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"Since Tian Yue made the first promise, although this kind of proposal has never been seen before, there is a reason for it. I think we should follow this idea and quickly end this extended disciple recruitment."

Tian Ji had not spoken a single word since Feng Tian Yue's appearance.

With words of such compromise, it was enough to see his tolerance and tolerance towards such a heaven-defying talent like Dong Huang Jing.

After a while, the two Dharma Sovereigns still did not want to accept this arrogant, hot potato that did not even bother them anymore. They naturally nodded without any objections.

Thus, for the first time ever, Tian Hen accepted this disciple who liked to stand out from the masses and show off his personality. Although the process was complicated, at least, the outcome was satisfactory.

"Tianyue, is that really the case?" Just as all the Manager were congratulating their respective sects for taking in a good disciple, the dejected and conflicted immortal beside them still worriedly asked.

Without waiting for Feng Tian Yue's reply, she continued, "I'm sorry, I've troubled you with my words again. I shouldn't have asked ? "I ?"

After hearing such vexed and remorseful words, she looked at Xing Ce's dejected expression as he said these words.

Feng Tian Yue thought about what she did last night, that heartless act that cut off all ties.

If not for the fact that he cared deeply about her, how could someone as self-respecting as him possibly be able to uncontrollably ask about her?

Feelings that have been engraved into the bone marrow, if they are extracted and removed, will cause pain from the heart-piercing file.

And right now, she and he were both suffering such a soul-tearing pain because of her willful tenderness.

Last night's ruthlessness was because she was conflicted over the fate that had yet to be determined. Since the current her had already chosen to face reality bravely, what other reason could she have to use such a cruel method to treat each other as precious treasures?

Thinking about it, Feng Tian Yue had already made a decision. She looked up into the sorrow and sorrow in her eyes and said guiltily: "Xing Ce didn't do anything wrong, why do I have to apologize to the person who truly made a mistake? I was the one who was heartless and heartless last night, yet Xing Ce is still enduring her disappointment and scolding to come out and care for me.

Hearing her words of reflection filled with guilt, Xing Ce's eyes trembled.

Seeing this, Feng Tian Yue took a deep breath, and said as if she was solemnly taking an oath: "Xing Ce, let's make up. The future us will be the same as before, the most intimate, most talkative companions in the world."

Hearing this, Xing Ce did not dare believe it, as if he was in a dream. After a long while, he replied: "Then in the future, will you no longer ignore me, and not leave me alone?"

"Yes." In response to this child's uneasy and wronged question, Feng Tian Yue promised firmly.

From then on, unless he was disgusted with her, or if he saw her as an enemy because of the change in Demonic Soul due to possession, he would be the first to break all ties with her.

Otherwise, she would never throw him into a world where he was so heartbroken. In this world, besides Tian Hen, he was the only person she cared about the most, and also the companion of her heart.

In the past, she had hurt him by breaking up and escaping, but now, in the future, she would never let him live!

After making this decision, she once again thought of the question Xing Ce had asked her earlier, about whether or not she really wanted to avoid the condition of taking in a master, and had Dong Huang Jing change her attitude and accept her as a disciple.

In fact, even if she wanted Dong Huang Jing to become her master, she couldn't give such an impolite condition.

She merely stood on Dong Huang Jing's side and helped him analyze the pros and cons:

Firstly, if he was accepted by Tian Hen, his position would be raised to be on par with Xing Ce. Since he viewed Xing Ce as an opponent to be compared, his extreme arrogance means that he does not wish to be inferior to his opponent in any way.

Secondly, why was he so heaven-defying? Furthermore, he even wanted to live alone in a different place. In her opinion, it was definitely not because of his high talent, but rather because of how simple it was to be aloof and proud.

Although he still hadn't figured out the secret behind it, and the shining scales of the well of unknown origin, if she told him about it and pursued it, he would still be troubled to some extent.

Looking at his carefree attitude, Feng Tian Yue wasn't sure if it was because he didn't need to, or if he simply didn't have the heart to learn about the higher Spiritualism s, but he wasn't sure if he came to the light to compete with Xing Ce, the supreme Spirit Genius, or if he had other goals.

Although the so-called benefits she mentioned weren't his absolute threat, but since he had come to the Upper Sky with a purpose and his goal hadn't been achieved, he certainly didn't want any threat to come looking for him.

Most importantly, no matter what kind of identity and background Dong Huang Jing had in the outside world, he currently resided in the purple spirit.

With Feng Tian Yue's status and her mental capabilities in the purple spirit, it would not be difficult for her to remove this newbie, who had only been on the outside world for a few days, from the.

Dong Huang Jing obviously understood Feng Tian Yue's intentions. She knew that Feng Tian Yue had obstructed him from entering the courtyard, so she decided to cooperate with him and make concessions.

However, this man was far more scheming and cunning than she had imagined. If he was truly scheming, then she, who had lived in the underground palace for ten years, might not be a match for someone like him, who had experienced so much.

Feng Tian Yue had told Xing Ce the truth regarding the above matter, but she had not mentioned the suspicious scale incident to him yet. Because she wasn't certain of anything without sufficient evidence and investigation.

And the reason why she proposed this item to Dong Huang Jing as a threat was because she had doubts about the sixth sense that she was unable to see as a normal spirit beast's scale in the world, and the intention to use it as a bargaining chip for Dong Huang Jing.

What Feng Tian Yue had done to Dong Huang Jing wasn't any wise or dangerous way of convincing him, so after Xing Ce heard it, she didn't display any doubts for the time being.

Not long after their conversation, the disciple gathering also ended. The disciples of the Tung Wah, Shen Xi and Profound Spirit followed their respective Manager s out of the square.

When Xing Ce left, his gaze was fixated on Dong Huang Jing and Feng Tian Yue's bodies for a few times, and some unease and worry flowed within his eyes.

It was unknown whether it was because of the threat that this cold and distant person with an unpredictable mind like Dong Huang Jing could bring to Feng Tian Yue, or because of the unfavorable attention and danger that the situation of the Demonic Spirit Possession could bring to her.

It was just that, since she was at purple spirit's arena and had such kindness in her heart, with her heart and soul fixated on Saint Amethyst Disciple and Tian Hen's protection, no mishap would happen to her.

Moreover, with her identity and personality, it was hard for the people of the Upper Sky to think of doing her any harm.

After thinking about it, Xing Ce then followed Tian Ji back to the Shining Star Tower to take care of some matters.

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