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C4 His Back


I help Stacy pack up everything her room looks a bit empty she carried most of her things off to start a new life. I envy her no lie that's the kind of life I hoped for, being mated to an Alpha too but I got stuck with the weakest link.

"I guess that is all," She squeals yet again and I wince at her sharp voice.

"Do you seriously need to scream and jump around?" I ask her with a hint of irritation in my voice. With one of my fingers blocking my right ear.

"Sorry I am just so excited, have you seen how handsome he is, like gosh he is the most handsome man I have ever seen his alpha aura is so powerful I can't believe an omega like me got paired with such a strong alpha." Her words are like stub to my heart and she was pushing the knife deep inside. It is surprising even to me that she got paired with an alpha while a strong beta like me gets an omega.

"yeah you are so lucky I am very happy for you." Even I can't tell if I mean those words or not. " Does your dad even know that you found your mate?" She gives me the are you serious look. And I shrug my shoulders at her.

She rolls her eyes, " he does know I told him even though he knew even before that, word moves fast around here."

"It sure does move fast." I agree with her.

The doorbell ring and I rush to check who it is. I open the door and I shudder at who I see.

I receive a glare in return which I return with my own. "What are you doing here weak link?"

"None of your fucking business." He rudely replies through gritted teeth.

I scoff, "Right as if I would even want to know the business of the likes of you. " I remark. I roll my eyes at him once." you should even be happy you didn't die last night, such a weak wolf as you doesn't deserve to live."

"What do you mean such a weak wolf?" Stacy's voice sounds just after mine. My mouth instantly goes dry.

"No, it's nothing." I cover up with a lie.

"I see, " I breathed a sigh of relief. " Oh you are here to pick up my bags, just come in they are all in my room."

"I can't believe you are leaving. " Tears prick the corners of my eyes.

"We could always visit each other you know." She comforts me.

"Still ain't the same as having you around."

" I know"

Kayden was down with the bags, despite their skinny form he carries the bags with ease. So he did have strength left in him and here I was thinking he wasn't good at anything.

" oh, you didn't pick up something!" Stacy exclaims and rushes back inside the house.

It was just Kayden and me, " I have been waiting you know. Since you are leaving why don't you just accept the rejection on your way. I was serious when I meant I never wanted anything to do with a weak link like you." I whisper harshly to him.

He simply glares right back but didn't say a single word. Just as I thought.

I continued to taunt him," Just look at you all you are ever good at is being an errand boy. Being the back and call to do your alpha's bidding. I ain't up for such so please just cut me off too. "

" You don't know anything about my life Lucy. I will make you regret this one day Lucy mark my words." He threatens me.

" Oh please, you ain't got the balls or guts to do that." I snickered at him. He glares at me but mostly he is hurt by my words as if that would make me care, oh please.

He walks away in the direction of where he had parked his car a simple SUV. I doubted the car is even his.

" I am back Lucy did I miss anything. " Stacy looks at me as if she suspected something.

I give her an innocent reassuring look, " No trust me you didn't. " I smile to convince her.

" Okay..." She sounds unsure. She doesn't seem to believe anything I said.

I hug her tight one last time, I don't even know when I would see her next. Tears pool down my cheeks. She is the only friend I had and how would I go on living without her. All the memories of us came flashbacking back but it was time for me to let her go.

My wolf is sad too even sadder than when I rejected her mate. She practically hated me and never bothered to speak to me since I made the rejection. The more mean I was to him the more I drove her away.

I wasn't worried, with time she would warm up to me eventually. She will understand in future that it was necessary to reject his weak us. He would have only brought us down.

I watch my best friend leave as the weak link drives away. I wish I never see him again.


Years have passed since Stacy left to start her new life. My own life is stable and ordinary nothing interesting and in all those years my wolf had completely withdrawn from me. I didn't know the rejection would affect her much. Whenever I try to move on with another male wolf, a powerful one my wolf would cause havoc.

I got through three years and it was a constant struggle. I continued to train and perform beta duties and in all those years no one had dared challenge me over my position in the pack which was also a good thing.

While as in our pack not much was going on a lot had happened in Stacy's pack. A new wolf had taken over as alpha. They say he showed up from nowhere and challenged Alpha Raymond and won the battle. In our societies who over won the position simply took over. The name I heard was Kayden, but I knew it could never be that ex-mate of mine he was such a weakling he had no potential at all.

" He is here." My wolf Mara spoke through my mind. What did she mean he is here?

" Who is here Mara?" She doesn't respond. She is back to giving me her royal silent treatment.

I am in the pack office as the alpha had invited me to be present for this meeting with the new Alpha what he wanted here no one knew.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable in the plush leather seat I sat in. What was wrong with me. ....no...it was Mara.

Just then a man with a very powerful aura walked in. I continued facing away from the door, my focus was on our alpha.

I was afraid his power exceeded that of Alpha Xavier too. I simply understood why he came here. Just his aura alone was frightening. But what caught me by surprise was his scent. I knew that scent I wouldn't mistake for anyone else. It couldn't be I must be wrong. I turned and when my eyes collided with those forest green eyes I nearly collapsed.

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