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Back then, the ruler of the Wind Spirit Empire, the Great Saint Emperor, realized that humans were far from being the opponent of these extremely powerful monsters. If they were to continue fighting, the humans would only end up in a perilous situation, even if the Imperial Palace possessed the Heavenly Demon Forbidden Book, a Heavenly Demon which could heavily injure the monsters.

The Sky Demon Forbidden Book came from the mysterious realm of the highest realm, and it contained the supreme power to fight against monsters. However, with human knowledge and comprehension, they were simply unable to grasp this power.

So, even if it could cause serious damage to the monster's deterrence, it could only be relaxed for a short period of time.

For the sake of humanity's lifeline, for the sake of the billions of citizens in the continent that wanted to survive, Emperor Hong Dian proposed an armistice for Mo Tian.

The condition was that they would voluntarily cede half of the vast border region of the Xi Yin Continent to the demon, and from then on, they would coexist peacefully and fight against each other.

It was unknown if it was because he still had his last bit of knowledge, or because he was afraid of the power of the Sky Demon Forbidden Manual, or because he was considering the possibility of receiving a heavy punishment from the heavens due to the slaughter. Mo Tian agreed to the grand emperor's request for a truce.

However, no one expected that Mo Tian would go back on his words and break his promise. When the Monarch Hong was signing the truce agreement with him in good faith, Mo Tian turned against him and massacred all the members of the royal family, including the Duke Huang Family, and used his tyrannical power to snatch the Sky Demon Forbidden Book away. He even burned the entire Wind Spirit Imperial Palace to ashes.

The Wind Spirit Empire, which had existed for thousands of years, had been heavily damaged and collapsed. The Wind Spirit Empire was now rebuilt from the foundation of the original palace.

Different from the previous generation of empires that practiced benevolence, the current sound emperor of the empires carried out tyrannical and centralized power to conquer the world with absolute force.

At the same time, they held extreme hopes for him. They hoped that under his domineering and iron-blooded army, the Xi Yin Continent would be able to fight off the demons and return to its former glory.

Speaking of demons, although Mo Tian was an extremely cold-blooded and brutal existence, the one who made people feel fear from him, he was still that tyrannical dragon, Long Ya.

Amongst the demons, what caused the most headache was that amongst the demon dragon race, aside from the Monster King bloodline, there was nothing else that could resist it, and the King of the Demons, Long Ya, was a heaven defying existence without any laws.

This Spirit Demon dragon destroyed the supreme Spiritualism army from the previous generation, and furthermore, it only used its Thousand Li Control Technique.

Ever since he was born, there had never been anyone who had the power to face him head on. Not to mention, no one had ever seen his true appearance.

No matter in which space or era, a dragon seemed to be the most invincible and feared existence.

As the King of Demon Dragons, Long Ya's strength was far above all other monsters, and even the King of Thousand Demons, Mo Tian, wasn't able to shake him in the slightest.

It was said that with just a flick of its finger, the Tyrannosaurus Rex could obliterate a city. It was also said that with its fearsome brutality, it had slaughtered the three cities along the Sang River and the hundreds of thousands of lives in the realm of the rebels.

No one had ever seen the real body of this Tyrant Dragon, and no one knew what kind of three heads and six arms he had.

So, even if this Bloodthirsty Tyrant Dragon had come to your side, you would not discover in the slightest what sort of heaven-defying and horrifying danger you were facing.

Thinking about that, Feng Tian Yue couldn't help but shiver.

It was as if that tyrannosaurus rex that no one knew the real face of had really appeared by her side, and she did not notice at all.

Looking at the scene of the meeting, the center of everyone's discussion had indeed shifted from the other monsters to this supreme being, the Demonic Power Heaven Defying Tyrant Dragon.

"Although Long Ya's demonic powers are heaven defying, causing all demons to submit, it is said that since ancient times, the Monster King bloodline has been choosing the husband of a child through the use of the Mandate of Heaven." Although Long Ya's demonic powers are heaven defying, causing all demons to submit, it is said that since ancient times, the Monster King's bloodline has been choosing the husband of a child through the use of the Mandate of Heaven.

"That's right, if we can attract these two monsters to fight for the throne and cause both of them to suffer losses, it would be a good thing for us. However, Long Ya, this Tyrant Dragon who surpasses the heavens, already possesses the position of Zhi Zun among the monsters, I'm afraid that it would not fight internally for the sake of a demon king with September's golden mark. If these two monsters were to join hands, the consequences would be dire, but as matters stand, the identity of the two monsters are now a mystery that cannot be broken. It's truly a headache."

After these words, from the disciples who had participated in the extermination of the demon clan, an extremely beautiful and arrogant and self-confident female spirit arcanist walked out.

Chang Qi said, "This time, not only did Meng Li take care of that group of demons that did not know the depth of heaven and earth, we also obtained a completely unheard-of secret. It is said that Long Ya, this Tyrant Dragon, has always disregarded the will of heaven and openly colluded with Mo Tian, and there are even rumors that he had long replaced the hidden master of the September Gold Scar Sect as Mo Tian's fixed son-in-law.

"It's just that, I find it hard to imagine, that such a cruel and cold monster like Long Ya, does he really have true feelings for Mo Tian? If that's really the case, then after Mo Tian was cursed to death by the Sky Demon Forbidden Book, why didn't he take any action whatsoever to take revenge? Whether it's because he doesn't care or because he's accumulating energy to prepare a destructive revenge, if the latter is true, then this world ? "

Long Ya disregarded the existence of the Spirit Demon King Mo Tian? Furthermore, someone as arrogant and brutal as him, in front of Mo Tian, had actually turned into someone who listened to everything he said?

No wonder, with his arrogance and strength, he was willing to submit to her and let her do whatever she wanted.

When everyone heard this and thought of this, they all revealed expressions of shock.

Feng Tian Yue herself never thought that the extremely arrogant and cold-blooded Long Ya and the cruel and evil Mo Tian would actually have such an unexpected secret relationship.

If this was true, because Long Ya had not made a move for so many years, and if it really were to explode, then how would humans be able to withstand his revenge for losing their most loved ones.

Seeing the worry on everyone's faces, Lu Han Yu said with extreme arrogance and disdain: "Mo Tian died suddenly because of a piece of Celestial Demon Inscription, it shows how weak he is, and the real Sky Demon Forbidden Manual has already been moved away, this kind of secret manual is enough to make half the monsters in the world not dare to move recklessly out of fear. I don't dare to guard other nameless courtyards, but the top and Szechwan have groomed so many peerless Spiritual Artist over the years, if these monsters that are still alive, how can humans not be their opponents?

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