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This unexplainable behavior only showed that she was completely brainwashed by the Holy Spirit Mantra of the purple spirit and had been carried away by the immortal realms.

Both of them cursed in their hearts but their faces were full of joy and gratitude.

Facing the two of them acting as if their hearts were different, Feng Tian Yue acted as if she was a fool who was not even aware of what had happened as she brought the two of them to the Teiqian.

The spirit energy in Teiqian was flourishing, the treasures and spirit artifacts were filled with light, and behind Feng Tian Yue, Su Yao and Chang Ying's eyes were shining, revealing an unconcealable desire and greed.

At the same time, the vicious feeling of unwillingness grew stronger in his heart.

The reason why this cripple was able to obtain such an abnormal cultivation level at his age must be because of the high quality spirit energy and these extremely powerful treasures in the Teiqian.

Once they return from here, they would have to think of all sorts of methods to force the purple spirit to reveal himself, and even more so, have to join forces to kill this monster, Feng Tian Yue. Only then would the top quality treasure land, the Teiqian, truly belong to them forever.

Just as he was calculating, Feng Tian Yue, who was leading the way, stopped in front of a secluded Engraved Flower Pavilion and said: "This place is my most treasured Pill Refining Pavilion. There are many miraculous pills inside, and these will be given to you in the future.

Wonderful elixir? When Su Yao and Chang Ying heard this, they were so happy that they wanted to fly up to the sky. Without thinking too much, they entered the room with eyes filled with joy and impatience, but when they saw the room clearly, they were dumbfounded.

The entire room was empty and deathly still. There was nothing there, not to mention any miraculous elixirs.

Just as he was about to question her, he saw that the smile on Feng Tian Yue's face, which had been standing at the door all the way, had turned into a bone-piercing, cold, mocking smile.

Seeing that, Chang Ying finally reacted, she retracted her greedy look and angrily said: "Feng Tian Yue, you're actually messing with us?"

Su Yao looked at the empty room and Feng Tian Yue's mocking sneer, and could not help but cry out: "So you've been lying to us all this time? You despicable and shameless villain, didn't you say that you only need to apologize before letting us go? "

Feng Tian Yue looked at the two of them who were frightened and furious, and laughed coldly: "I only said that I would let you two live, when have I ever said that I would not pursue this matter? "You should be glad that I, who was annoyed by the Sage Elixir of Life, was recently addicted to making poison. Otherwise, how would you be alive to be my medicine man?"

"This is my poison concocting room. Thus, there will be a lot of Exquisite Poison Pills in the future. As for these Exquisite Poison Pills, I will really give them to you all as a gift. It would truly be an injustice for you all to say that I am deceiving you."

The heavens! So it was like this. So it turned out that this ugly monster had never thought of sparing them from the start, and they had followed her condom and jumped into the trap by themselves.

How could this be? The two of them were so angry that their blood boiled. They were so embarrassed that they wanted to shatter this perverted black performing monster into pieces!

Regret, a regret that had never existed before spread in Su Yao and Chang Ying's hearts. However, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

"I'll kill you!" Seeing that he had nowhere to retreat to, Chang Ying rushed towards Feng Tian Yue with a furious look. Just as she was about to smack Feng Tian Yue's head angrily with a palm, a thick miasma came out from the empty room, causing her to feel weak.

"Feng Tian Yue, you shameless pervert. How dare you use your poison tricks. If you have the ability, fight me head on." Chang Ying gritted her teeth as she roared in indignation.

Feng Tian Yue stood in front of the door, her entire body was shrouded in poison, but sshe was not harmed in the slightest. Looking at the furious Chang Ying, he laughed cruelly: I suffered from severe injuries to my internal organs, which I managed to recuperate a little, why would I risk my life to fight against you? If my power is not damaged, does such a verbal performance still need to be performed to subdue you all? "

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