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Tian Hen was infected as she firmly nodded her head and said: "Now that you have refined the demon spirit in your body to the utmost limit, after returning to the sect, Senior Brother's most worrying concern has been put down. In the future, you will definitely take care of yourself, protect purple spirit, and make sure that no one can hurt you for any reason!"

At the end, Tian Hen choked with sobs. He would never forget the scene she saw last night when the ten-year agreement ended and he went to the Forest Divinity Palace to pick her up and leave.

Her hair laid on the ground as she sat motionless on the icy, bone-chilling stone. The acupoints on her body were firmly locked by the spirit lock of the Nine Serenities Snake, and the slightest act was reversed by the spirit lock. Her muscles and veins were damaged, her internal organs cracked, and her entire body overflowed with blood.

He could not imagine how she had spent those long days and nights in silence and solitude in the past ten years. He could not imagine how she had been locked in such a cruel and perverted state for three full years without being able to move a muscle!

If not for his incompetence, how could he have let the person he considered to be his most trusted junior brother take her to the dark and cold Forest Tooth Underground Palace? How could he have let this Heartless junior brother torture her so cruelly?

Furthermore, it was impossible for him to force her to ingest the most evil of poisons, send two parasites to the brain, and give birth to a spirit-eating Gu whose larvae were filled with blood vessels. She was just a pure and kind child under the Demonic Spirit Possession and was also his only cherished junior sister, yet she had to suffer such cruel treatment because of a calamity that was not under his control.

Now that she had finally returned to his side, he must do everything in his power to protect her and not let her suffer any more harm.

Seeing that Tian Hen was blaming herself again, Feng Tian Yue did her best to comfort him before she managed to suppress Tian Hen's emotions. With Tian Hen's current extremely ill condition, how could she bear such a deep depression in her lungs?

What she needed to do now was not only to use the best medical techniques and medicines to heal his body that had declined to the point of emptiness, but also to stay by his side unharmed, not allowing his weak body to suffer any more depressing injuries.

When they left the Teiqian, Feng Tian Yue hid all of the Spirit Rest in her body.

The current her could not rashly use her spirit energy, so what happened tonight was a last resort, because at that time, if she had not revealed her strength first, she would have been pushed into a dangerous situation by Su Yao and Chang Ying using all of their strength to attack her injuries.

Because of the fusion of her demon spirit, the spiritual energy she was absorbing contained some black demonic spiritual energy.

Although ordinary people and Spiritual Artist would not be able to detect the extremely faint demonic energy being refined, they would not be able to hide it from the top Spiritual Artist s of the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

If anyone other than Tian Hen and the Supreme Radiance Swordmaster Tian Ji were to find out that she had Demonic Soul, it would only bring her endless calamity and trouble!

With her current power, as long as she restrained her Spirit Rest, in front of anyone with a lower cultivation than her, she would be a cripple without any spirit energy!

When he returned to the sect, the purple spirit courtyard was completely silent. It was already close to midnight, and according to the schedule, the other disciples would enter the courtyard to rest, but there was actually a bright light hanging outside the door. A Amethyst Disciple with tightly furrowed brows was anxiously guarding the door, when she saw Feng Tian Yue and Tian Hen, he was completely stunned.

"Senior Brother, that is ?" Although he had not returned to the sect for ten years, Feng Tian Yue did not recognize that extremely unfamiliar disciple.

"Chang You, didn't I ask you to rest first? "How could this be ?" Tian Hen was also surprised.

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