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"Sect Master, Chang You is really worried about Sect Master, that's why ?" Chang You looked down apologetically, and when he saw that Tian Hen did not have any intention to blame him, he shifted his gaze back to Feng Tian Yue, "This is ? Grand Tutor Tian Yue? I never thought that Grand Tutor Tian Yue would really come back from Teiqian, it's really great, Grand Preceptor's uncle above, please receive Chang You's respect. "

"No need for such a courtesy." Feng Tian Yue said as she saw Chang You kneel on one knee and perform a very grand greeting ceremony.

She was wearing the same Heaven Ranked Spirit Robe as Tian Hen, with light white orchids embroidered on her lapels. That was why Chang You could identify her with a single glance.

Because of the Demonic Spirit Possession, even though Feng Tian Yue had always been trapped in the Forest Boa Earth Palace and undergoing Tian Ji's surveillance and test, the outside world claimed that she had completely destroyed her fire cultivation and shut herself off her Teiqian.

It was unexpected that after ten years, after her reputation as a cripple had spread throughout the world, there were still disciples who were willing to perform such a great salute to her, showing her the respect she had back then.

Seeing that, Tian Hen sighed: "Although the purple spirit has declined, but Chang You's character is pure, his ambition is high, and he is proficient in the divine way, there are many children, so, no matter what, I will continue the purple spirit Sacred Veins, it's just that with my useless body, cough cough cough cough."

Feng Tian Yue said: "Senior Brother, we will talk about the sect later. It is already deep in the sky, so you need to sleep well to recuperate so that the vital energy and blood of your organs can circulate and repair your damaged body."

Before she left, Feng Tian Yue rejected the East Mist sect, which had the most gentle and suitable rest of spirit energy that Tian Hen had arranged for her, and rejected Chang You's escort as well.

Relying on her childhood memories, she quickly found her destination, but she did not enter. Instead, she turned around and headed to the opposite side of Jingfang Garden, A wind rises from the garden.

Pushing open the closed gate, it was just as he had imagined. The uninhabited garden had fallen into a deathly stillness. There were no lights or any signs of life.

Under the dim moonlight, she looked around the garden. The scenery was filled with an unruly frenzy.

Just as he stepped through the second entrance, he was pushed back by an enormous force. Feng Tian Yue's heart shook, and he stopped in place.

He didn't expect that the current her couldn't even pass through the second door of the A wind rises from the garden. Why? Was it because of the fusion of a demon spirit? Or could it be that her heart had already been tainted ?

The spirit energy of the A wind rises from the garden was different from normal spirit energy, it was the reverse spiritual energy that suppressed everything, and it had its own consciousness.

If a normal person got close, his head would definitely hurt so much that it would split open and he would become extremely cold. Therefore, people would deeply detest and fear people when they came looking for him.

However, if there was a lucky person who was able to comply with its wishes, or if their own strength was strong enough to make it bow its head in submission, then the supreme spirit energy that possessed their own will was the supreme treasure cultivated by the Spiritualism.

The Demon Sealing Pagoda, which contained countless fiendish demons, was built here. Only this type of extremely powerful Emperor's Qi could have an intimidating effect on the bloodthirsty and berserk monsters in the Demon Sealing Pagoda.

Although Feng Tian Yue was not exactly the person that the reverse spiritual energy wanted to be, but she, who had always been jealous of evil and revered for its kindness, had never encountered too much resistance when she entered the A wind rises from the garden.

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