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"Senior Brother, how can you not have an appetite? Now that I've accepted your disciple and have returned to the sect, everything has been completed. What's there to worry about?" As Feng Tian Yue opened up Tian Hen's mouth, he also removed the chopsticks used to nourish the dishes on the other side of the table.

Feng Tian Yue's action of picking up dishes had attracted the attention of the proud person beside Tian Hen. However, she could not understand the meaning behind that gaze.

What did it mean to stare at her? Could it be that he didn't want to eat, so he decided to share a table with her? Or was he disgusted by her deep scar face?

Thinking about how this person had treated her in such a contemptuous and disdainful manner since the day they came into contact with her, Feng Tian Yue felt that there was a high possibility that he was unmoving.

Thinking about it, Feng Tian Yue, who was always proud of herself and disdained to bother with the opinions of others, suddenly became annoyed. What the hell, why would she always be affected by Dong Huang Jing, this arrogant person?

Tian Hen received Dong Huang Jing's gaze, but in the end, he could not endure it any longer and spoke out. "Feng Jing, why haven't you eaten yet?

Dong Huang Jing replied expressionlessly: "These things have no benefits to my body. There's no meaning to eating them."

Feng Tian Yue shook her head, was this person's eyes really growing in the sky, or was there something different about her body?

These precious medicinal cuisine were all rare and precious medicines that were hard to find in the world. Even a healthy person would benefit greatly from it, let alone a physically weak sick person.

Hearing this, Tian Hen frowned worriedly: "Then do you know why your body has become like this? Whether it's because of some difficult illness or internal injuries, if you don't mind, I want to check your pulse."

Before Tian Hen could extend her arm out for the pulse examination, Dong Huang Jing already rejected him without hesitation: "No need, I know my body the best. No one can investigate it and it cannot be treated."

Sigh, why did this child already make the decision to take him as his master, and was even so cautious against him. Tian Hen, who did not know the true reason behind Dong Huang Jing taking him as her master, sighed in her heart.

But Feng Tian Yue was thinking, the temperature of his body had long ago exceeded the boundary of humans, what exactly was the reason that could cause such a change in a human's body, it was truly puzzling.

If there was a chance, he might be able to uncover the truth of the matter.

However, when he recalled the scene of Tian Hen being coldly rejected, Feng Tian Yue was somewhat helpless, but he gave up just like that. His heart was filled with unwillingness and itchiness;

Seeing that Feng Tian Yue was unable to endure it any longer, she tried her best to suppress the boredom in her heart, calmed herself down, and said to Dong Huang Jing once again: "Huang Jing, Tianyue's medical skills are exceptional, in these ten years since she had closed up, she has had a very profound understanding of the spirit medicine. Luckily, your body, she can think of a way."

When the latter heard this, without further ado, he spat out two words, "No need."

Feng Tian Yue was completely speechless. At the same time, she thought that Senior Brother, who always had a calm heart, was a little too anxious this time. It seemed that he truly regarded Dong Huang Jing as his most beloved disciple.

Only, even if she did not obtain Dong Huang Jing's recognition and trust, what was even more outrageous was that for the sake of his identity as Tian Hen's disciple, she had even threatened him.

He originally did not have a good impression of her, and right now, he was definitely even more hostile. How could he accept her help? Furthermore, how could he possibly give her his precious body for treatment?

"Senior Brother, since he isn't willing, then don't force yourself. Maybe Martial Nephew has some secret that he doesn't want others to know, and can't be discovered by us?"

These straightforward words of Feng Tian Yue had already revealed her skeptical attitude towards him.

Although this person looked extremely mysterious and strong, it was impossible for her to fear him with her strength and courage.

Moreover, since she had already used him as a pawn to threaten the other three sects in the purple spirit, she had to confirm his threatening nature. This way, she wouldn't fail in her purpose and end up in danger.

Originally, he thought that these straightforward provocations would enrage Dong Huang Jing. However, what made Feng Tian Yue even more wrong was that on Dong Huang Jing's face, after hearing these words, there were no changes in her expression.

Speaking of which, wasn't this kind of arrogant and tyrannical person that would not tolerate anyone's disrespect and provocation the most?

However, he was completely unmoved by her provocation. It was either because he was too scheming, or he didn't take a fancy to her!

Since he did not discover what she wanted, Feng Tian Yue would naturally be unwilling to give up. Just as she was about to interrogate him further, Tian Hen said, "Tianyue, everyone has a secret that they do not want others to know. Since Feng Jing has a very good understanding of his own body, then we should trust him.

After she had finished speaking, she turned to Dong Huang Jing and said, "Feng Jing, Tianyue's personality is a bit more straightforward, but that is also out of concern for your body and has no other malicious intent. I hope that you do not take it to heart."

Dong Huang Jing cast a sidelong glance at Feng Tian Yue, and said without any expression: "I won't fuss about it with her."

Seeing that he really didn't have any dissatisfaction nor anger on his face, Feng Tian Yue became even more confused. Could he really be so magnanimous in tolerating her?

But just because he didn't care, didn't mean that she wouldn't pursue the matter. She had to think of a way to figure out the secrets that Dong Huang Jing was hiding.

She could not allow any existence that was a threat to the purple spirit.

In the afternoon, Tian Hen and Feng Tian Yue gathered all the purple spirit deacons and held a meeting regarding the future plans of the purple spirit.

Chang You, Changyun, Yun Lin, Yun He, and all the other outstanding deacons with pure holy bones, as well as Dong Huang Jing, who was a direct disciple of Tian Hen, were all present at the meeting.

Although Tian Hen was the sect master, she was still very ill. This time, she could no longer put in too much effort, nor could she waste more words or energy.

Tian Hen knew that ever since she had taken control of the sect, she had always followed the path of the best.

When the Master was on his deathbed, he told him that he would lead the purple spirit to ensure that the Holy Spirit's decree would not be twisted to maintain its primal purity.

However, in the present world, Feng Tian Yue, who had a tougher nature and stronger wrist, had to rely on her character to prevent purple spirit from collapsing and even revive.

Master had already predicted until today, and at the temporary time, he would seriously entrust the sect to this loyal senior disciple, who was over a hundred years old. At the same time, he would let Feng Tian Yue cultivate this sharp thinking of her heart and character to become the next sect master.

He had originally wanted to follow the Master's instructions, but who knew that an unexpected change would happen after that ?

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