Alpha Kaydens Revenge/C6 Seeing Him
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Alpha Kaydens Revenge/C6 Seeing Him
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C6 Seeing Him


I am hypnotized, I can't look away even if I want to. Those eyes I know from anywhere, there is no mistaking who it is. The very man I rejected probably more than a year ago. He looks so different he isn't the same man I know, the same I rejected. He had changed so much the only thing that stayed the same where his captivating forest green eyes only even his eyes looked so cold and devoid of any real emotion.

What did he turn into?

He fully enters the office his large size making the office I thought is big and spacious look so small. He has become so buff and muscular that I am finding it hard to believe that it is the same slim tall guy with a bald head that I knew.

If someone told me that Kayden had changed this much I would laugh at them and say that the omega did have such guts.

" Alpha Gray please have a seat. " My alpha asks.

His eyes narrowed and turned cold.

" I didn't come here to chit chat." He replies

rudely. His deep voice is even more hoarse than it was before. He did look very scary, so scary.

My eyes kept flickering in his direction trying to drink him in. His head was no longer bald, he had his rich chocolate brown hair grow out and it looks long and wild. I want to run my fingers through it just so I could feel its thick texture.

As if he knows that I am staring his green eyes snap at mine and the look he gives me was enough to scare me away, he has so much hate for me. I couldn't blame him, I was the cause of that after all.

" Then what do you want to do?" My Alpha asks instead.

" Do I need to explain myself? " He replies, he seems even more irritated than he was before.

The atmosphere begins to change, it is suddenly hard for me to keep standing. I instantly know what was happening each alpha is sizing the other up. "My only objective is to challenge you in a fight so that I can take over this pack as well. "

My jaw drops, who the fuck does he think he is?

Kayden moves a lot closer into the room, he stands right next to me and it takes everything in me not to cover away right there and then. His scent is heavenly yet his aura is so powerful I am suddenly worried for my alpha if he would manage to go up against him. Where did that sudden power come from?

My alpha whimpers and that is enough to let me know that this fight has ended even before it began.

" We both know who will win this fight. You can have the pack it's yours from now on. I just don't wanna shed blood. "

I blink and look at Alpha Xavier with more shock than before. I at least thought he would fight for this pack, fight for us. But he gave up so easily. The worst part is he was giving up to the mate I once rejected.

" It's good we could agree on one thing. And for that, I will let you stay in the park if you still want to." Kayden says, he has a light smile on his face.

He is so sick in his head how could he smile over something like this?

They share a handshake and the deal is done.

" I will stay but somewhere secluded in the pack I already know the perfect place. "

" Great and you..." His attention turns to me.

I began to shiver I have never been so afraid before. I was always one to be confident and fight when the time needed. But I know that even if I started this fight my ass would be handed to me on a silver platter.

My heart began to beat faster as I wait for what he wanted to say.

" What is your name again? " He asks. Disbelief is clear as day on my face as I looked at him. I wanted to glare at him but I was so afraid I stayed neutral. He fawns indifference as he waits for my reply.

What an asshole!

I wouldn't lie though I felt a sting deep in my chest I don't know if he is being real or faking it. I am pretty sure it is the latter.

" My name is Lucy Reed. " I tell him.

His eyes squint, he looks thoughtful for a moment. " The name sounds familiar, do I know you?"

He was driving the knife deep with no mercy he aims to hurt me but I am not going to give him that satisfaction.

" No, I don't think we have met before. " Two can play that game.

His eyes narrowed into slits, if looks could kill I would be dead. He suddenly scoffs.

" Just as I thought. What is your position in this pack? " He asks changing the subject.

" Beta. "

" I can't have a weak beta in my pack. You look too weak. " He retorted. That surely hurt, he used the same words I once used when I told him I couldn't have a weak man for a mate. I didn't know it hurt this much to be called weak.

" I am nothing but weak. You can bring whoever you want to challenge me for the position I wouldn't mind. " I tell him confidently, but he doesn't seem convinced.

He moves even closer at this point where he is towering over me.

" I am still not convinced just look at you. My warriors would eat you alive. You don't stand a chance. " He spats with annoyance on his handsome face.

It's funny how tables turn. Look at us now with my mate preaching to me how he thinks I am too weak to even be his better.

" I already said I can fight any opponent for the position. " I say through gritted teeth.

" We will see, it's good you ain't my mate cause I sure can't stand having a weak luna as my mate. I feel pity for the man you will end up with. " He spats one more time before he begins to talk off.

I feel my eyes sting at his words. I can't lie his words hurt like hell. My hand shoots out and grabs his big trunk of an arm. I gasp at the unexpected feeling, sparks are there but very faint. The next thing I feel is a pain in my hand that is holding his arms. He holds it so tight and rips it off with the most disgusted look on his face.

" Don't you ever fucking touch me! The next time you do that you will be missing a hand. " He warns with the harshest look. I shiver in fear as I looked at his green eyes which had only gotten darker. His light beard only makes him look very hot even if he is angry as hell. I try not to wet myself right there and then.

" I am sorry, it was a mistake. " I apologise even though everything I side me I screaming not to.

" Good, if I were you I would rush off to train hard cause your trial is tomorrow. " He finally walks away leaving me confused about seeing him again.

There is a slight ping of regret but I brush it off. Me Xavier quietly watched us the entire time and didn't even bother to say a single word.

" Alpha how could you give up like that?" I ask him with a pained look.

" I am already old Lucy I don't even have an heir the best is for me to enjoy life with my mate. He isn't a bad man, I feel there is just something that made him like that or maybe someone. "

If only he know that someone is me. I hide the guilty feelings.

" I understand you. " I simply say then walked out to think about my fight tomorrow.

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