Alpha Kaydens Revenge/C5 Realisation
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Alpha Kaydens Revenge/C5 Realisation
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C5 Realisation


Three years ago just after the ceremony.

I drive away with Stacy in the back of the SUV. I take one last look at my mate before I leave. The hate she holds in her eyes for me is sickening. No one in my entire life has ever looked at me like this not even my old mate. And here I was happy that I had found a second mate and given a second chance at love but who was I kidding such a sick joke.

" I don't even know your name?" The new Luna asks, her voice sharp as ever. I can't lie I envy Alpha Raymond. He gets blessed with a beautiful flawless mate, not that mine is ugly just that mine... rejected me.

" Kayden Gray, Luna Stacy. " I reply even though my mind is running on thoughts. I am still surprised how I woke up in the morning I have been weak since my first mate and child died when I lost all hope including my fighting spirit. What Lucy doesn't know is that I was once a very powerful warrior I would have even been alpha if I wanted to.

" It's nice meeting you Kayden." She says politely. I wish her friend was as polite as her but all I got were vial words that have me hurting even up to now. I will make her regret it one day she will see.

I drive to the border where my alpha is waiting for me. I am surprised he tasked me with this job instead of giving it to another wolf more power like our gamma or even beta. The moment I pack the car right next to his Stacy runs out and jumped on her mate who instantly lifted her feet off the ground and crushes his lips against his. They both give out an aroused scent I know they can't wait to get to the pack.

This could have been me with Lucy but no she couldn't even give me a chance. Shortly we all left leaving the pack with a rude beta female behind. I don't know which was worse her rejection or leaving without her by my side. I wouldn't see her for years or maybe ever again.

We make it to our pack in no time it is expected after all. The moment we reached here I knew what I had to do.

I heard straight to my cottage that was situated near the border of the park.

The moment I get there I find my brother Aiden waiting for me. The only similarity we share is the same kind of green eyes. I am slightly taller than him standing at 6"4 while he is at 6" 2. While I have rich dark brown hair his is pure black. He stands out whenever he stands next to me cause he is more muscular and built. We both found our mates at the same time and both had families but he stayed while mine got snatched away from me.

He smirks in my direction he doesn't know what went down back at Darklight. He doesn't know I was left in the woods to die from the pain of the bond being broken and left on one side.

" Hey bro!" he calls out the moment he spots me. I try to smile in his direction but the smile doesn't reach my eyes.

He frowns instantly he knows me too well. " What's up? " He instantly asks.

His attention is on me as I think of ways to dodge his question.

I walked past him take out my keys from the jeans I am wearing the same ones I wore yesterday. Just looking at my clothes makes me want to throw up.

The keys click around I as turn it vigorously. Aiden continues to stare at me, he knows something is up but it's not something I want to talk about yet. My wolf has completely shut off and is blaming me for being weak. It only makes things worse.

Finally, the door opens and I enter the moment I try to close it in his face he holds the door to stop me. Can't he see that I want some space right now?

I don't blame him though Aiden has always been a good big brother. Something I was so much hoping I was right now maybe then she would have accepted me as her mate.

I walk a few steps and instantly fall to my knees. It has been hard willing myself to move when all I wanted was to break down. Aiden is instantly next to me holding my shoulder.

" What is wrong Kayden you need to tell me?" His voice almost breaks. The last time he saw me this miserable was when my mate died. It doesn't help that I keep hearing my wolf's howl in my mind moaning about the broken bond, he also had a ray of hope until it was crushed like a bug.

"" I stutter. The words get caught up in my throat and I don't know what to say. How do I explain to him what happened?

I am breaking down even before I know it, I single stray tear leaves my mind. This frightens Aiden even more. He begins to shake me and asks me what is wrong. As if I haven't heard him ask that very question three times now.

" She rejected me. " I managed to say. My eyes are wide open too surprised to even blink. Hearing it out loud is even another type of torture.

" What do you mean she rejected you?" He asks. I finally turn and for the first time since I got here, we finally lock eyes. His mouth drops open he instantly knows what I mean I don't need to explain further.

" You meet another mate and she rejected you?" it's as if he too can't believe the words that his mouth.

" She said I am too weak and power to be her mates," I say the words that have been ringing through my mind the entire time.

" You don't say..." he is still shocked. "She can't just reject you like that you need to teach her a lesson. You are strong Kayden, very strong she doesn't know you as I do."

" Exactly Aiden she doesn't!" I wince when my voice comes out harsher than I intended it to.

" Sorry.." He apologises even though he sounds unsure, not sure about what he is apologising about.

" It's fine."

" You can't let her trump over you like this Kayden. Be the strong wolf I know and show her and make her regret what she did."

" That is exactly what I will do. " It's a promise not only to me but to him as well. I know what I need to do after all.


The next month I had packed out of the pack and headed to the mountain bushes. All daring wolves who wanted to be strong did this. Though it wasn't everyone who did it as most died even before they got back. living with the wild surviving in the wild and what made it even more challenging was that it was winter which was the hardest time.

I managed to survive for two good years my wolf was stronger than it was before even before the time I was a warrior in the pack. This was the first time I did this after all. Last time I was too scared the only thing I ever did was a train but I didn't need training. Not that kind anyway. During my time in the mountain, I mostly hunted bares cause I loved the challenged bears wasn't easy to pray for any mistake and you would be done for.

Now that my time in the pack was done it was time for me to head back to Blackmist. The only different thing about me was that my wolf and I didn't want to be followers and wanted to be leaders.

I was still in my wolf form when I reached the pack. Each wolf looked worried at me they knew to steer clear including the warriors. I wasn't the same weak link as Lucy once called me anymore. My wolf had even gotten bigger than before.

The moment I am outside the pack house Alpha Raymonds walks out. I did cause some commotion and attention after all.

" What brought you here Kayden? You could have first taken a shower you reek. " Despite knowing what he says is true that still angers my wolf.

I snarl my teeth at him growling threatening in his direction. Everyone knows what this means. It's an open challenge at his Alpha position. He snarls right back and shifts into his wolf. He holds up an image but deep down I know he is scared. He knows this is a fight he can't win. It doesn't even take time before he has my neck bared to me. Everyone knows what this means. I am the new Alpha, they all instantly bare their necks to me to let me know that they accept me as their leader.


A year later and I am the wolf no one even dares to challenge me. They can all feel it my aura is no longer the same. And just to make sure I changed the rules that anyone who challenges me gets to fight to the death. They all know better than to try something stupid. But Blackmist alone doesn't satisfy me. I need more I need to take over Darklight too. I need to get my revenge it's all I strive for. Not only did I learn to be a powerful wolf in the mountains I learned to harden my heart too.

Even if she tries her charms on me they won't work. I am finally strong enough to accept that rejection.

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