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Towards Lu Han Yu's arrogant and confidence in herself, Feng Tian Yue was only speechless. Not to mention Long Ya, the ultimate BOSS who was invincible and invincible.

Four Great Demon Sovereigns, Ten Clans Defiance Ancient Demon, Heaven Swallowing Twin Evil, Nine Lives Illusory Demons ? These heaven defying bosses of all sizes had yet to show their faces and were already saying that humans could fight against monsters. This was simply unthinkable.

Other than Feng Tian Yue, all the other female spirit arcanist in the arena, with Chang Qi as the leader, gave Lu Han Yu a kind of extreme respect and praise towards the self-confident and forceful woman.

Those male disciples were even more convinced by Lu Han Yu's elegant and beautiful appearance, revealing infatuation that had lost their souls from being intoxicated.

Seeing that, Lu Han Yu's eyes were filled with anger, she arrogantly raised her head, and glanced at Feng Tian Yue, whose face was covered with dirt, despised by all, and did not dare to speak a single word, the disdain in her eyes grew even more.

"Yes, we have such an outstanding, why would we not be able to meet with the demons? In the Upper Sky, there is the Heavenly defying Zhi Zun, led by Junior Master Xing Ce, and in the Szechwan, there is the peerless genius Prince Xiaolan, who is revered by the whole world. How can those beasts, which have no leader, talk about life and death, be able to turn the tides, but Crown Prince Xiaolan is too noble and mysterious, as the Head of the Szechwan Spiritual Academy, I do not have the chance to meet him."

"Prince Xiaolan and Xing Ce are both absolute geniuses, but if the two of them work together, they will definitely intimidate all the monsters. I wonder when Prince Xiaolan will reveal his identity to the people of the world, it's really too worrisome."

At this time, Feng Tian Yue heard two long word female spirit arcanist's discussions.

Although these two female spirit arcanist s believed that the current human powers could fight against the spirit beasts, the spirit beasts that had lost their Demon Kings were just like Chang Qi, who were as naive and invincible as they could be.

However, the person that was mentioned later on made Feng Tian Yue have no choice but to raise her concerns and curiosity.

Crown Prince Xiaolan, other than Feng Tian Yue, there was only one other unparalleled Spirit Genius in the world who had the talent to match Xing Ce. He was the only son of the sound emperor and was also known as the supreme being.

It had to be said that the sound emperor protected his only son well, and only proclaimed his name without revealing his identity. Although this announced the existence of the crown prince's bloodline, it prevented the crown prince, who carried the fate of the empire, from being assassinated by the demon.

Returning to the arena, although Tian Ji did not agree with Lu Han Yu and Chang Qi's contempt for monsters, he did not reprimand them because he did not want to damage the young Demon Spiritualist's confidence in resisting demons.

He then turned his gaze to Xing Ce and said, "Xing Ce, summarize the situation of the demon that is going to Meng Li Mountain City."

"Yes, Master." Xing Ce stood out, wearing white clothes like snow, his black hair like a waterfall, as if he was still an exiled immortal that did not know the world.

"This time, Xing Ce had been ordered by Meng Li to eliminate the demons of Calamity Mountain for three years, and it was fortunate that his mission had not been completed in the first three years, but this experience also made Xing Ce realize the importance of hunting demons. There were thousands of demons, and after the fall of Mo Tian's Demon King, the group of demons became even more fearless and fearless.

"No matter what, once the monster of Meng Li Mountain is killed, it will definitely deal a deep blow to other monsters. Those monsters that did not commit evil deeds, because of the previous example, they will be restrained. This time, they will cooperate with the Szechwan and use their best two trump cards, so the result will naturally be different."

After listening to Xing Ce's summary, Venerable Onyx said with a strange smile on his usually stern and dignified face, "Xing Tong, get someone to bring up the spoils of war obtained from killing the Monster of Meng Li."

Xing Tong received the order and left. Not long later, Xing Tong led a group of disciples holding red wooden discs as they walked in. The discs were covered with red gauze, and the items inside could not be seen clearly.

"In that case, since Han Yu is not talented, I shall explain it on behalf of everyone here." Seeing that, Lu Han Yu took the initiative to ask.

Before Tian Ji nodded his head, he looked at Feng Tian Yue meaningfully. Lu Han Yu also caught her gaze, but she couldn't understand why Tian Ji wanted to observe that cripple's expression.

Receiving Tian Ji's gaze and the sickening stench in the air, Feng Tian Yue already knew that the thing in the disk was definitely directly related to the demon body of the demon.

Tian Ji, on the other hand, observed her expression because he wanted to see what kind of reaction he, who was in the Demonic Spirit Possession, would have when he saw the demon again.

After Tian Ji signaled them, Lu Han Yu stopped in front of the frontmost disciple and removed the red cloth that was covering the disc. Immediately, a fresh and bloody object appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

Looking at the bloody and endlessly beating thing, Lu Han Yu introduced it calmly: "This is the Mountain Demon's Heart, it is obtained from the bodies of a hundred living Mountain Demons, after being shelved for such a long time, it still pulsates, showing just how strong the life force is. This junior has specially brought it back for everyone to study."

"Dig into the heart of a demon. When we take the heart, are all those monsters still alive?" Some disciples who had never participated in the Demon Execution came out trembling and asked when they saw that bloody heart.

Lu Han Yu felt that this idiotic question was extremely funny and disdainful, but she couldn't remain silent and answer even when she was afraid of her own identity.

He then said patiently, "Of course he's alive, and he's also very clear-headed. Otherwise, how could he be alive to dig for me? Let me tell you this, to control these monsters and dig out their demon hearts, you have to be fast, ruthless, accurate, first grab the back of their backs and keep them from moving, then cut open a hole with your blade, pull with your fingers, and remember to use your deepest and fiercest hand strength to dig out a demon heart that is completely intact and can guarantee that after the monster loses its demon heart, it won't die immediately, and will have to go through a thorough bone-piercing struggle and scream before dying. "

Lu Han Yu's expression was normal as she depicted the scene when she was digging out the Demon Heart without restraint. Firstly, it was because she had grown up in a slaughter training that was even more brutal than this. Secondly, she wanted to use this method to establish her image as the tyrant in the hearts of the people in the world, making them more respectful and fearful of her.

Most importantly, she wanted to let that cripple Feng Tian Yue know just how ruthless and tyrannical the opponent she had been opposing time and time again was.

Hearing Lu Han Yu's words, the young disciples who had grown up in the spirit academy's greenhouse and never experienced such a brutal slaughter all paled from the shock. At the same time, the gazes they shot at Lu Han Yu contained a deeper reverence.

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