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"I want to use the power of Spirit Searching to find out the information of the people that you are troubled with from your consciousness. Is this possible?"

Using the power of Spirit Searching, help her analyze Dong Huang Jing's information? Since Fairy Spirit was willing to help her solve the mystery that she wanted to find out the most, she naturally couldn't compare to it.

What he did not expect was that this aquiline, before scouting, would politely ask for her opinion. It was much more respectful than the tyrannical me, Dong Huang Jing, who despised others.

Uh... Thinking that someone as meticulous as him would be discovered by the Celestial Spirit again, Feng Tian Yue no longer dared to indulge in his fantasies anymore. He nodded and replied, "Of course I can."

After saying that, a soothing flow of Spirit Rest entered his mind like a trickle of water. After a while, that stream of Dao intent withdrew.

The celestial spirit said, "From what I can determine, this person will not be a threat to your sect, nor will he harm you. Not only that, in many ways, he will also be your help, so you don't have to worry about this matter. All you have to do is not interfere with his actions and words, just keep your distance."

Feng Tian Yue was surprised upon hearing this, she never thought that even aquiline could determine that Dong Huang Jing was not some dangerous scheme, but she still did not know her purpose in coming to the light.

Was it for the A wind rises from the garden's reverse spiritual energy? Or was it to go against Xing Ce, the first ruler of the Upper Sky?

Recalling that Xing Ce was her danger, this sort of provocative speech at the very least let her know that he was somewhat dissatisfied or even hostile towards Xing Ce.

But if he knew the secret of her body, then how would he explain this question? Could it be that his strength was actually above hers, and even Tian Ji's?

Receiving her thoughts, the fairy continued, "Even if he knows this secret, it will not affect you at all, and his sincerity is also what you should listen to."

She had listened to his advice, but she simply could not trust such a man of unknown origins and mysterious origins.

When Feng Tian Yue finished her thoughts, she suddenly realized that the Celestial Spirit seemed to sigh in silence. That sigh was barely audible, but the Spirit Rest that came from the upper levels of the Sky Region suddenly fluctuated, it was like the vibration of a long wave.

"Since I won't make you let go of your guard against him with my cryptic words, then I will reveal a bit. His origins are the same as mine. "

What, it's the same as a fairy, it's actually like this, Dong Huang Jing is actually a fairy! Feng Tian Yue was completely shocked.

If it wasn't a fairy, how could she have such a heaven-defying talent for Spiritualism?

If it weren't for the Celestial Spirits, how could they have lowered their cultivation and controlled the reverse spiritual energy when their bodies were so weak?

If it wasn't a celestial spirit, how could it have such arrogance?

However, why would a deity's spirit descend with a mortal body and come to the purple spirit. Most importantly, why would his body become so weak?

Facing this chain of questions, the Celestial spirit seemed to sigh once again. Feng Tian Yue thought that the Celestial spirit would once again reveal a secret that would shock her. But what she didn't expect was that the Celestial spirit would actually answer her in a different way.

"That's all I can say, I can't reveal too much. Even if it's the spirit of a higher realm, it's bound by the laws of space and doesn't have the freedom to speak freely. I don't have much time left today, so I'm returning to the most important issue."

"When I was investigating your consciousness, I found the Soul Eroding Parasites that were living in your brain. These two Gu worms have become a huge threat that you have to deal with. When the two Gu combine, your blood must be filled with bloodthirsty larvae."

"And the pair of parasites in your head, are made from the Supreme Evil Secret Technique of the Sky Demon Forbidden Technique, the Absolute Evil Gu. They are always looking for an opportunity to devour your soul, and before I think of a way to remove them, you must be vigilant against them."

So the soul Gu in her head was actually refined from the secret techniques of the Sky Demon Forbidden Spell, and it was even waiting for an opportunity to devour her soul?

Tian Ji really had such a high ability, such a venomous heart!

In any case, he wanted her to die with that monster, never to reincarnate.

No wonder her strength was so strong, but she was previously sealed so tightly by Tian Ji's Nine Ghost Lock technique. So it turned out that he had already mastered a few Sky Demon Secret Techniques that were aimed at the Death Acupuncture Point of the Demon Spirit.

From the looks of it, Tian Ji was the strongest opponent that could suppress and obstruct her.

"Time is up, and I must leave. Be careful in everything you do, and burn your body when you are too tough. This is my sincere warning to you. Remember, when you are resisting, you must protect yourself first."

At this moment, the Celestial Spirit warned.

After speaking, the figure of light disappeared, and the aura of consciousness from the Realm of Flame Heaven upper realm completely vanished.

Feng Tian Yue stayed in the realm of consciousness alone, staring at the direction where the illusionary light disappeared. She was still unable to completely digest the words that the immortal spirit had said tonight.

It would be too easy to break, his body would be scorched by flames, and he would also have Dong Huang Jing's true identity ?

The former referred to her unyielding nature and the burning flames within her internal organs.

As for Dong Huang Jing's identity as a deity, it still made her feel shocked.

Although she had confirmed that he was a celestial spirit, all of her previous doubts had been answered.

However, first, Dong Huang Jing had been born into the Immortal World and later, when he was in deep immortal realms, she had been saved.

In that case, the celestial spirits from the Sky Realm also joined the battle to calm the evil spirits.

Did this situation represent the hope of the human race, or was it a side reaction? The monster was extremely difficult to fight against, and it was an extremely dangerous situation that the human race could not fight against.

After exiting the realm of consciousness, Feng Tian Yue's gaze couldn't help but once again pass the wooden window in her room and look towards the A wind rises from the garden.

It was hard to believe that there was a supreme immortal spirit that came from the Heaven Realm in such a desolate and dark place.

It was no wonder that the Demon Sealing Pagoda, which had been unsettled all this time, had suddenly become abnormally quiet.

That was because she still remembered the first time she saw him that day, standing at the peak of the Demon Sealing Pagoda.

And that night, she didn't feel his presence in the A wind rises from the garden, because he wasn't in the courtyard, but in the Demon Sealing Pagoda!

Just that, since Dong Huang Jing did not plan to reveal her identity as an immortal spirit, she would pretend that she did not know.

After finding out his true identity and background, Feng Tian Yue's suspicion of his existence as a threat to the purple spirit dispelled by quite a bit.

On the morning of the next day, Feng Tian Yue and Tian Hen received an invitation letter from the Cloud Mist Hall. The Cloud Mist Hall's council was a gathering of all four sect Manager s.

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