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"Senior Brother, from tomorrow onwards, you will no longer need to order anyone to customize the new disciple's uniform for me. I want to restore my identity, and with the identity of purple spirit's 107th generation disciple, as well as the second successor of the heaven's age, I will lead the Amethyst Disciple out of this hopeless situation and step onto the road of invincible Zhi Zun that no one dares to look down on anymore!"

Feng Tian Yue looked at the figure of Tian Ji as she walked out of the door, she turned and looked at her, who was standing at the side stunned. Looking at the figure of Tian Ji, he looked at her, who was standing at the side stunned.

"Tianyue ?" Tian Hen was shocked, but he knew that once Feng Tian Yue made a decision, any rebuttal would be futile.

Moreover, she had such transcendent strength and ambition. How could he let her live in a dark place that wasn't for the eyes of the masses, as an unnamed disciple?

However, with her current situation, if she were to act too arrogantly, she would be afraid of attracting unwanted attention. Thinking about this, Tian Hen became worried, "Since you've decided to announce your identity, then tomorrow's disciple recruitment ?"

Although I have decided to publicize myself, there is no need for me to show myself in a gathering that the entire academy will attend. My goal is to revitalize the purple spirit, as long as I can obtain the recognition of the Amethyst Disciple, then there is no need for the other three sects to deliberately rationalize their actions. "Mu Xuanyin said in a cold voice.

Feng Tian Yue knew Tian Hen was worried, and explained her thoughts.

Tian Hen nodded in agreement. When she thought of this question, her voice softened a little as she said, "But ? If tomorrow, there is a disciple who is extremely outstanding and wants to take Senior Brother as his master, I would also like to ask Senior Brother to put aside the knot in his heart that is already in the past.

Although Feng Tian Yue did not directly call out her name, she knew that Tian Hen definitely knew who she was referring to.

Moreover, the fact that Tian Hen had such high praise and attention also showed how satisfied he was with Dong Huang Jing.

Therefore, even though Tian Hen's heart was filled with such grief ? With the knot in her heart, she could also see that Tian Hen had feelings for her.

And Tian Hen's following answer also confirmed the correctness of her perception and judgement.

"Alright, if that child is truly willing to take me as his master, I will definitely comprehend it for the rest of my life, Professor Chong Li. At that time, among all the people present, not only will the qilin be the hope of the purple spirit, it will also be the hope of the future ruler of all the demons, the hope of saving Xi Yin!"

When Tian Hen said this, her expression was extremely firm.

Seeing this, Feng Tian Yue could not help but think, Dong Huang Jing, your power is extraordinary, yet you are also an extremely mysterious and peculiar person, will you be the hope of purple spirit's life, or the bane of the world?

After returning to his room, Feng Tian Yue suppressed the anger in his heart and continued to cultivate.

Not enough strength, not enough strength!

To be able to get rid of Tian Ji's suppression, get rid of his resistance, and do even more things that she wanted to do, to be able to protect her from the greatest threat, she had to become even more powerful!

In addition, in order to completely remove the harm that Demonic Soul had done to her, she would have to rely on an even more powerful strength at the Fairy Queen Realm.

Abandoning all distracting thoughts, she began to train by breaking through to the Immortal Spirit Queen realm. After entering the realm of consciousness, her five senses had disappeared, and she was able to absorb and explore the mysteries of heaven and earth within the boundless universe of consciousness.

Beyond those realms which had already achieved breakthroughs, in the realms beyond Spiritual Middle Level, she was like a blind child who had not yet opened her mind, stumbling and not knowing the way forward.

The door to power was clearly right in front of her. Breaking through the door was the power of chaos that governed the world, but she could not find the key to open it.

He didn't know how long he had been in a daze for in the dark world, but sweat was dripping like rain on his forehead. He was unable to break through, and Feng Tian Yue, who was unable to find his bearings, was trapped in the agony and torment of his limits.

This kind of high-energy conception that surpassed one's own comprehension power and contained the strongest destructive power. When one's mind and body reached the limit, one had to immediately stop, or else one's will would go berserk and one's body would die.

However, this was a realm of deep comprehension, a realm where the deepest part of one's consciousness ruled. Feng Tian Yue had been stuck in a defensive barrier the entire way, to the point where she wanted to break through the later stages of cultivation. At this moment, this realm had completely suppressed her rationality.

His consciousness sank into chaos, his internal organs became taut, his spirit meridians twisted and expanded. Under the pressure of the powerful poetic perspective, he quickly reached the edge of exploding!

Within the Concept of Bedevilment, the last trace of remaining reason allowed Feng Tian Yue to realize the danger she was in right now. However, it was too late to stop...

Without the guidance of her predecessors, and without the wisdom and comprehension ability to break through realms, she dared to enter the deep level of consciousness to cultivate while she was deeply immersed in her dangerous state of mind. It was simply an example of not dying.

If this continued, it would be because of her strong Spiritual Middle Level cultivation, although she would not break her spirit veins and become a cripple that had lost all her spirit energy.

However, she would have to damage at least two of the most important primary spirit veins. As a result, her power would be greatly depleted, and would not even reach the level of the sky spirit realm!

At that moment, it was as if death descended on her head. Everything that she had experienced since she started cultivating the Spiritualism flashed through her mind like a horse.

Looking back, I started cultivating Spiritualism at the age of two and reached the peak of Spiritual Middle Level at the age of eighteen. On the way here, I shed many blood tears and suffered many hardships, only then did I arrive at my current state.

Sixteen years of unending hardships, and most of today's obsession was destroyed. Sweat poured down his forehead like a sea, and Feng Tian Yue's heart was filled with regret and unwillingness.

Who would have thought that after carefully studying for so many years, she would end up causing a disaster when she desired power the most?

The spirit martial spirit of the Spiritual Middle Level had been reduced to not even the Holy Spirit Realm. This kind of experience was enough to make any Spiritual Artist go crazy!

Furthermore, if she lost two of her spirit veins, then it would cause endless trouble for her. That way, she would never be able to cultivate the Spiritualism at the peak of the Immortal Spirit Realm, and she would never be able to cultivate to the Initial Stage!

If one wanted to obtain more power, they would have to bear a higher risk and cost. As a person who attempted to break through to the Immortal Spirit Realm with his human perception, it was only reasonable for him to fail.

However, when she thought of how nearly half of her heaven-defying strength had been destroyed by a single thought, how could she be willing to accept this?

Furthermore, this was the time when she needed to use the power that she had painstakingly cultivated to display her ambitions. She hadn't had the time to use this power yet, to protect the people she cared about, the purple spirit she cared about, and to leave behind a protective shield that couldn't be trampled upon by others.

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