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As soon as he did, the entire audience went into an uproar.

Seeing that, Xing Ce was startled, and immediately wanted to rush forward to stop them, but he was blocked by a gust of wind, he looked up towards where the energy was coming from, and met Tian Ji's cold and stern gaze.

Tian Hen was also shocked, but was also suppressed by a wave of energy and was unable to move easily.

At the same time, a voice filled with sarcasm rang out, "Let's watch this show. Our sect would like to see how the pupils of red smithing will react to her.

Hearing Tian Ji's words, Tian Hen's face showed grief and indignation. Was Tian Ji intentionally pushing Feng Tian Yue into a pit of fire? Was it because the child was too hard, too out of his control?

When Feng Tian Yue heard Lu Han Yu's words, and received the sight of her putting Demon Eye directly into her eyes, her heart was filled with rage. The remaining rationality made her angry and impatient towards Lu Han Yu, but at the same time, she suppressed herself with force and lowered her head to not look at what was said to be the secret of his body.

Seeing Lu Han Yu's actions, and seeing Feng Tian Yue trying her best to lower her head, trying her best not to raise her eyes, the reverence and fear, started to dissipate.

"Damn it, in the entire hall, only she, who has never seen the real world, was scared into such a state by a few dead monsters. She doesn't have the guts to act so recklessly, not staying in the Teiqian obediently and coming out to make a fool of herself!"

"That's right, and we're still making the people of the Szechwan laugh. If this goes on, then what kind of power does the Sky and Earth still have in the eyes of the world?"

A group of seniors who weren't afraid of trouble started to curse in a low voice, hating the fact that they couldn't chase Feng Tian Yue, this trash who had disgraced herself, away.


Just as everyone was beginning to despise him, an extremely sharp voice exploded in anger.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden angry shout. They never thought that Feng Tian Yue would actually dare to speak to Lu Han Yu, this tyrannical and extremely strong Spirit Controlling Heaven, in such an impolite tone. (TL: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU))

However, when combined with her lowered head and trembling body, she was definitely scared senseless and had said something that did not make sense.

Lu Han Yu was even more furious after hearing that. This cripple, was already so scared, yet she still dared to put on an act, and still dared to tell her to scram?

If she didn't let her soul dissipate and her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth bleed today, then she wouldn't be able to vent her resentment!

Feng Tian Yue could sense Lu Han Yu's malice and anger. Smelling the pungent smell that was almost close to the tip of her nose, Feng Tian Yue reached out her hand in fury to refuse.

When she extended her finger, it was met with an extremely strong binding force. Lu Han Yu was using his internal energy to restrict her movements, and it seemed like Lu Han Yu was going to go against her completely!

Thinking of this, his pupils constricted. With a livid expression, he spat out two words, "You're courting death!"

Hearing that, Lu Han Yu trembled, but Feng Tian Yue's eyes had already lit up in anger.

The murderous glare in his eyes was like the fiercest of Hell's Asura's. It was so terrifying that everyone present could not help but be shocked.

Just as the pair of murderous black pupils were raised up in rage, the eyes in the disk opened!

"Oh my god!" "What's going on, how is this possible?"

Shocked exclamations sounded from the surroundings. Lu Han Yu also widened her eyes in disbelief.

No, impossible, it's a coincidence, it must be a coincidence. She was clearly an ugly trash that made people despise her and had no Spirit Rest at all.

In order to prove that it was really a coincidence, Lu Han Yu moved her hand that was holding the disk towards the people around him.

However, there was a powerful force holding her hand in place, causing her to be unable to move even an inch. That power, had actually come from the pupils of red smithing!

The pupils of red smithing had actually bound her arm, which was trying to change targets. From the looks of it, the reason why the pupils of red smithing opened its eyes and reacted, was actually for this cripple!

Feng Tian Yue clearly knew that she could not look at the Demon Eye that could see through her secrets. However, the moment that Demon Eye opened, a strong suction force rushed into her mind, causing her to be unable to control her movements.

Therefore, in the next second, Feng Tian Yue's murderous, angry black eyes and that Scarlet Blood Demon Eye looked at each other. That bottomless, yet all-seeing Scarlet Blood Demon Eye sucked her in like two whirlpools.

Her pupils violently quivered, and a huge wave of uneasiness gushed out from her heart. However, she did not want to avoid it at all.

This was because she had a feeling that as long as she kept looking straight into his eyes, she would be able to see some deceived truths from those blood-red demon eyes.

Everyone was stunned by this scene. Just a moment ago, they were trembling in fear, but now, they could actually make eye contact with the pupils of red smithing to such an extent.

As time passed, the pupils grew larger and larger, and so did the eyes. Gradually, information seemed to emerge within the pupils, but it was too dense, and too complicated to decipher.

Just as Feng Tian Yue was thinking about what kind of truth was this, and how could she decipher the answer, something unexpected happened!

When the Scarlet Blood Demon Eye saw through the deepest secret on Feng Tian Yue, it jumped about crazily as if it received a huge stimulation. It jumped around violently as though it had seen something extremely terrifying, and the surrounding people were so shocked by this scene that they couldn't even react anymore.

"Bam!" Just at this moment, there was a loud sound, and the Scarlet Demon Eye actually exploded!

Pow! When the disc landed on the ground, Lu Han Yu screamed in shock, and retreated a few steps back with her face pale white. She looked at Feng Tian Yue in shock.

The people around him were also shocked by this sudden turn of events, and immediately after, all the people around him scattered in all directions, but a mysterious figure suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking the Demon Eye's exploding demon blood and flesh, that person was Xing Tong!

Everyone in the hall was so shocked that their faces turned pale. No one would have thought that the Scarlet Blood Demon Eye would be so scornful that it would not even spare a glance at everyone, but would instead explode in fright in front of Feng Tian Yue.

What was going on? How could a cripple, who had lost all of his spirit energy, possess such a strong power?

Or could it be that this cripple was really hiding some kind of terrifying secret?

The people who reacted and began to guess in their hearts. Lu Han Yu's eyes that were trembling in shock also lit up with curiosity, the Manager s in the palace all looked at Feng Tian Yue in shock.

Feng Tian Yue turned to look at the side, in a daze at the profound figure that teleported in front of him, and her face was stained with the flesh and blood of the exploding pupil that she had blocked for her.

They never thought that Xing Tong, whom she had previously laughed at, would actually shield in front of her with a protective posture the moment his eyes exploded.

"Thank you very much."

Keeping the killing intent in her eyes, Feng Tian Yue said a word of thanks to the person beside her who was defending her against the demon blood and flesh, even if she did not need to protect him at all!

The figure dressed in black clothes trembled when she heard this and left with an awkward expression. She did not understand her position in his heart.

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