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The young and tender disciple did not stop Feng Tian Yue because he looked down on her. On the contrary, he was extremely fearful and afraid of the arrogant and domineering woman and the cold-faced Ice God behind her.

But when he just arrived today, the guards here had already warned him that, other than High Lord Xing Ce and the Master, anyone else would have to stop them from entering the Shining Star Tower. Only after receiving the report would they be allowed to enter.

"Please wait for a moment, I'll send someone over right away ?" The young and tender disciple said while trembling in fear after being affected by Feng Tian Yue's might.

Just as he spoke the word 'announcement', a hard fist smashed onto his head. At the same time, an angry voice rang out.

Didn't Zhi Zun Xing Ce tell you guys about it already? Grand Tutor Tian Yue wants to enter the Shining Star Tower, no one can stop you at any time, did your memories get eaten by dogs? "

Hearing the guard disciple's words, the young disciple hastily apologized to Feng Tian Yue and Feng Tian Yue, and invited the two in.

At the same time, he muttered to himself that he had only just arrived to guard the mansion, and no one had the time to explain to him. If he were to stop someone that he shouldn't have, why don't they blame him?

However, it was said that Feng Tian Yue was the most important person to the Honorable God.

Otherwise, why would she, who didn't even have the right to enter the highest level of Other Sects s, be willing to go to the purple spirit's Discarded Sect?

After Feng Tian Yue entered the Shining Star Tower's Gate, she discovered that the person beside him was following him in without leaving even an inch, without any intention of stopping. She then said: "Once we're here, you can go back first, no need to waste time on me, I have something to discuss with Xing Ce alone, and might need a long time before I can leave. So, you don't need to wait here, on the way back to the courtyard, I can take care of myself."

Firstly, the reason she came to the Shining Star Tower was to visit the unconscious man she brought back with her, and secondly, to reminisce with Xing Ce.

How could she allow a third person who was unrelated to be present at such an occasion? Furthermore, as for those secrets that only she and Xing Ce knew, it was impossible for her to share them with this mysterious person.

"You want to leave my sight?" Dong Huang Jing looked down at her from above, and said without the slightest hesitation, "There isn't even a door."

Uh... Feng Tian Yue was dumbfounded, what kind of tempo was this? He actually wants to follow Shining Star Tower, is this an escort or a surveillance?

Without waiting for Feng Tian Yue to understand, that person, who couldn't be refused, had already walked into the main hall of Shining Star Tower on her own accord.

"Tianyue, why are you here?" When he entered the main hall, Xing Ce was in front of the desk, dealing with matters of the sky, and was very surprised and surprised to see Feng Tian Yue enter.

He immediately walked over with the scroll in his hand, and his eyes contained a hint of unconcealable happiness. However, when he saw the person at Feng Tian Yue's side, his eyes became somewhat deeper, "Junior Brother Feng Jing ? "He's here too."

Feng Tian Yue saw the sudden change in emotions on Xing Ce's face, and actually explained in an uneasy manner: "Senior Brother was afraid that I would encounter some danger on my way to Shining Star Tower, that's why I asked Junior Master Feng to protect me."

"So that's how it is." The profoundness in his eyes did not dissipate. He only looked at Feng Tian Yue's anxious expression and explained seriously before changing her expression and asking, "Did you specially come to visit me on that trip of the Moon?"

Feng Tian Yue could read Xing Ce's childish expression of jealousy and awkwardness. In order to prevent this sensitive child from getting hurt again, she nodded her head sincerely and said, "I came specially to see Xing Ce. I also came to visit the young master that I brought back from the bottom of the Ancient Spirit Mountain yesterday."

The corner of Xing Ce's mouth raised slightly as his smile grew warm: "The fact that Heavenly Moon specifically came to visit me made me feel very happy, so I don't have to worry about that gongzi. Even though I suffered from two heavy shocks last night, after consuming the Soul Suppressing Breath pill, I am fine.

As Xing Ce spoke, the warm smile on his lips that he had not seen for a long time caused Feng Tian Yue to become a little intoxicated with himself. After he recovered, he was surprised: "That Young Master was in the Heavenly Cry Pavilion? And he is here to discuss some important matters with Senior Brother Tian Ji, then he is ? "

"He is the Pavilion Master of the Hong Ming Sword Pavilion, Bai Xiang Han. He is also an esteemed guest specially invited by the Master to be his guest. It's just that last night, he encountered danger on his way here and you coincidentally encountered him." Faced with Feng Tian Yue's surprise, Xing Ce replied.

The pavilion master of the Red Borer Sword Pavilion, Bai Xiang Han, was actually him! Xi Yin's number one sword arts genius, had reached the level of the Sword Emperor at the age of twenty-four!

After knowing the identity of the person who came yesterday, Feng Tian Yue was even more shocked. No wonder when he saw Feng Tian Yue dressed in purple spirit s and knew that she was the Spiritual Artist of the Overlord, he would say that it was a coincidence.

However, Tian Ji had invited the Sword Emperor Zhi Zun, but even his most trusted Xing Ce did not call him to participate in the discussion.

Furthermore, Bai Xiang Han was the most respected Zhi Zun in the martial world. However, her image was a little different from what she had expected.

Leaving aside the fact that the clothes were so gorgeous and dazzling, its cowardice was such that it could be scared senseless by the little demon fox's cute appearance, fainting on the spot twice. It was worthy of being known as the most untouchable weirdo of the sword world in Xi Yin!

Seeing that Feng Tian Yue was still surprised at Bai Xiang Han's identity, Xing Ce couldn't help but say: "Although talking about others behind his back isn't a noble act, after making contact with me for the past few days, I realize that Master of Red Borer is really a person who seems to be amiable, but in truth, it's very difficult to get close to him."

"Is it such a person? Isn't that the same as Xing Ce's personality? " Feng Tian Yue heard and replied without thinking. Seeing Xing Ce's expression froze for a moment, he suddenly changed his words, "Uh, I was joking, Xing Ce is the most unique, the most gentle and friendly person in the world, plus Bai Xiang Han is so timid, how can he be the same as Xing Ce."

Looking at her taunting look, Xing Ce could not help but smile. Her smile was straight to the heart, and seemed to be very warm.

That's right, the last sentence she said was definitely not a compliment. In her heart, the Xing Ce who was always easily toyed with by her, was truly the most gentle and amiable person in the world.

He didn't look like the person beside him, whose eyes were always in the sky. From the looks of it, he looked like an ant, and he even looked like a big boss with 285 yuan in his eyes.

What was even more hateful was that he didn't respect her privacy at all and wanted to follow her every step of the way. This was hateful.

After Feng Tian Yue and Xing Ce talked about the various matters of the sect, the sky outside had already darkened.

The two of them had not been close for more than ten years, even though they were suppressed by Dong Huang Jing.

The deep emotions that had been weighing down on him for many years still burst out uncontrollably.

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