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Without power, just by relying on their haughty bones, how could the bunch of lowly commoners like the purple spirit, who had no backing or power, fight against the Empire?

"Exactly, let Lord Heaven Protector use this pill." Yun He, who had been angered to the point that his face had flushed, finally couldn't hold it in anymore and came out to say it.

He just knew that it was impossible for Feng Tian Yue to stoop down so low as she did for this pill.

When Lu Han Yu heard Yun He's rude words, which were full of sarcasm, her face turned purple from anger. Knowing that there was no turning back, she finally tore off her mask.

"Don't refuse a toast and drink a forfeit. You have to understand, the entire Xi Yin's lands belong to the empire. As citizens of the empire, you will pay the price for your actions against the empire!"

"Besides, the supreme spiritual energy of the Ancient Spirit Mountain will never tolerate you useless trash wasting away!"

"Woman, water can hold a boat, and it can also overturn a boat. Go back and tell the ruler above you, if he dares to use his tyrannical power against purple spirit, he will also pay a price, and this is a price he cannot afford!"

Just when Feng Tian Yue and the rest of the purple spirit were about to make a move on him due to her outrageous hatred.

A voice so cold that there was no warmth in it, said these words.

Lu Han Yu could not look straight into the dark eyes of Dong Huang Jing when she said those words.

Even though he was furious, he realized that he did not have the courage to be angry at this Ice God whose aura could crush the heavens.

Thinking of this, his heart was full of anger.

This Dong Huang Jing really had great courage. She dared to say words that were on the contrary of destroying the empire, and even dared to threaten the sound emperor with words that were full of respect.

He wanted to say a few more harsh words to save his prestige and release a few more waves of pressure to warn the people of purple spirit.

However, Feng Tian Yue arrogantly rejected her attitude, and interfered with Dong Huang Jing, the cold faced Ice God who was not to be trifled with.

He wanted to let her understand that there was no chance of turning the tides at all.

In the face of Dong Huang Jing, she no longer dared to rashly make any other violent or arrogant movements. It must be known just how strong a person who could control the reverse spiritual energy would be.

Moreover, the powerful aura of the dark suppression was actually a level higher than the one on the Imperial Palace's throne.

How could she have such a dangerous and rebellious thought? Was she mad with anger?

"Humph, all of you, take care of yourselves!" Shaking his head and dispersing his thoughts, Lu Han Yu looked at the people of purple spirit, unwilling and angry, he snorted and left.

After Lu Han Yu left, Feng Tian Yue and the rest all looked at Dong Huang Jing, he did not say anything, and her words shook the sky.

However, Lu Han Yu, this arrogant person who was proud of his own identity and strength, in front of a person who was arrogant and powerful like him, what kind of spring onion could he be considered?

This was a classic example of the law of the jungle, where strength was respected.

After today's incident, if it was said that everyone still harbored some hatred and dissatisfaction towards this person who had such an empty eye in the sky, then after this incident, everyone's admiration and reverence towards Dong Huang Jing became deeper.

After the end of the meeting, and after eating dinner, Feng Tian Yue suddenly thought of the gorgeous man that she brought back from the bottom of the mountain yesterday, and decided to visit the Shining Star Tower.

Tian Hen was worried that Feng Tian Yue, who had walked alone after her identity was revealed, would actually let Dong Huang Jing escort her there. What was even more unexpected, was that Dong Huang Jing actually did not reject Dong Huang Jing's request to protect her as she proceeded towards the Shining Star Tower!

The night wind blew gently, Feng Tian Yue and Dong Huang Jing walked together through the crowded streets, attracting the attention of countless disciples.

"Look, the Ice God Dong Huang Jing is actually walking together with Feng Tian Yue, and is even walking so close to him. Is there something wrong with my eyes?" The group of female disciples cried out in alarm.

"Yeah, I heard that the clown is the person that Master Xing Ce cares about the most, and right now, even the heaven defying and cold Dong Huang Jing is willing to come close to her. This is simply heaven defying, no, I really don't know what kind of magical power she has ? ?"

Another group of women muttered, their eyes burning with jealousy.

As for Feng Tian Yue and Yue Yang, after walking through the bustling area, they had already reached a quiet path.

Using his mind to check his surroundings, he confirmed that no one was lurking around to eavesdrop. Feng Tian Yue who had been walking silently the entire time, could not help but ask the person beside him: "You don't want to, but say something to me?"

What exactly did he think of her threatening to take Tian Hen as her master? Could it be that he didn't have anything good to say?

Upon hearing this, Dong Huang Jing cast a sidelong glance at her, and then said without any emotion: "Everyone has a secret that they do not want others to know, this young master has it, could it be, that some people do not have it?"

What do you mean some people don't have it? Feng Tian Yue choked, these words were insinuating, could it be that ?

"What do you know?" Feng Tian Yue frowned, if he really knew the secret on her body, then this person would be too terrifying and dangerous.

"You just need to remember that I am not interested, and have spent a lot of effort to do something that would harm the purple spirit, and have not tried to threaten the entire Upper Spiritual Academy at all. Thus, I will not hold back on your threats against me, but neither will I try to explain." You just need to remember that I am not interested, and have spent a lot of effort to do something that would harm the purple spirit, and have also not tried to do anything that would affect the entire Upper Spiritual Academy.

These extremely clear words left Feng Tian Yue speechless. She did not know which of her tendons were wrong, and she continued to ask without fear of death: "Then your body ? ?"

"I said that it is my business, you just need to focus on what you want to do and what you should do. As a condition for me to continue staying in purple spirit, I will do my best to cooperate wherever purple spirit needs me. Therefore, you don't need to have any useless precautions or presumptuous guesses from me, just trying to guess my intentions will only cause you to seek trouble. "

After he finished speaking, he closed his lips and did not say anything else.

Feng Tian Yue was lost in thought. What kind of person was this, even though she was clearly extremely mysterious and cunning, she used a language without any trace of deceit to tell her that he did not have any plans to threaten him or the purple spirit at all.

Even if everything he said was true, he, who had no intention to threaten anyone, what exactly was he doing in the purple spirit?

After thinking about it, he had already reached the Shining Star Tower entrance. Just as he walked in, he was stopped by a guard with a clear and delicate face.

Was it really because she was a cripple and the purple spirit was a cripple that he did not give her face and stopped her from doing so?

However, this time, it was Feng Tian Yue who was more sensitive.

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