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When the crowd dispersed, Feng Tian Yue was surrounded by the Amethyst Disciple.

It's really a double celebration today. Not only did the sect master accept an exceptional disciple, even Grand Tutor Tian Yue has returned from closed door cultivation. It's truly a joyous occasion.

Chang Yun, the deacon of the highest cultivation level in purple spirit, came out and gave his congratulations.

"That's only natural, Grand Tutor Tian Yue is an extraordinary person with such resolution. Now that the purple spirit is in danger, the Grand Preceptor's uncle, who possesses the purple spirit's Sacred Veins, will naturally not sit by and do nothing. With the return of Grand Tutor Tian Yue and the recovery of the Sect Master's body, the purple spirit will definitely not walk into the end of decline due to the evil schemes of those people."

Yun Lin continued to speak. The words spoken by the usually arrogant and outstanding Enforcer revealed his endless trust and respect for Feng Tian Yue.

"I'm not as good as you say." When Feng Tian Yue heard Changyun and Yun Lin's words, he felt embarrassed and said, "All these years, I have never done anything beneficial for the sect. Even now, I have only done some insignificant things using my own power.

"Where?" Grand Tutor Tian Yue is obviously very strong, not only did he help Big Brother Zhong Li win the competition, he also helped Xiang Lou get back his spirit stones, and later on beat back the evil person for Big Sister Xi Yin. Ting Xi retorted as he came out.

"That's right, whether it was in the past or even now, Lord Tianyue is still the strongest and most powerful person in the world. Lord Tianyue, Xi Yin never thought that he would actually meet you so soon, and you even saved me while I was in Spiritual Martial Assembly, blocking such a thorny problem for me. I never thought that I was actually so destined.

Xi Yin, whose cheeks had long been flushed and his heart was beating like a drum, finally couldn't hold back and squeezed to Feng Tian Yue's side to praise. That look of worship and joy that he couldn't control was practically about to pounce over and hug Feng Tian Yue and rub herself against him.

Just that, Xi Yin, in the future, you can just call me Grand Preceptor's uncle according to your seniority. There's no need to add in the words' Master ', you must have become so respectful. "

"No, calling me Grand Preceptor's uncle is not enough to express my admiration for you. In my heart, Lord Tianyue is like a goddess, Grand Preceptor's uncle sounds like an old man, I don't want it."

The last few words caused the disciples around him to be unable to restrain their laughter. Feng Tian Yue helplessly stroked his forehead, and just as everyone was chatting happily, Feng Tian Yue's eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of a pair of black eyes that had been fixated on her body the entire time.

That icy gaze contained emotions that she could not see through. She didn't know if it was because he despised her from the bottom of his heart, or if it was because he was still worried about the matter that she had threatened him with earlier.

Seeing that Feng Tian Yue's doubtful gaze had landed on Dong Huang Jing, everyone's eyes turned to Dong Huang Jing because of this influence.

Everyone knew that Dong Huang Jing's prideful gaze would never stay on anyone for more than half an hour. But now, that prideful gaze was fixated on Feng Tian Yue.

I wonder what this proud and unparalleled Ice God thought of this Grand Tutor Tian Yue, whom I respect greatly.

And now that he had become the disciple of the Sect Master, would he give up his pride and dignity and assimilate into the group of people for the sake of the future of purple spirit?

When Grand Preceptor's uncle returns to the sect, adding Junior Master Feng Jing's extraordinary strength, in the future, all matters regarding the sect will be left to the sect master and Junior Master Feng Jing to decide together. I believe that with Junior Master Feng's protection, the sect master will definitely pull himself together and let our purple spirit flourish once more. "

Faced with the crowd's reverence and suspicion towards Dong Huang Jing, Chang You came out to speak, but her words had already expressed her hope and trust towards Dong Huang Jing.

Feng Tian Yue also took this opportunity to nod her head. Tian Hen, who had been silently observing everything with gratification, had also revealed a pleased expression on her face.

When the other Amethyst Disciple saw that Dong Huang Jing, such a heaven-defying expert, had stayed in the purple spirit, and saw how the Manager of the sect was so united and confident, their hearts that had been ravaged and questioned previously received great encouragement, giving them greater hope for the future of the purple spirit.

As everyone was brimming with confidence and hope, Feng Tian Yue then shifted her depressed and worried gaze towards the cold Ice God who didn't want to get any closer.

He didn't know if it was a wise decision to take such an uncontrollable person as a disciple of the Senior Brother.

But to her, this was an opportunity, a challenge.

After returning to the sect, it was already lunchtime. As Tian Hen's direct disciple, Dong Huang Jing wanted to stay behind to accompany Tian Hen for lunch.

Thus, today's lunch changed from two people: Tian Hen and Yue Yang, into three people including Dong Huang Jing.

Feng Tian Yue was very surprised that Dong Huang Jing would stay and accompany him for a meal.

Because with Dong Huang Jing's cold and proud personality, how could she be so obedient like a normal disciple, sitting down politely to accompany her elders for a meal? Moreover, she was even with two people that she couldn't even be bothered with.

However, his domineering demeanor and his cold gaze, as he sat upright at the table, completely rebuked her understanding of him.

Hence, it could be seen that she didn't have the ability to guess what kind of situation Dong Huang Jing was in, what feelings she had, or what kind of things she would do.

However, in the entire process, Feng Tian Yue had never even touched his chopsticks once. This kind of situation, made Feng Tian Yue not know if it was because his body was too weak, she had lost her appetite, or because he was too picky, and simply looked down upon this table of carefully cooked delicacies.

Tian Hen saw that Dong Huang Jing had not been eating, and thought of his extremely weak body, her heart filled with worry. She was originally very sick, and adding on her worry, she actually could not swallow as she looked at the table full of fragrant delicacies.

There were three people on the table, and Feng Tian Yue was the only one left to eat calmly. Along the way, only Dong Huang Jing and Tian Hen were left, sitting beside her, watching her methodically sweep the table full of food.

Feng Tian Yue was not a person whose appetite was so good that it could explode. It was just that, other than the fact that these precious dishes contained a rich amount of nourishing energy in them, they were also filled with warm medicinal food. It was extremely beneficial to their body's nourishment and recovery.

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