Alpha Kaydens Revenge/C3 Rejecting Him
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Alpha Kaydens Revenge/C3 Rejecting Him
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C3 Rejecting Him

I pose in my tracks he smiles when he sees me but when he sees the disgust on my face his smile instantly drops and is replaced with confusion. I bet he is wondering why I ain't happy to see him.

I continue to judge his weakness with my eyes and from his frail-looking body, I doubt he will ever improve and be strong. Why couldn't I will be like Stacy, not only is she beautiful but her mate is an Alpha too while I am stuck with the lowly omega.

I make a turn and my food is long forgotten I don't even think I will eat after this. The revelations have destroyed my appetite.

I take two steps away from him till I feel someone grab my forearm, the sparks and intoxicating earthy scent letting me know exactly who it is.

”Don't go.” For a weak-looking male wolf, he sure has a deep voice. I am almost weak to my knees but the thought of him being an omega, someone I never wanted keeps me standing.

I forceful shrug my arm out of the hold and just as I expected he ain't even strong enough to stop me. I continue to face away from myself.

“Why shouldn't I go?” I ask through gritted teeth. This is the last place I want to be.

”Let me talk to you please,” he pleads even though he saw the disgust that was clearly on my face.

I scoff, what could he possibly say to me. "I don't think anything you say will mean anything to me."

I still face away from him, seeing him just hurt me more. Different pack members peer at us, we are slowly grabbing attention and that is the last thing I want. How could a strong beta like me end with such a weak male?

"Let's just go somewhere private so we can talk," he mutters but I can get him just fine, I simply nod and begin to lead the way.

I walk past different pack houses, with him hot on my tail. I approach the woods where we go to shift, it's the only private place I can think of.

Thank moon goddess I wore converse it is easy to walk my way through the woods. I reach a sport that is hidden and away from any hearing ears, this is a conversation I can't have pack members listening on. I abruptly stop and turn around, he almost runs into me not expecting the sharp turn but lucky enough he stops just in time. His height surprises me when my face meets his chest, he is taller than I expected. I move a few inches back and look up at his face. Despite having completely shaved his head, he still looks handsome. Maybe if he had been a warrior or even gamma I would have accepted to be his mate but not an omega. My father always told me how bad it is to have a weak mate. Even if he recently changed I can't help but stick to his old teachings.

I fold my hands over my boobs, "Talk" I demand.

"I am trying to understand why you don't like me, aren't mates supposed to love each other no matter what?" he asks his eyes furrowed.

I roll my eyes at him then scoff." Give me a good reason why I should like you or at least accept you as my mate." I challenge.

His frown deepens, " Do I even need to have reasons?" I scoff at his reply.

"Then I have no reason to be here, just go on with your life I don't need you as my mate you have nothing to offer me. You are just an omega I bet on top of being weak you are dirt poor too. " I say as my eyes sweep over his outfit. He wore a simple black plain t-shirt and black ripped jeans, which he paired with worn-out running sneakers.

He looks offended by my remark but quickly covered it with an emotion I couldn't read. Not that I care about his feeling he can go to hell for all I care.

"So this is what this is about power and money?" he asks sadly his voice dropping by tempos.

"Not money but the power I am a beta I deserve better, someone with a higher rank but what do I get paired up with. " I gesture to him. " Just take a good look at yourself then look at me."

He is too stunned for a moment and I begin to wonder if he will say anything until he does." You are just a power-hungry bitch." I sneer at him.

"At least I go some power, unlike someone." I mock him, my sneer only making it worse. He seriously thinks I would be proud to have him even being mateless is better than that. His anger shadows his face and I only sneer more as if he can even do anything.

He begins to turn, "Not so fast," I stop him. His forest green eyes are instantly on me. One word I can describe them by is beautiful even when they hold anger and contempt for me. But even that is not enough to change my mind about what am about to do." What is your name?" he stumbles my question catching him off guard. He frowns at me he clearly can't guess what am going at.

"If you don't want me then why should my name be important to you?" He spats his voice even deeper from the anger lased with it. He didn't take my insults well.

"What do you think stupid weakling?" I taunt him. He glares at me and I reply to his glare with a smirk. I am getting on his nerves and I love it. "Give me your none important name like your none important self." I insult him further.

He tightens his fist and I quirk my eyebrow at him to challenge him. Should he try anything stupid and I will hand him his ass on a silver platter I have fought men who looked larger and more powerful than him and yet I still won.

"My name is Kayden." He finally speaks with a defeated look on his face. Just as I thought there is nothing he could do.

"Great, I Lucy Reed reject you Kayden, " I pause cause I don't know his last name. "What is your last name again. " I ask him.

He glares at me, " Kayden Gray" he snaps. He has a nice name too bad I am using it for bad reasons.

"I Lucy Reed reject you, Kayden Gray, as my mate." The moment I say those words he kneels to the ground and groans in pain. I felt the pain of the bond being one-sided. But I stayed strong and watched him on the ground withering in pain. "Accept my rejection," I command him.

"No," he says firmly, even though his face shows pain. Just how pathetic can he be.

"Suit yourself then."

I walk off and leave him there alone in pain. He will collect himself when he wakes up. I walk back to the gathering alone. I grab some more food careful enough to avoid anyone who tries to talk to me. I leave the place and head home, after this the least I want is to be around anyone. I felt guilty for not seeing Stacy but I could see her tomorrow.

I get home and lucky enough I am the only one home. I eat the food and head straight to bed.

I thought about what I had done. If dad found out he would be disappointed with me no wonder i have to keep this secret away from him and any other pack members.

I just hope Kayden won't go and start opening his big mouth but with his ego crushed I doubt he will do anything. This is the best decision for me, after all, I can always meet better males than him, more powerful men who meet my standards.

As much as I liked my decision a part of me felt guilty for the way, I treated and insulted him. Trying not to dwell on it I shove the guilt away somewhere very hidden and far.

The next day I am at Stacy's house helping her pack up the stuff she keeps bragging about how great and lucky she is to be mated to someone so powerful.

"What exactly did you do after kissing him? I asked her, referring to the time she met Alpha Raymond.

She blushes a pink colour tainting her cheeks. " After that whole scene, we created, we left to a private area and told me about how he wanted me to go back with him to the pack like immediately meaning today, he spoke about how he couldn't wait to ravish me once am introduced as luna of the pack." I squealed in excitement. I was happy for her, "By the way, I saw you leave with that guy who is he?" she suddenly asked changing the topic.

"No one important," I instantly dropped the topic.

"If you say so though I did think he is cute." I roll my eyes at her. "He is cute you can't deny that." if only she knew what I had done to that cute guy.

"I guess he is," I say as I remember his captivating green eyes.

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