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Lu Han Yu picked out a brocade case with an icy-blue lid from the second follower on the left. Then, she presented the red pill that was emitting a refined aura to Feng Tian Yue and the others, "This is the supreme grade of spirit medicine that I mentioned to Lady Tianyue that night. There is a total of ten of these Heaven rank nine Spirit Replenishing Pills which are specially made for Sect Master Tian Hen's sickly body.

Feng Tian Yue did not even bother to glance at the pill, and coldly snorted: "You seem to have forgotten, that night I said, Heaven rank God Replenishing Pill, my Senior Brother does not need it, furthermore, no matter what kind of sincerity, I will not accept any cooperation that could take over the purple spirit Courtyard!"

Lu Han Yu stopped when she heard it, and scolded in her heart. This was truly a thing that did not know the seriousness of the situation.

Furthermore, this was a Heaven rank ninth dan that was about to enter the Divine level. He actually didn't want such rare spiritual medicines. He was truly a proud, stupid and stupid person!

Lu Han Yu clenched her fists and said: "I believe that the Lady Tianyue is an intelligent and sensible person. The current situation is extremely serious, and if we cannot use the best cultivation conditions to cultivate the strongest anti-demon martial spirit in the shortest amount of time, then who knows how many innocent people in this world will lose their lives in the hands of a brutal monster. Could it be that the Lady Tianyue is going to ignore the dangers of the innocent people in this world just because of an energy that doesn't exist?"

Feng Tian Yue took a step forward and said word by word when she heard this, "Then let me tell you, the future of the purple division will be filled with peerless talents that can suppress monsters. And you need to understand that a Sovereign Realm Spiritual Artist is much more valuable than those brute force spirit beasts or a bunch of average average average average average average Spiritual Artist.

"You ?" Lu Han Yu was once again agitated by Feng Tian Yue's attitude. This cripple was too hateful, too presumptuous, to actually use such an arrogant and tyrannical attitude towards her again. This was simply intolerable.

"This final bit of sincerity is for you. This is the number one master alchemist in the empire, Meng Yi, who spent sixty years of his life to make this Mai Molding Pill, the only two pills in the world. The previous one gave Szechwan a perfect Spirit Meridian Restructuring Pill after taking it, which accidentally caused his spirit veins to fracture, and thus, he believes that this Mai Molding Pill will have the best effect on the Lady Tianyue."

Although she was extremely furious at the fact that she had given the only Mysterious Life Marrow Molding Pill in the world to Feng Tian Yue, the cripple who repeatedly went against her, this was a condition used to lure everyone in purple spirit to hand over their sect.

Furthermore, with just a bit of power from the purple spirit, she wished that she could sacrifice her entire body to save the world this way. Even if Feng Tian Yue, this cripple, were to recover her spirit veins and obtain the heaven defying power, she would still rush to the front to help the Empire to resist the demons.

Most importantly, although a spirit vein made from medicine could cultivate the Spiritualism, it could only hold half of the power of a Mai Spiritual Pulse. She did not need to worry that after this cripple recuperated, his strength would be able to surpass her, a supreme Spiritual Artist of the third level of the sky spirit realm.

Feng Tian Yue loved art to turn her into a demon, and with the current state of the purple spirit, she would definitely be so happy to have a pill that could help her reconstruct her meridians. How could she possibly reject such a heaven-defying temptation?

All the deacons present looked at the Bone Marrow Molding Pill in Lu Han Yu's hand that was releasing the cold medicinal fragrance, and frowned, and all of their gazes landed on Feng Tian Yue.

He didn't know what kind of answer their Grand Preceptor's uncle would give when faced with such a pill that could help him cultivate his strength again. She would definitely reject it without any hesitation even if she was as proud as she was.

However, contrary to everyone's expectations, Feng Tian Yue actually did not reject the box that Lu Han Yu handed over to her that held the Meridian Rebirth Pill. On the contrary, after receiving it, she opened the cover and looked at it carefully in the depths of his eyes.

After looking at the pill for a long time, when Feng Tian Yue saw clearly what was so mysterious about it, she couldn't help but sigh. As expected of the number one master alchemist in the empire, this pill that was infused with eighty-four different types of medicines and had thirty different types of veins to repair true qi was indeed exquisite, causing people to sigh.

It was truly the best Meridian Forging Pills in the world.

Lu Han Yu looked at Feng Tian Yue who was holding the Mai Forging Pill, and could not turn her eyes away from the pill, as if she was sighing endlessly. She was certain in her heart that this cripple had taken a fancy to this pill.

She felt cold in her heart. She was certain that how could this person who was obsessed with becoming a devil with the Spiritualism be able to resist such a heaven-defying temptation.

However, so what if she took this Meridian Solidifying Pill? When she lost her value in the empire, she would definitely make her spit out all her shattered teeth!

When they looked at Feng Tian Yue again, their eyes were staring at the Meridian Reforming Pill with infatuation, as though they had been possessed by a devil, and had forgotten to wake up. After a long time, other than Tian Hen and Dong Huang Jing, everyone else in the purple spirit revealed anxious and worried expressions.

In their opinion, Feng Tian Yue had long loved this pellet to the core, and had only considered the price this pellet would have to pay, as he struggled and became entangled in thought.

Just when the purple spirit deacons were so worried that they almost couldn't control themselves, Feng Tian Yue withdrew her train of thought.

"The pill is of the highest quality. It's extremely rare, but what a pity ?" I don't need it either! "

Since her spirit vein wasn't truly crippled, she naturally didn't need it.

And the reason why she spent so much time to condense this pill was because she wanted to absorb the medicinal formula refined by this top-grade Meridian Sculpting Pill as well as her control over the fire during the calculation of the refinement. When she said those words, she had obviously grasped the subtlety within.

Now that she had mastered the method to refine the Meridian Restructuring Pill, even if she took a long time, she would still not be able to reach Master Meng Yi's level. It was enough for her to treat Amethyst Disciple's severely injured spirit veins while cultivating.

"You ?" Lu Han Yu fumed once again, she thought that accepting the pill was already a matter of course, but she suddenly rejected her idea, and then pushed the box containing the pill back in return. When she did that action, there was no hesitation and regret on her face.

She had only managed to get two of these Rebirth Mai Forging Pills that she had studied so hard for 60 years. Now she only had one supreme dan bead left in the world. She actually didn't want it.

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