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Feng Tian Yue thought for a moment, and then added: "Also, let the Amethyst Disciple have no fear in the cultivation of the Spiritualism, although the process is very difficult, and will suffer many great injuries, but in these past ten years, I have already reached a state of understanding into the art of medicine, so any serious injuries will be able to provide the best treatment, and it won't be a problem even if I request the divine grade callus."

It turned out that Feng Tian Yue had decided to remain in seclusion for ten years to wholeheartedly study the techniques of the spirit doctors. Even as the second generation disciple of their sect, how could they possibly be depressed down in the valley for the rest of their lives because of going on a rampage?

Regarding Feng Tian Yue's incredible medical skills that she had displayed since she was young, none of them would have any doubt about it.

And now, according to her, she could even refine Divine ranked pellets, which one of them could possibly doubt the future rise of the purple spirit? This was simply outrageous!

As time passed, due to Feng Tian Yue's blood-thirsty manager and Dong Huang Jing's deep wisdom, the meeting was successfully completed.

The only difference was that this meeting had lasted the same length of time as before. It had made everyone feel extremely confident, as if they had been reborn.

The only unpleasantness was that at the end of the meeting, when everyone was about to leave, they met an unwelcome guest, Lu Han Yu.

To pay a visit when all the deacons of purple spirit gathered together was obviously a good opportunity, a visit with a purpose.

Since Feng Tian Yue had already told the others that Lu Han Yu and Tian Ji were planning to break up the purple spirit during the meeting, the proud and clear-headed purple spirit deacons all had a bad impression of Lu Han Yu. They did not want to talk too much and could only maintain their courteousness.

After Lu Han Yu walked into the meeting room, she looked around at the seating arrangement of the purple spirit, and confirmed the confirmation of the center of operations of the purple spirit.

How laughable, she had actually fallen to the point where she could not even bring out a decent person, otherwise, how could she let Feng Tian Yue, this cripple madman, go berserk, whose mind was unknown to the extent of being damaged, take charge?

This was because if she was not a lunatic whose spirit had been damaged, how could she have rejected the most precious pill that could cure Tian Hen's body, the Supreme Heaven rank pill.

If she was not a madman, how could she have allowed Dong Huang Jing to become Tian Hen's disciple under such ridiculous conditions that she did not need to pay respects as a disciple?

Most importantly, if she was not crazy, how would Feng Tian Yue dare to be so arrogant and disrespectful, and reject her, the great protector of the Imperial Spirit Army?

Although he hated this madman whose mind was damaged to the extreme, when he thought of his own goal for coming here, Lu Han Yu could only suppress the disgust in his heart and begin a discussion with Feng Tian Yue, this cripple madman who was currently in charge of all the major events in purple spirit.

After greeting Tian Hen symbolically according to the etiquette rules, she endured the disgust and moved to the side of Tian Hen to give way to him. After that, Feng Tian Yue, who was acting as today's representative, gave a humble bow, "Last night, I did not know about Lady Tianyue's identity and treated him as a New Disciple.

Hmph, it was just a facade. Even if he knew her true identity, shouldn't he order her to get the medicine for her?

Feng Tian Yue was merely a lowly commoner with a lowly background. As the commander of the God's Army who came from a noble family and had great authority, he naturally could step on her like she was an ant.

Seeing Lu Han Yu's haughty and perfunctory apology, Feng Tian Yue knew how much she despised her in his heart.

After last night's incident, she had a rough understanding of Lu Han Yu's character and now that he was acting in such a perfunctory manner, she did not have any good impressions of him at all.

She had never liked false pleasantries, so she directly said: "Since Heaven Protector has come at this time, he must have something to announce to the people of purple spirit. Since that's the case, let's get straight to the point."

Seeing that he had endured the humiliation and apologized, Feng Tian Yue's attitude became so arrogant that he did not even bother to show false courtesy. A flame appeared in Lu Han Yu's head, but when he thought about the purpose of his visit, he could only endure.

"Since the Lady Tianyue is so straightforward, then Hanyi has made his intentions known. Since the monsters are so rampant, everyone in the purple spirit who is worried about everyone must also be hoping to do more to save the common people, however, these illiterate people do not understand that the purple spirit's Sacred Veins are holy and cannot cut off their worldly desires. Thus, they are rarely willing to join the holy gate."

"His Majesty knows how worried the various Saints are for the people of the world, and knows how the empty lands of the Ancient Spirit Southern Academy have caused the purple spirit and the rest of the world losses and regrets. In order to make the best use of the resources, His Majesty decided to cooperate with the purple spirit and set up an empty land as the breeding ground for the spirit beasts. In this way, not only did he make use of the spirit energy of the courtyard that was left empty in the purple spirit, but he also provided the combat strength for the future battle against demons.

Using the purple spirit Courtyard as a place for raising spirit beasts? And he spoke so grandly, grandly, as if the Holy Spirit Sect was really a brainless fool that would work so hard when they had to be used?

Lu Han Yu had not even finished speaking when Feng Tian Yue and all the purple spirit deacons present angrily pinched their fingers and turned the purple spirit's empty courtyard into a spirit beast breeding grounds. This was the ultimate insult and humiliation towards the purple spirit!

Of course, Lu Han Yu knew how much humiliation they had to ask, but they themselves couldn't live up to their expectations. It was only because they themselves didn't have the ability to do so, so what was the use of getting angry.

Moreover, to occupy the land in a cooperative manner instead of directly using the imperial power to expel them from this continent's spirit vein mountain with the most spiritual energy was already the greatest gift and benevolence!

Although it was more efficient to use imperial power to break this trash's door, there was still a certain number of foolish people who worshipped the purple spirit's Glory Sect throughout the thousands of years of history of the purple spirit.

If he really did so, he would be criticized by everyone. Now was the time to fight against the demons, and he couldn't easily trigger a rebellion within the people.

Therefore, even if Lu Han Yu was in pain and could not endure, she could only suppress her emotions and watch this bunch of useless fools fight. They only had a proud nature and did not have any true strength.

This is only a cooperation between the Empire and the purple spirit, both of which are in an equal position. Furthermore, because of this cooperation, the sound emperor has brought along his own sincerity, after everyone has seen it, he will definitely be deeply moved and approved of the sincerity of the sound emperor. "

After Lu Han Yu finished speaking, she called out to the servants waiting outside: "All of you, bring out the sincerity of His Majesty the sound emperor."

With that, a group of servants holding exquisite embroidered boxes came in respectfully. Under Lu Han Yu's instructions, they opened the boxes and stood in a straight line in front of Feng Tian Yue and the others.

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