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C6 Mind Made Up

"Hey you okay?" I was shaken from my thoughts by my mate's question. I didn't even notice that I zoned out.

‘Oh yes I'm great. Just contemplating who to betray.’

"I'm fine," I replied instead, as we walked towards a huge gym. I suddenly got excited to hit those machines, wanting to relieve the stress and tension forming in my body.

"You like it?" Ace asked after seeing my facial expression. I simply nodded as we neared the entrance.

"Wait till you see the inside." He held my hand, leading me through the door. I noticed how good holding his hands made me feel. It made me wish that things could always be like this.

He wasn't joking about the inside. It was huge and lovely. The machines were modern and looked expensive. There were different types all over the huge room, and I could see that there were other parts to the gym. I instantly knew that I'd be spending a lot of time here.

I found a comfortable spot to stretch and warm up before I could actually get to the good stuff. Ace stood watching my every move, and as much as it was weird, I liked feeling his eyes on me.

"Aren't you gonna go work out or something?" I asked as I stood up.

"I'd rather stay here with you," he replied sweetly. I just gave him a small smile and made my way to a treadmill.

"Why are you so distant?" He asked as he followed me.

"What do you mean?" I knew exactly what he meant, yet I asked, simply because I didn't know how to reply.

"Since you got here, you haven't said anything to me. I gave you time to come around but it's killing me" He stopped the machine and turned me to face him. "What's wrong?" He whispered, holding my face in his hands.

"Nothing" I mumbled, trying to get out of his hold, but he wouldn't budge.

"I know something is up. I can tell you're affected by the mate bond as much as I am, but something is holding you back. What is it? We'll get through it together" His eyes held so much truth and promise, and all I wanted to do was give into him, but the consequences were too great.

"Nothing is up. I just want to focus on my mission" I told him truthfully. We were thinking about different missions but my statement wasn't a lie.

He remained quiet for a while, as if contemplating something. "Can’t you accept me and still complete your training?"

I cringed at his question and my heart sank. I was hoping he wouldn't have asked, because if I was being truthful, I didn't know the answer.

"I-I don't know" I stuttered, walking to the next machine as soon as the words left my mouth to prevent any more questioning.

"At least let me get to know you. If you want to take things slow, then so be it" He really wasn't backing down.

Sighing, I agreed to answer personal questions he asked me. After all, a part of my mission entailed getting to know them.

We spent the next two hours working out and talking. I found myself laughing occasionally at some stories he told me, and he would tell me how beautiful my laugh was each time. Just in the short span of time, I learnt so much about him and he seemed so great.

I decided that I wanted to do some one on one fighting, but Ace wouldn't allow any other wolf to challenge me. Overprotective much?

So, he offered to challenge me, which I happily accepted.

I could tell that he was going easy on me, and I had to try my best to keep my skills at bay since I wasn't supposed to let them know that I was fully trained.

"You're much better than I suspected. Did you train back in your pack?" He asked as he threw a punch to my face which I blocked easily.

He immediately lifted his legs to get me in the side, which I also successfully escaped from. Basic beginner move.

He gave me a look as if saying 'see', and I let out a nervous laugh. No use trying to tone it down again, since he already knows that I'm past the beginners stage.

"I used to get basic training from my Beta couple years ago," I replied, throwing a punch to his rib, then tripping him in the process. I wasn't entirely lying, but I wasn't being truthful either.

His eyes widened at my move, as I held my knee to his chest to keep him down. "You have great strength and stamina too. You sure you haven't passed the basics?"

I felt this pain when lying to him that I didn't even know was a thing. I lied to everyone at least once in my life and I never felt this.

I simply shrugged, not wanting to say anything else. This 'training' is going to be challenging for me. I was never the person to lose a challenge, so I'm going to have a hard time convincing these people that I was not passed the stage I presumed to be. I guess that's why Phillip and dad originally put me as 'supervisor', to keep me away from the action.

I went to the side to get my water that Ace brought for me, when he joined me seconds after.

"Done for the day?" He asked, getting his own water.

"Yep. I need a cold bath"

"I can join you if you want. I give a mean massage" He said suggestively with a smirk. I playfully hit his chest with a laugh, earning a laugh from him too.

Our laughter died down and I found myself staring in his beautiful hazel eyes. He gently removed some of my hair that was stuck to my forehead, as he peered into my soul, making my body grow weaker by the second.

His eyes quickly darted to my lips, which I involuntarily bit, making him growl lowly. His eyes found mine once again, but this time they held want and longing.

He started to lean in slowly, and I couldn't bring myself to move. I knew this would cause trouble later, but in that moment, I just wanted to escape from reality, and a kiss from my mate could do just that.


I quickly jumped from Ace's hold, turning abruptly to see Aiden moving towards us. I was slightly relieved, but my chest felt heavy at the same time.

~"What the hell are you thinking!?"~ He screamed at me through our mindlink as he approached us with a smile, though I knew it was only to fool Ace.

~"I got caught up okay! It's really hard to resist"~ I replied truthfully.

He immediately shut off the connection to me, and I cringed. This was when I knew he was mad, since he never shut me out. Ever.

"Hey man," Ace greeted as Aiden stopped in front of us, totally oblivious to the tension.

"Hey guys. I was looking for Roxy, and Calum said I could find her here. Do you mind? I would like to talk with her" Aiden stated as he held my shoulder.

"Yeah that's cool. I'll see you guys back at the house." With that, he threw his towel over his shoulder and gave us a nod before leaving.

My wolf let out a low whimper which unintentionally came out of my mouth. Aiden's eyes immediately shot out of his head when he heard.

"Really Roxy? It's been two days and you're already falling for him? You told me you could deal with it"

"I know okay? But it's harder than I thought" I replied honestly with a frustrated sigh. He ran his hand over his face before leading me outside where we had more privacy.

"What was our number one rule Rox?" He asked as soon as we were out of hearing capacity.

"Never get attached" I mumbled, having heard it so many times over the years.

"Exactly. And it's been two days and you're already breaking the biggest rule. What next huh? You're gonna go tell everyone why we're really here?"

"Don't be ridiculous Aiden" I sneered with equal amounts of anger. I understood that I was not doing my best, but he was taking it too far with that accusation.

"Can you blame me? A minute later and I would've found you locking lips with the enemy!"

"He's not the enemy!" I blurted out before I could stop myself. I sorta meant the words, but the look on Aiden's face made me want to take them back instantly.

It was the same look I've dreaded since this day started. The look of hurt at my betrayal. We always put each other above anything, and I just chose a stranger over my brother and partner.

"When you decide who's team you're on, you know where to find me. But for now, I'm gonna complete my mission, with or without you" He said emotionlessly before storming off, shifting in his wolf and disappearing in the massive trees.

Sighing, I dropped to the ground and brought my legs up against my chest. I buried my head between my chest and knees as I replayed all the incidents of the day.

All my life I've never thought much about finding my mate, but I knew when I found him, I wanted to be happy with him.

I've always planned that after I completed this mission and my pack was all settled and happy, I would travel in search of my mate.

I would venture to get a life of my own. I would find my mate, move to his pack and be happy. I would visit home occasionally, bringing my pups to visit their uncle and grandfather.

We would all be happy and I'd tell them the story about how my brother and I saved our pack. They would look up to me and adore their mama, and I would be the best to them. I'd grow old with my mate and my pups would grow and find their own mates, and I could say I've lived a fulfilling life.

But now, that was all taken from me.

‘You can always find a new mate, it happens all the time,’ my subconscious told me. But was that what I even wanted?

A mate is a sacred gift from the moon, and we're to cherish them with all our hearts. But how can I do that when I have so much to lose?

I sighed as I got up, walking back to the house.

I made a vow to my pack and brother, and I didn't intend on breaking it. This mate bond will slow me down, but it won't stop me. I'll just have to find a way around it.

Above all that, I had to do the right thing and I knew exactly what I had to do.

I freshened up and grabbed dinner, which I ate in my room again. It was getting late and I knew I had to make my move now. I made my way to his bedroom door with determination in each step. I stopped for a split second, but immediately shook the doubt from my veins.

Knocking softly, I heard shuffling around his room before the door opened widely, revealing his face to me. I took a deep breath as I confidently stepped inside.

"Roxy?" He asked, a little shocked, but happy at the same time. "What are you doing here?"

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