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Just that, if he really took Dong Huang Jing as his disciple, would Xing Ce be sad ?

She would always remember when she was young, she had snubbed Xing Ce a few times, and when she went to play with the other disciples, Xing Ce had hidden behind her back and felt sad and lost all by himself.

That extremely sad little face could not be coaxed into being happy no matter how he coaxed it. Only when she raised her little face and swore that she would only be Xing Ce's playmate and play with him alone in her life, did she finally see that sorrowful little face reveal a relieved smile.

In fact, what the two Senior Brother s in Changting said was right. Beneath Xing Ce's gentle and elegant appearance, was a domineering and invincible possessive heart.

However, such strong possessiveness was due to too much love.

Because he loved her too much and did not allow others to lay their hands on her. Because he loved her too much, he wished that the thing he loved would only be his heart.

Feng Tian Yue could understand this feeling, because she felt that she was also this kind of person.

Once he met something that touched his heart, he had to do everything in his power to keep it. Even if it cost him a lot, or even more, he would never be able to get it back.

Therefore, if Tian Ji really accepted Dong Huang Jing as his disciple, and transferred his care and concern for this similarly exceptional new disciple, Xing Ce would definitely feel sad.

He had already been injured by her to such a pathetic state, could he still bear such a heavy blow from the freshmen?

Thinking of this, Feng Tian Yue's mood once again sank into depression.

Looking once again at the scene of the Disciple's Assembly, below the stage, as the six highest Manager s approached, the disciples' emotions were boiling over non-stop.

After knowing why the six Manager s had left their seats and left, they all consciously spread out, creating a large circle for the disciples of the six Manager s.

The crowd dispersed, creating an empty space. On the empty field, a peerless cold gongzi stood proudly with his hands behind his back, looking down at the most noble Master in the world. His arrogance did not even decrease in the slightest.

Tian Ji opened his mouth: "Feng Jing."

Dong Huang Jing: "..."

"Now, I'll give you a chance. The Four Great Sects' Supreme Manager s are all before you right now. If you want to become your disciple, you can choose any one of them."

"What?" To think that he would enjoy such a heaven defying treatment! " The moment he said this, all the male disciples cried out in alarm.

"That's great, he did not participate in the disciple ceremony, is he really planning to leave purple spirit? If only he was willing to come to our Tung Wah. Ugh ? "I'll be able to see him everyday then ?"

The Tung Wah female disciple held her heart, looking bashful and lost in thought.

"That's right, but even if he doesn't choose our Profound Spirit, it doesn't matter. As long as he is willing to leave purple spirit, that heartless and exterminating sect, we all have a chance." The Profound Spirit female disciples also continued to look forward to it.

"Don't, please don't come to our Tung Wah, look at how happy the Senior Sister Junior Sisters are. If he really comes, all the beauties on the rankings in our Tung Wah would definitely surround him, how would they have the mood to look at us again?"

"That's right, since the ancient times, Shen Xi has caused trouble, disasters that no one can afford to cause trouble for. It's better to keep him away, and not cause trouble for our Profound Spirit."

Tian Ji's words caused the audience, which had become quiet due to the arrival of the various Manager s, to burst into an uproar once again.

"Oh?" As for the person in the center of the explosion, after hearing the words of the Master about this special treatment that shook the entire audience, his eyelids slightly twitched as he coldly snorted, "Except the Master?"

What! The disciples who were discussing enthusiastically around were startled by what Tian Ji said. After thinking about it, they suddenly realised that Tian Ji's gaze did exclude them when he said this.

Tian Ji nodded his head, with a solemn expression: "Although you are indeed a genius with heaven-defying talent, but in some aspects, there is still a gap between you and my disciple Xing Ce, so, I can only say that I am sorry."

When Dong Huang Jing heard this, his cold eyes slanted as she looked at Tian Ji's side, seeming to be comparing, yet also looking down at him in disdain. Her expression was indifferent, and did not change in the slightest.

When he said that, the other five Manager s who were waiting for a response looked at each other, their faces immediately changed. This time they had lost a lot of face, they were so angry that they wanted others to be their disciples, but they were still unhappy!

However, compared to the other rejected Manager, Tian Hen's situation was even worse.

Because Dong Huang Jing's actions and attitude of not willing to take him as a disciple had already made it clear that he accepted purple spirit as her master, but not the Sect Master of purple spirit with the highest cultivation.

"Since that's the case, why not join Sect Master Tian Hen's faction?"

Although Dong Huang Jing rejected him straightforwardly and impolitely, based on the current situation, like the other Manager, Tian Ji didn't want to bury this genius with a heaven-defying talent.

Moreover, he really wanted to know the reason why he didn't want to join a high school.

"I want to be like him." Her cold eyes slanted slightly once again, casting a glance at the Exquisite Immortal's figure by Tian Ji's side. "One-in-one, no matter what."

Unique? He was so arrogant! Was he deliberately going to compete with Xing Ce?

Since he did not choose the most popular sect or the Manager s to be his master, then the reason why he came to the light was not to target Xing Ce, right?

It's just that, does he see Xing Ce as a rival with equal talent and potential, or is it a rival with regards to the goddess?

If it was the latter, why would the heartless him want to join the purple spirit?

While Feng Tian Yue was thinking about it, the Manager s on the other side also had complicated expressions.

So it turned out that he wanted a master who had never taken in a disciple before.

But, which one of them didn't have a group of experts, and even had disciples and grandchildren scattered all over the ground, so how could they satisfy his request?

Although Tian Hen currently did not have a disciple, she had once taken in two losers. Thus, in this group of people, not one of them met his requirements.

The atmosphere started to become tense, and no one could think of a countermeasure. Tian Hen was reminded of the past where the followers had failed, and her expression became even more lonely.

Feng Tian Yue was well aware of Tian Hen's extreme favor towards him, and she also knew that Dong Huang Jing would have a huge impact on the future of purple spirit. So, no matter what, she could not let Dong Huang Jing be buried like this.

It seemed like, at this point, she was the only one who had personally gone to save him. She had already decided not to hide her identity, and even though she did not plan to make it public in a meeting such as the Assembly of Patriarchs, her current position did not allow her to lower herself any further.

It was not only for the purple spirit, but also for Xing Ce. In order to sever the focus of Tian Ji's gaze, she had to do this as well.

Thinking about that, Feng Tian Yue no longer hesitated. She withdrew her Spirit Mirror and with a flash, she headed back to the disciple recruitment grounds with her fastest speed.

Feng Tian Yue's arrival at this moment, naturally caused a commotion among the disciples in the plaza.

"Who is that person? How bold!" It's almost the end of the Disciple's Assembly, and he's actually only just arrived! "

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