Alpha Ace And His Undercover Mate/C4 One Way Or The Other
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Alpha Ace And His Undercover Mate/C4 One Way Or The Other
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C4 One Way Or The Other

"He's my mate." I whispered, still starstruck.

"What do you mean he's your mate? " Aiden gritted out, obviously frustrated.

I didn't miss the growl that came from Ace when Aiden grabbed me. If I knew anything about mates, I knew they were very possessive.

Not right now please.

I already felt overwhelmed and utterly confused. I needed a minute to think and clear my head. Seeing my mate took me completely by surprise, and the last thing I needed was to do something I'd regret later.

"Can you give us a minute please" I rushed out as I dragged my brother outside.

I didn’t miss the disappointment that flashed across Ace's face when I stepped from the room. And what confused me the most, I almost felt hurt for him.

"You do know we're going to have to abort mission for now until we get a new place to stay right? " Aiden asked as soon as we hit the outside breeze.

"Keep your voice down! " I whisper shouted. "And no one is aborting mission. Look, we have to be close to them to get what we need and you know it"

"But Rox he's your mate! He won't stop until he gets you" He exclaimed in a whisper shout, sounding very much frustrated.

"Look, you know me better than anyone. I can avoid him until we leave okay? I can't be mates with the enemy anyways so chill"

Aiden looked pleased at that, and I was too. I know this mate bond thing was going to be a challenge, but I have to endure it. I've been through worse anyways. This won't be any different.

I hope.

"We should at least tell dad so-"

"No! " I cut him off swiftly. "Nobody is telling dad anything. He'll make us come home to find a new plan and we can't do that, it will only raise suspicion" I reasoned, knowing the outcome if this gets out.

"Promise me you wont tell him until we go back home"

"I promise" He sighed.

I sealed the deal with our signature pinky swear. Those things were sacred between us. We never broke a pinky swear. Childish I know, but it works.

"Let's get back" I moved to head back inside with a now satisfied spirit. If avoiding my mate is what I'll have to do to stay on track, then that's what I'll do.

Aiden kissed my forehead gently and we headed inside. The minute I was back in, all the reassurance I felt went through the door the minute I caught Ace's scent again. In addition, the look on his face had me shivering, as he peered at Aiden as if he was ready to pounce.

I had a mini panic attack as I thought he must've heard what we were discussing outside, but I then noticed that his 'anger' was only directed at Aiden.

"Why are you looking at him like that?" I voiced my concerns. His head snapped to me, his eyes immediately softening at the sight of my face.

"Why is he holding you like that and why did he kiss you?"

"So you were spying on us?" Aiden questioned, seeming infuriated. Oh the irony

"I have a right to spy she's MY mate"

"And she's MY sister" He shot back, shutting him I'm up completely. He looked between us for a while, then threw his head in his palm with a sigh.

"Right," he whispered "The Alpha's kids are coming to train" He mumbled more to himself, cursing under his breath a little.

"I apologize for my behaviour. My judgement was totally clouded, all I could think about is her being my mate. I'm not usually like this"

I felt butterflies every time he said 'mate' but I ignored them. Just like how I will ignore him.

He gave everyone in the room a look, and they all shuffled to stand in a straight line side by side in front of us.

"Things haven't gone as planned, but I still would like to formally welcome you to our pack and home" Mr Alpha said professionally.

Each of them introduced themselves, stating their rankings as they individually shook our hands and welcomed us before taking their places back in the line.

I was impressed that they could be so casual now, yet so formal another time. It showed flexibility.

I've learnt that Ryan lived here too. He was Calum's younger brother, so if anything should happen to Calum, he would automatically take the place as Beta instead of searching the whole pack for someone fit.

The more the merrier, yay.

Finally, it was Ace's turn to introduce himself. It puzzled me how they did things in reverse instead of going from highest rank to lowest, but everyone has their own way of doing things.

He went to Aiden first, giving him a manly handshake and welcomed him to the pack. Aiden knew he had to put the incident that occurred a few minutes ago behind him. We had to gain their trust after all.

Finally, it was my turn to be greeted, and my heart beat increased by the second.

"Welcome ma cherie" He mumbled in an undeniable sexy tone. I gulped as I felt my throat closing up, not being able to say anything.

His pure hazel eyes pierced my soul as he took my hand, but instead of shaking it, he kissed it.

I felt electric bolts shot through my body at the very small but effective contact. I felt my body already surrendering to him completely, but I knew that could never be. I made a mental note to keep physical contact at zero to none, preferably none.

Damn how do fully mated wolves deal with this?

His lips were lingering on the spot and my heart rate was increasing, but as much as I wanted to, I couldn't bring myself to pull my hand away.

Coming to my rescue, Aiden cleared his throat which led to Ace breaking contact. I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding as Aiden got ready to speak.

Ace never broke eye contact as he backed up to his group with a mouth watering smile etched on his perfect face.

"I already introduced my sister and I, and I'm sure the Alpha knows what he needs to already," Aiden started while Ace gave him a nod in affirmation. "I hope my sister and I will be treated hospitable here until we leave"

I didn't miss the low growl that came from Ace when Aiden mentioned us leaving. I smiled a little, finding it funny how he thinks I'd be staying.

Aiden continued.

"And I do hope no harm comes to me or my little sister by any of your hands" I sent him a glare at that.

"I'm not your little sister Aiden, we're twins! " I slapped him at each word as he winced under each hit, trying to catch my hand.

A series of gasps erupted around the room and I looked to see everyone staring at us wide eyed.

"You guys are twins?" Calum and Lilly asked in unison before sharing a 'awe' look at their cute moment.

"Uh yeah," I said in a 'duh' tone as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I mean, we're kinda identical for the most part. Only difference is that Aiden had sandy blonde hair from our mom while I had a mixture of cinnamon and chestnut brown hair from my dad. He also looked slightly older than me and his eyes were a shade lighter than min- okay their confusion is justified.

"That is so cool! Who came out first? " Ryan asked excitedly.

"Me" We both announced at the same time. We resorted to our signature stare off, something we always did whenever we had the 'who was born first ' argument. We never had our mom around to tell us and our dad never knew, so we both settled on our own theory.

Someone clearing their throat brought us back to reality, and that's when I noticed that our bags were already gone to our rooms.

"If there isn't anything else, I would like to get settled please" I said to no one in particular.

"I'll show you to your room" Lilly suggested excitedly but was immediately shut down by Ace who offered to take me there personally.

"I'd love for you to show me Lilly" I smiled at her, completely ignoring Ace. She looked to him for permission in unsurity, but he nodded after a while when he saw my determination. The hurt was evident on his face but I forced myself not to let it bother me.

"Maybe she's just tired bro. She'll come around" I heard Calum say before I disappeared up the massive staircase.

We stopped in front of a huge double door bedroom and I almost continued walking, not wanting to believe it was mine. Lilly pushed the door open, revealing a large bedroom that I could only assume belonged to a queen.

Our rooms back home were big, but this was something else. I had a king size bed for myself, and my luggage was already placed neatly beside the closet.

By just looking at it, I could tell it was a big closet and a part of me wished I had all my clothes to put in there. I could see that there was a bathroom attached to the bedroom, but at least that was something we had back home.

"You like?" Lilly asked, fiddling with her waist length red hair. She’s so beautiful.

"Uh yea this is good thanks" I genuinely smiled at her, feeling drawn to her hospitality and friendliness. Not getting attached seemed so far fetched.

Focus on the mission Roxy!

"You know, he's a really nice guy" She blurted out of the blue.

"Who? " I totally knew who she was talking about, yet I asked.

"The Alpha" She laughed "Once you get to know him, trust me you won't want to let go"

That was exactly what I dreaded. I couldn't let this mate bond get the best of me. From what I've learnt and seen, it's almost impossible to resist. But there have been a few who resisted it.

I guess I'll just have to be one of those few.

After showing me where everything was and making sure I was settled, Lilly left to 'help prepare dinner', and I was left with my thoughts.

We were trained to be prepared for anything, but never this. How come nobody ever thought about this? We're wolves after all, our mates could be anywhere! Why didn't anyone ever mention it?

Everything about him affected me so much already, and that was what scared me. I can take any challenge, but some challenges are bound to take you.

My mind couldn't stop swirling with his words and his touch; not to mention my wolf who was happy but pissed at me for avoiding our mate.

She loves our pack and before, she didn't mind the mission St all. But now she has one objective, and that was to get our mate even if it means the mission gets flunked.

Just when I thought this couldn't get any harder.

I groaned as I fell back on the bed, covering my face with a pillow. Deep down I knew I was screwed, but I kept my mind focused on everyone back home--my dad, Phillip, all those warriors who gave me a good beating during training. I couldn't let them down.

And I won't.

The wonderful scent that I was intoxicated by filled the air, and I stiffened as it got stronger. Ace was coming this way, and my heart plummeted as all the possibilities of what he'd do came rushing to my head.

Was he one of those mates who are strictly primal and doesn’t care if I'm ready or not? Will he mark me against my will? Will he demand my submission strictly because we're mates?

I let out a breath when I heard him walk pass, but it was short lived as I heard him back up, stopping right at the door.

I heard a few soft knocks at first, but I laid still. Eventually they stopped and he spoke instead.

"Hey, take all the time you need. I'll be ready to talk anytime you're ready. If you want to find me, I'm at the first door on the third level, or the last door at the end of the hall" His voice was barely a whisper, gently as a dove. I then knew my earlier suspicions were disregarded, and I had to acknowledge the relief I felt.

However, I remained silent, not wanting to give him any mixed signals or hope. So eventually he took it as a sign to go, leaving me to my thoughts.

My wolf whimpered loudly for a while until it actually became audible from my lips. I felt bad that I was hurting them both, but whichever road I choose, I'll be hurting someone.

I thought the hardest thing in my life was beating those 10 men and running to the border, but this topped that completely.

I had no idea how I was going to continue and complete this mission with my sanity still in tack, but I had to.

One way or the other.

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