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When he saw the white orchid pattern on Qingfeng's Tianyue, the hedonistic disciple on the high platform who kept saying that Feng Tian Yue was a beauty exclaimed in astonishment, "Feng Tian Yue? That heaven-defying Five Spirit Genius who had lost his temper? I remember this face, so the woman who appeared in front of the Spiritual Martial Assembly to support me, instigated the morale of the purple spirit, and instigated her spirit energy to defeat me was Feng Tian Yue! "

Speaking till this point, the identity of this silkpants disciple was already very clear. He was Profound Spirit, who had been heavily defeated with hatred by Feng Tian Yue's encouragement.

Chen Jin, who was standing beside her, also had a sharp look in her eyes. Who would have thought that when the four Shen Xi disciples had maliciously slandered the name Feng Tian Yue, the person who had remained silent at the side was actually her true body?

It seemed that she was much more intelligent than he had imagined. However, even the ultimate Mystic Destiny Spell was completely useless against her. Just what kind of existence was she?!

And among the Amethyst Disciple, there was a little girl whose eyes were as big as bells. She covered her mouth with all her might, not allowing herself to let out an earth-shattering cry; the little girl was Feng Tian Yue's crazy admirer, Xi Yin.

When she found out that Feng Tian Yue was the Lord Tianyue that she had always longed to see, that moment of regret caused her tears to uncontrollably flow out.

She sobbed uncontrollably, "Xiang Lou, Senior Sister is actually Lord Tianyue, and she's actually the Lord Tianyue that I saw in my dreams!"

Hearing that, Xiang Lou's entire body stiffened, although at that time, when she heard the descriptions of Feng Tian Yue's stroke of flame from the four disciples, she had become extremely strong, and the rules of the institution were very familiar, she did her best to protect the purple spirit, and even though she did not have any outer island admissions, and had a scar all over her face, Feng Tian Yue's identity gave rise to doubts, but this confirmation, still shook her heart.

Who would have thought that the person Xi Yin wanted to see the most, would have already appeared by their side, and even helped protect them a few times?

Now, Xi Yin knew that the Lord Tianyue, who had always been worried that he wouldn't be able to sleep at night, would appear in front of everyone with such confidence and power.

But, Xi Yin, she ?

Recalling the terrifying secret that Xi Yin had, Xiang Lou covered her mouth in fear.

After passing the disciples below the plaza and sitting in the VIP viewing seats beside the stage, Lu Han Yu's pair of eyes that were filled with anger and envy, glared at Feng Tian Yue who had attracted the gazes of everyone with her gaze.

She also did not expect that the woman who had so brazenly rejected her last night would actually be a cripple like Feng Tian Yue, who had fallen into Qi deviation.

Even more so, he did not expect this cripple, who was so crippled that the Spirit Rest had dissipated and did not have a single strand of spiritual energy left, to actually be so arrogant.

What was even more hateful was that Xing Ce had unexpectedly left the banquet again and again because of her, affecting the early conclusion of the banquet.

Even after three years of being together, he still treated her as a stranger. No matter how much she tried to use her strength to attract attention, or even using the soul-seducing technique that no man in the world could resist, she still could not get a single glance at him.

Such a cold and arrogant gaze had actually landed on that cripple.

How could a cripple, who had lost all his spirit energy and was as ugly as a ghost, get the attention of so many people? Is it because she was once a peerless Five Spiritual Genius?

It was simply laughable. Before she started cultivating with the Spiritualism, her Five Spiritual Body had always been treated as a waste spirit body with impure spiritual roots.

Even though this cripple had been in high spirits for quite some time, wasn't the sudden loss of life that he had caused proved that he possessed the body of the cripple as well as the truth of the five spirits?

And now, she wanted to crush this trash, but with regards to the matter of the flick of her hand, attracting Xing Ce's attention, adding the matter of him rejecting her last night, it was already enough to sentence her to death.

This thorn in her eye must not be allowed to live!

In the entire auction, not a single person did not show great concern and shock at Feng Tian Yue's appearance. Some were evil, some were curious, some were neutral, some were mocking and some were pleasantly surprised ?

There was only one person who did not have the slightest bit of overreaction to her arrival. That person was Dong Huang Jing.

That day, when she had just gone from Teiqian to A wind rises from the garden, she was wearing a White Orchid Ripple Spirit Robe. The him at that time already knew of her identity.

However, he still used such an extremely rude tone to give her a death warning. It was enough to see that he didn't put an ant like her in his eyes at all.

"Aiya, although I don't know when little girl Tian Yue returned to the inner sect from Teiqian, we should have come earlier to watch the disciple recruitment event. It's almost over now and we've already missed the exciting event. Didn't you come here for nothing?"

Amongst the group of Manager s, Too idle was the one who spoke the fastest and the one who talked the most.

"That's right. Tianyue, the disciple recruitment event is about to end. You really don't need to come here right now." Tian Hen was also unable to get ahold of Feng Tian Yue's thoughts, and said somewhat helplessly.

Lan Peng didn't say anything, but the two Law Protectors looked at Feng Tian Yue with contempt, as if they were looking at a cripple who hadn't stepped out for ten years. They didn't know what the hell they were here for, coming here at this time.

"I came here because I had a few words that I wanted to say to Junior Disciple Feng." Ignoring everyone's confusion or ridicule, Feng Tian Yue said indifferently.

After she finished speaking, she turned her gaze towards the person in the arena who had an extremely arrogant expression. It was as if he hadn't even lifted his eyelids at her before, "Martial Nephew, come over here for a moment. I have something to tell you."

"Martial Uncle."

Before waiting for everyone to react, a familiar heavenly voice sounded out, and the voice contained unconcealable worry. Feng Tian Yue's body stiffened for a moment, and she replied in a low voice: "Don't worry, Xing Ce, I'll be fine."

Upon hearing her response, the banished Immortal, who was crying out with worry, suddenly remembered what happened last night and tightly clenched her fingers in pain and awkwardness.

He then looked at the extremely cold and arrogant person in the arena. Upon hearing her words, his cold brows twitched, and his thin lips pursed. He stood there without showing any face, not moving in the slightest.

You're not coming, are you? If you can't come over, then I'll go over.

Ignoring Dong Huang Jing's actions, under everyone's complicated gazes, Feng Tian Yue walked in front of him, pulled his sleeves, with a serious expression on his face, she pulled him to the side.

The surrounding disciples were all stunned as they looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

It was hard to believe that there was actually someone in this world who dared to touch this cold Ice God, who was like a ghost that didn't want to get near to Dong Huang Jing! Moreover, he was the woman Dong Huang Jing despised the most!

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