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With regards to Dong Huang Jing moving her feet and walking away, Feng Tian Yue was satisfied. As long as he was willing to give her a chance to speak, she was already half a step away from her goal.

However, this person's aura was really cold. It was not a kind of cold sensation from his consciousness, but a type of cold sensation from touching!

Even though they were separated by a Spirit Robe, she could still clearly feel the bone-piercing coldness radiating from his body.

As a human, how could he have such an abnormal temperature? Could it be that he was really sick to the bone?

Or could it be that he really had some unknown secret?

Although he was confused, Feng Tian Yue did not forget his purpose for coming here. He raised his head to look at the pair of eyes that were looking at him coldly.

Tiptoeing, she whispered a few words in his ear in the lowest tone. Without waiting for a response, she returned to him.

No matter from what angle he looked at it, his eyes were always looking down at her with such condescension.

However, to her, he was currently nothing more than a chess piece used to temporarily calm the crisis in purple spirit.

Using a mysterious and extremely arrogant and heartless person as a chess piece to pretend to be a purple spirit couldn't be considered evil, right?

After Feng Tian Yue returned to Tian Hen's side, she looked disdainfully at her, and gave her a deep glance.

Under the shocked gazes of the Manager s and the disciples around, Dong Huang Jing slowly opened her mouth and said, "Since she has chosen purple spirit, Dong Huang Jing will comply with everyone's wishes, and acknowledge, Sect Master Tian Hen as her master."

When the words came out, the surrounding people went into an uproar, and the few Manager s were even more shocked beyond words.

Tian Hen was even more shocked, after coming back to her senses, she looked at Feng Tian Yue with eyes full of questions.

"Congratulations to Sect Master Tian Hen for obtaining such a great talent." Lan Peng, who had recovered from his shock, cupped his hands together and said happily, "If that's the case, there's hope for purple spirit's brilliance."

Amongst all the Manager s on the bright side, the relationship between Lan Peng sect master and Tian Hen was the most deep. Feng Tian Yue believed that the blessing of Lan Peng sect master came from the bottom of her heart.

"Aiyah, little girl Tianyue, you sure are capable to change your son's mind with just a few words. Don't you want to make the old man of Too idle angry?" Too idle mocked in a rather jealous and unwilling manner.

"Strange, what exactly did she say that made that arrogant person change his mind in the blink of an eye? How mystical."

"That's right, this cripple attracted everyone's attention the moment he appeared, and now even the cold Ice God Dong Huang Jing was taken down by her with just a few words. He can't be too eye-catching."

"Now that Dong Huang Jing has chosen Tian Hen as master, based on the looks of it, could it be that the purple spirit is about to rise again?"

"That's right, if this goes on, maybe one day, we will be able to compete with Shen Xi."

"Lord Tianyue is truly wise and wise, to be able to convince Ice God, he is truly a genius! This is truly admirable! "

Xi Yin covered his cheeks, and worshipped him obsessively. The other Amethyst Disciple s also gave birth to a burst of indescribable praise and admiration for Feng Tian Yue.

Everyone on the scene had an intense reaction, and the crowd was once again in an uproar.

Tian Hen looked at Dong Huang Jing who had an ice-cold expression and had no desire to pay respects to her master. Her initial pleasant surprise turned into shock and suspicion.

He glanced at Feng Tian Yue with some unease, then turned to Dong Huang Jing and said, "Child, don't be rash. Tell me, did Tianyue say something evil or did she use some sort of threat to ?.

Although Tian Hen wanted to take Dong Huang Jing as her disciple more than anyone else, but when she saw that Dong Huang Jing did not show any signs of excitement on her face, she could not help but ask in shock.

He knew that Feng Tian Yue had unique thoughts and perseverance in her work. She would sometimes do extreme things for all intents and purposes, which was why he could not help but have such a guess.

However, even in such a decadent situation like the purple spirit, he was unwilling to accept such a reluctant disciple.

When they heard that, they all turned to look at Feng Tian Yue.

"Senior Brother, so it turns out that I am such a person in your eyes? "My words were in vain. After saying so many good words on your behalf, I can at least say thank you, but now, you are still treated as an evil person."

Feng Tian Yue frowned, her face revealing a look of grievance.

Tian Hen was startled, then asked with a little guilt and suspicion: "Is it really just that?"

Feng Tian Yue rubbed her chin in a somewhat guilty manner: "That's right, what else can you do if not this? In the future, remember to treat your good disciple well, stop doubting him, and quickly accept him."

"Hold on, I remember that someone just said that I could skip the ceremony of becoming your disciple to show off my uniqueness."

Just as Tian Hen was solemnly preparing to accept this rare disciple, an unexpected condition was added.

What, no need to go accept a master? When did she say that?

Feng Tian Yue was startled, then she sized Dong Huang Jing up once again.

This person couldn't be unwilling to bend his delicate long knees, right?

To think that he was arrogant to this extent! Also, she originally thought that she had grasped his scruples, but unexpectedly she was overpowered by him!

"Cough cough. Tianyue, are these the good words you've spoken for me?" Tian Hen's face turned red.

The surrounding disciples began to discuss amongst themselves.

"In order to keep Dong Huang Jing, she even used this kind of method. She really isn't afraid of losing face!"

"That's right. I even thought she was very smart, but it's actually like that. I thought this cripple had some skill, yet he even said out such conditions."

Feng Tian Yue gave a deep glance at Dong Huang Jing, ignoring the discussions of the crowd, and said to Tian Hen: "Senior Brother, everyone take a step back, as long as you want to take what you need. Moreover, the reason why Junior Disciple Feng did not pay attention to you, as it is not because he did not want to respect you, Senior Brother, that he refused to take a master, but because of the unique principle that was proposed in front of everyone earlier.

"Senior Brother is magnanimous, and cherishes talented people like her. I believe, in order to show off my talents, Senior Brother's surrender will definitely become a unique matter of love between master and disciple. It will be used as a reference for future generations to celebrate."

If that's the case, you might as well become a disciple of my Too idle. It's understandable that children like to show off their personality, but you don't have to bother with such small formalities.

The Too idle shouted. It was unknown if it was because he was truly unresigned, or because he was just helping to resolve the situation.

"Old man Too idle, what are you blindly meddling in?!'s disciple, do you think you can steal him under your tutelage?" As Lan Peng said this, he sincerely wanted to arrange a match.

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