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C2 Mission

The week of revision went by slowly and torturous. Every exercise was intensified twice as hard, just to be sure that we were indeed ready.

My father told us that we would hear the plan today, and that was the only thing that kept me from losing my mind from all the pain. We would find out when we're scheduled to leave, how long we are expected to complete the mission, and so on.

Aiden and I quickly made our way to Father's office, anticipating the news we will receive. Everyone who didn't know about the mission were sent out of the house before the meeting started. This was confidential information that could only be shared with people we could trust. Imagine having such information falling into the wrong hands? Detrimental.

Entering the room, we saw both Beta Phillip and our dad waiting with satisfied yet confident looks on their faces.

"My pups!" He beamed joyfully, causing us to groan as he embraced us in a warm hug.

Our father wasn't the affectionate type, but he loved his kids. He said we were the reason he was still sane after our mum died.

He told us the story of how she died a couple months after giving birth to us. Sometimes it hurt to live without a mother, but we never actually mourned her, since we didn't know her personally. We loved her though. She was described to be strong and loving. She was quite beautiful too, from the pictures I've seen.

She'll always be a part of us no matter what.

Dad gestured for us to sit as we made our way across the table. Both of them had papers and documents neatly aligned across the table.

This is going to be a long meeting.

"So as you know by now, you will go undercover in our neighbouring pack to carry out your mission" He started, suddenly serious, so we matched his demeanor.

"You will leave next week" Phillip stated nonchalantly, but I could see that he was excited for us.

Our seriousness was long gone as we fist bumped the air with whispered cheering. We were finally going on our mission.

The meeting went on for quite a while. We were told that we were going undercover as 'chief warriors', where Aiden would be taught their fighting skills, and learn their strategies.

I, on the other hand, would be observing and making notes, compiling and strategizing their moves and skills to put them to proper use. Like a warrior supervisor. This was odd, given that we were basically fully trained warriors, so our acting skills would have to come in handy.

I could tell that Aiden didn't like this, since he knew so much and will have to act like he doesn't while taking instructions from other non-Alpha blooded wolves. However, Father convinced him that he should focus on the main goal, which he seemed content with.

I was bummed that I spent so many years training to only be 'supervising', so I protested. Luckily after much bickering, we came to a conclusion that I would be getting in on the action sometimes too, to ensure we don't raise much suspicion.

My father arranged for us to stay in the Alpha house, which was exactly what we needed to get the information we wanted. We would be right under their noses and they wouldn't even notice.

We were given four months to complete our mission, since that's how long they say the 'training' will take.

Of course, it was puzzling as to why this pack would allow us to come stay with them, but we were informed that a new Alpha had taken over. The old Alpha that took our pack died two years ago from unknown reasons.

When the former Alpha died, his son still wasn't old enough to take over as yet, so the Beta was in charge for those two years until the heir was of age.

"Since he's new to the whole Alpha concept, he will be willing to make alliances with other packs, no matter their history" Father said with a conniving look on his face.

"He isn't dumb though, but he was easy to convince" He continued. "Since everything is new to him, it will be easier for you guys to swoop in, get the information and swoop out"

If only it was that easy.

This could actually work. Nobody outside our pack knew that our dad was building up the pack to be strong. To everyone else in other packs, we were still the weak pack that was invaded years ago.

Invasion was something that happens in the werewolf community, but not often. Alpha's respected each other and their property, but you do have the few that are power hungry.

You wouldn't know that they are until they reveal themselves, which they normally do when a pack was at its most vulnerable state. In our case, losing a Luna. After mom died, dad admitted that he got weak and that's when Truemoon attacked after knowing the circumstances.

However, this time around, the invasion will be made in reverse. The new Alpha is inexperienced, giving us more than an advantage. To some this might seem ruthless, but so were they when they did it to us.

This is why Father was so specific with his timing, he had it all planned.

"You know the rules" he said while we nodded, having heard them every day for five years.

"And finally, would you guys prefer to have a name change?"


"No" Aiden and I said together. It was weird, because every time we talked together it was usually the same thing.

"It would be better to get a name change Rox. That's the whole point of being spies" He tried to explain as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I rolled my eyes at him.

"No it wouldn't be much safe to choose that option. Remember some of our pack members live there now. What if someone recognizes our scents huh? Remember that we're Alpha bloods so our scents would be too obvious. Not to mention the scent of the pack that I'm sure they still know. Plus, our striking resemblance to mom...They wouldn't know we're there on a mission. What if they spread the word that the Alpha's kids are in the pack? We were two when they were taken right? They must've learnt our names by then" I reasoned.

"It's too risky. I think we should keep our identities. No one will be suspicious that the Alpha's kids are the chief warriors. By far, they believe we're the strongest wolves here anyways"

They looked convinced at my proposal, and I was more than grateful that they always kept an open mind when it came to discussions. It made compromising simpler.

We were ready for this. This is what we're trained for. It was finally going to happen. Soon we'll be who we were always meant to be.

It was all in our hands.


"You're leaving for four months?! I'm going to be the only young woman in here" Jane pouted after I told her the plan.

"Yep. I'll miss you too. My only friend for the next four months is going to be Aiden." I sighed, thinking about how lonely I will be.

"The testosterone here is going to kill me" She whispered a little too dramatic as she held her head in her hands, pulling back her hair so that her eyebrows were arched.

"You'll be fine" I hugged her tightly. I'm really going to miss her.

Apart from the few females in the pack that I would consider my friends, she was practically the only girl that I had to keep me feminine.

Her mom lives here too, but she was always busy. Sometimes we would all just have a girl's night and be ourselves. No boys, no training, no duties, just us girls. I'll really miss that too.

"What if your mate is in that pack?" She asked all of a sudden. I laughed so hard that my tummy hurt.

"I doubt he is. Something so blessed to me wouldn't come from a pack so corrupt." I proposed confidently as my laughter died down. “And if he is, I wouldn't want him. Duty first, pleasure later. Or never since he would be one of them"

"It's not that easy Rox" Was all she said.

"Well let's just see, shall we."

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