matter how difficult the situation is, I won't defeat you. You are an invincible and unrivalled person, and no demon and demon will be your match. "Don't live alone anymore, live in an unhappy world, and don't leave me alone again, okay?"

He lowered his head to her shoulder, his voice low and childlike, begging helplessly and expectantly.

Good. She replied in her heart, but what came out of her mouth was: "No, that won't do. I've already promised Senior Brother Tian Ji that I won't go back on my promise, so, it's best that we don't meet again in the future."

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