Alpha Mate/C4 Westley.
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Alpha Mate/C4 Westley.
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C4 Westley.

"Came to see Ian." I replied, remembering that he had asked me a question. It was what I keep telling myself, that my visiting this part of the house has nothing to do with the man standing in the fucking towel. The musky scent emitting from him in waves was distracting me. All I wanted was to throw him in the bed and fuck him till Ralph was satisfied.

My eyes fell on the bite mark I had made last night, and my cock became painfully hard.

Claim him. Ralph whispered.

Fuck off, Ralph. He's my stepson.

No one cares if you fuck your stepson or not. Not even your self-serving bitch wife. He nearly spat the last word out. Ralph had never really liked Melissa and had also said that she was lying about the baby being mine. However, I assumed that was a deception because Ralph had wanted Dylan when we first met him.

I'd never deceive you, moron. Ian is not your child. He's our omega's pup. Ralph growled.

That's bullshit, Ralph.

"Westley." I snapped out of my musings.

"I am sorry about that." I said, pointing to the hickey.

"No worries. It just happens in the heat of the moment."

"Has anyone bitten you before?" I asked before I could stop myself.

"No. I am going to bathe Ian." He walked past me to take the baby from the crib.

"Can I do it?" There was nothing to do in the office, so I might as well use the opportunity to be with my son.

"Yeah, sure."


After thirty long minutes of him splashing and playing with the water, we finally managed to wash and dress him. He was an enthusiastic kid and had way too much energy. We placed Ian in the crib, as the next task was feeding him. I looked at my soaking-wet shirt and Dylan laughed at me.

"That's why I didn't dress." He said, pointing at his half-naked form.

"You think this is funny?" I bellowed and tried to catch him. He started running, and I chased him. Ian began clapping his hands in delight. We circled the room, me gaining foot by foot on him. He deviated from the path and climbed on top of his bed. I caught his foot and pulled. He landed on the bed and rolled over to escape, but I caged him with my body.

"You win." Dylan panted, and I was no better. As I finally caught my breath, I realized how close we were lying. Just a few inches separated me from capturing his lips. I knew he was thinking the same when his eyes dropped to my lips.

"Sorry." I said, scrambling away from him. I immediately felt the loss of his body .

"I am not. I had real fun after a long time, old man." He adjusted his towel.

"I am not that old." I growled. "I'm just thirty."

"You're ten years older than me." He emphasized the number.

"Your mother is fifteen years older than me." I muttered, not wanting to be referred to as old.

"She is ancient." After a brief exchange of glances, we burst out laughing. It was fantastic. I enjoyed how natural it felt to be with him and how calm the entire experience was. At that moment, I felt emotionally linked to him, as if we were both a part of each other's lives. I admired how he looked at me with such a warm and open expression.

My phone rang, breaking our connection. Fucking hell.

"Who is this?" I bellowed, answering the call.

"Did you fucking delete my number?" Emilia asked.

"No, I just didn't check."

"Ohh, are you doing something important?"

"I'm with Dylan." I nearly whined about disturbing us.

"What are you doing with T.F.O.?" Her question was all innocence as if she was not waiting like a vulture for the answer. She knew all about me, including Ralph and my desire for Dylan, and referred to him as The Forbidden Omega. Eventually, it evolved into T.F.O.


"With clothes or without?" She pried.

"Emilia." My tone held a warning.

"Sorry, boss."

"Why did you call me?"

"Shit, I totally forgot about it. You have a meeting in forty-five minutes." She reminded me. Fuck.

"Coming." I said and ended the call.

"Are you leaving?" Dylan asked with a frown. And I wanted to cancel the goddamn meeting just to see him smiling. But it was a very important one.

"Yes, sweetheart. It's important." I hadn't meant to use the endearment; it just came to me naturally. He nodded, but the sad expression didn't leave his face. I kissed Ian on the forehead and was about to set foot out of the door when I remembered something. "Did you get the check?"


"I didn't get a message from the bank."

"Haven't cashed it yet."

"Can I wire it to your account?"

"No thanks, West. I will cash the check when I need the money." I looked at my watch and I just had forty minutes left.

"Okay. Sorry. Have to go? And please don't go to the club again." I waited till I got a nod from him and rushed from the house.

He's lying. A bitter scent came from him. Ralph informed.

I sensed. I will check on him. I assured my wolf.


I entered the dingy bar for the second time in three days. The meeting on Saturday morning was a success, but my mind wasn't entirely on it. I wanted to be with Dylan, but even after the meeting, I couldn't find him because he was avoiding me like a plague. I just knew it.

Normally, I would've seen him in passing once or twice, but in the last three days, I didn't even get a glimpse. I think he's feeling guilty for lying to me. But that's not an issue. I am not angry with him.

"Ohh, it's you." The old man said, rushing over to me. "Welcome, welcome."

"I want the same omega." I did not waste my time with the small talk bullshit.

"Unfortunately," the man began. My heart soared. Did he quit because of what I said? "He has another customer." Dread curled in my stomach. Some other alpha is having him at the moment. Ralph growled and thrashed inside me, wanting to come out. He didn't like sharing, and I didn't either. After closing my eyes, I counted to three.

"I want him." I replied, after calming myself down.

"Wait for a few minutes." He said, but I was already turning away and headed towards the small room with the stairs. The old man followed me but got lost somewhere in the crowd.

Good riddance. Ralph said. We were feeling increasingly agitated with every step closer to the stairs. Something is wrong. Very, very wrong. I took three stairs at a time, nearly breaking the damn thing. It jostled badly under me.

I was relieved when I reached the stairs, but it vanished quickly as I heard a little sob coming from my omega. I could hear his sobs and whimpers through the pleasurable sounds from the other rooms. I fucking ran and was at his door in a matter of seconds. There was no guard at his door. I knocked on it, but no one answered. When I ripped it open, the alpha fucking my tied omega snarled. I crept into the room, grabbed him by the collar, and yanked him out of bed.

"What the fuck, man?" He yelled, and then his face paled. He stared at me in dread, and I realized my canines were elongated. I threw him to the ground.

"Go away." I roared.

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