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"Tianyue, are you alright?" Xing Ce who had broken free from Tian Ji's restraints, anxiously walked over, holding her hands, he looked up and down his body, confirming that he was unharmed, and then sighed a breath of relief.

He had called her by name, not by rank, and he had held her by both hands in front of the court to test her safety with that impolite gesture.

This kind of disorderly behavior only showed that the incident just now had truly made him worry.

Ignoring the shocked gaze of the crowd, Feng Tian Yue patted the back of Xing Ce's hand and comforted him: "I'm fine, don't worry."

She then shifted her gaze towards Tian Ji, flames burning in her eyes. She had sensed what Tian Ji had just done to Xing Ce and his group.

It looks like he also really wanted to find out the origin and secret of the demon inside her body through the pupils of red smithing.

He originally thought it would be a normal convention, but he didn't think he would see those demon corpses that moved her heart and mind, along with the pupils of red smithing that could see through the secrets that her Demonic Soul was possessing.

At this moment, Venerable Onyx frowned and came out to Tian Ji, "Master, everyone needs an explanation for why the pupils of red smithing reacted so violently in front of her."

"Yeah." Chang Qi said impatiently, as she turned her fearful gaze from Feng Tian Yue to Lu Han Yu, "Han Yu, you are the closest, what is going on? Did you see it clearly?"

Chang Qi really couldn't understand, how could Feng Tian Yue, this cripple who was obviously scared to death by the demon's corpse and pupils of red smithing, raise her eyes in the next moment, forcing the pupils of red smithing to explode on the spot.

Hearing this, Lu Han Yu glared at Feng Tian Yue with even more hatred. How would she know what kind of boldness and power Feng Tian Yue had, to be able to cause the pupils of red smithing to explode in fear?

Could it be that the legend about Feng Tian Yue's extraordinary origin ?

Impossible, how could a lowly commoner, who was born abandoned, have any kind of extraordinary origin? Thinking of this, Lu Han Yu firmly rejected the absurd idea in her head.

As soon as they finished speaking, the eyes of everyone in the hall who was looking at Feng Tian Yue were filled with suspicion and inquiry, while Tian Ji's gaze had long since become as hard as steel.

Faced with the crowd's inquiry, Tian Hen wanted to speak up and explain to Feng Tian Yue, but in that moment, where could she find a convincing explanation that would not cause her harm?

Seeing that the crowd was looking at him with interest, and Tian Hen was feeling troubled, Feng Tian Yue's expression was extremely calm. Since it had already happened, there was no way to avoid it.

Since they want to know the truth, then just give them one.

"Tianyue, there's no need to care about them." Xing Ce protected her behind him, as if he was already prepared to protect her from any blame or harm.

However, Feng Tian Yue said: "This bunch of suspicious people, if I do not give them an explanation, how can I easily deal with them. If I let them guess freely, it will only lead to a worse situation."

With that, Feng Tian Yue turned and said to the group: "Just as you all have seen, the pupils of red smithing self-destructing in front of me was because it was too frightened. As for why it was like that, before it self-destructed, I already found out the answer from its eyes."

When everyone heard her, they all stared widely as if they wanted to know the truth. Tian Ji looked at her in shock, and gave her and Tian Hen a look that would let them hear it in peace and quiet.

He continued, "The answer is, I, am the reincarnation of the Holy God of the Nine Heavens Region, the ultimate nemesis of those who resist monsters! Xi Yin's future peaceful world can only be created by me! And all of you must bow down and submit to me. If there is any disrespect or disrespect, all you need to bear is the eternal calamity of war, which will never stop. You will never be able to get out of it peacefully! "

As Feng Tian Yue said these words, her arrogant attitude that looked down on the world and looked down on all living beings, really stunned everyone present.

However, after reacting to the situation, his heart was filled with hesitation and suspicion.

The reincarnation of the Celestial God, the ultimate nemesis of monsters? Xi Yin's future life of peace could only be created by her?

He was so complacent that he was about to ascend to the heavens!

However, when Feng Tian Yue was born, there was indeed a group of prophecy masters who proclaimed this kind of prophecy.

Merely, if it was a true Heavenly Law Holy God, how could it have gone berserk and lost its power, turning it into a cripple like it was now?

But if it was just a lie, how could she explain the matter of the Scarlet Demon Eye exploding right in front of her eyes?

Looking at everyone's conflicted and suspicious expressions, Feng Tian Yue said in disdain, "You guys must be wondering why I would lose my strength since I'm the reincarnation of a Holy God. Hmph, that's just a small calamity that a reincarnated high spirit would have to go through, at some point in time, I, who have survived the tribulation, will unleash a power that surpasses even the heavens. All of you, just wait and see!"

Everyone was stunned for a moment.

Because of that prediction that once shook the world, making everyone outside the world regard Feng Tian Yue as the future God of Creation, and because of Feng Tian Yue's intelligence and talent that was different from ordinary people since childhood.

It was also because the pupils of red smithing, which could see through another person's secrets, could not help but self-destruct under her gaze.

But when Lu Han Yu heard what Feng Tian Yue said, she fiercely frowned.

Because of the pupils of red smithing's self-destruct, at this moment, she was actually unable to determine whether Feng Tian Yue's cultivation had gone berserk and her mental state had gone berserk, or if she had truly seen the truth in the pupils of red smithing's frightened and exploded eyes.

However, regardless if Feng Tian Yue was a Holy God or a madman, she had to die! She definitely could not allow her to recover her strength, and even more so, she could not allow her to climb onto her head after turning over!

Looking at the current situation, if news of today's meeting spread out, those ignorant fools, and even the experts of the Imperial Palace, would probably make a big fuss out of it and reclaim Feng Tian Yue as a treasure.

Once Feng Tian Yue regained the respect of the people, and was even classified as a valuable resource by the sound emperor, it would not be so easy for her to kill her.

When he thought of this, Lu Han Yu released a cold snort filled with disdain: "You really know how to put money on your face, and how to lie. Since Chang Qi had asked me just now, then I'll tell everyone the truth!"

"The truth is that the pupils of red smithing opened up in front of her due to the pressure of my inner force, and the series of reactions afterwards was also due to the pressure of the inner force. In the end, when I saw that her eyes had gone to their limits, and she was so scared that she couldn't take it anymore, and had no choice but to explode the pupils of red smithing, that was the truth!"

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