Pleasuring The Witch/C10 Invisible Force
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Pleasuring The Witch/C10 Invisible Force
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C10 Invisible Force


I wiped my tears with the back of my right hand desperately, kicking invisible pebbles with my sneakers. My heart felt just a tad bit heavy, enough to keep my tear ducts working.

The chilly wind that blew in the night bit and pricked my exposed skin, causing small bumps to layer up my outer body tissue. The intensity of the Alpha's utterances however outweighed the cold.

I struggled to grasp the reality of the Alpha finding my truthful explanation rather dubious. As if being doubtful wasn't sufficient, he had gone ahead and accused me of being traitorous like my parents.

If only he knew the truth and the weight of whatever had happened years back.

I traipsed along the gravel path, ignoring wholly the scraping sound my feet made, as they trailed lazily on the ground. I tried figuring out how I was able to capture his thoughts.

My mother's words had began making sense now, like she said they would.

Flash back

'Honey, do you know how much your father loved you? ' Mother suddenly asked me over dinner, smiling at me like always.

'Yes mum, how could I not, but why do you ask? '

'Always asking questions my dear. ' She pointed out.

'Anyway, a time will come, a time where a person will love you more than the love your father had for you, more than my love for you dear. ' She paused in thought, her eyes sparkling with happiness as she imagined her words.

'They will cherish and adore you my child, and in return You alone will save them . ' She whispered the last part, allowing it to sink.

'I don't understand mum. ' She put her hand on mine, caressing it softly before answering. ' All in good time my child.'

'Please mum, tell me something I can at least try to understand. ' I begged her, my lips curling downwards. I always hated it when she spoke indirectly like this.

'When you turn 25 my child, things will make sense. You will be alone but your kind heart will get you through it all. Your abilities will be like your sixth sense honey, let them guide you to the correct person' Her words scared me, where would she be and what abilities was she talking about?

'You're speaking as if you won't be here five years later. '

'Eat up my child, the food is getting cold. ' I could've sworn I saw a lone tear slip out of her left eye.

End of flash back.

I wish there was some place I could reference to concerning my abilities. Like an older witch or maybe a book about witchery and such. I honestly needed to know what was happening between the Alpha and I desperately.

The man had managed to turn me to an horny witch without even trying. I had masturbated thinking about him, then he had gone down on me in an old office at the hospital.

His presence alone swayed my thoughts to sexual ones in ways I couldn't begin to comprehend. It's like a spell had been cast upon me. I was attracted to him, there was this kind of magnetism that he had on me. Something unfathomable pulled me to him.

How could I want the Alpha knowing that he'd never feel the same for me. I knew all this was a game for him, hell he made it clear when he accused me of invading his privacy earlier.

My occupied self barely registered the occasional pack members that I passed along the path or the few ones in their wolf forms that snarled at me. The vile scornful comments went unheeded.

After almost 5 years of enduring such, I had undoubtedly become immune to the vile remarks. Things got worse for me after my mum passed on. I guess that was the opening these werewolves had been waiting for.

To think that they treasured my parents until that particular incident.

Shaking my head in disappointment, I remembered how growing up my parents helped the entire pack. Both of them had some type of comforting aura. It seemed to attract a lot of mated pairs to them who needed advice.

As the Swahili proverb goes Asante ya punda ni mateke ( The gratitude of a donkey is a kick ).

My house came into view, the crispy white paint on the small porch somehow visible in the dark. It was simple yet beautiful with this visual path leading to the blue door.

My covered feet made contact with the stone tiled path, moving forward up to the front door. I had left the door unlocked but closed. I had no fear leaving it that way, nobody would get into a 'cursed house. '

However before my hand could twist the knob, chilling fear engulfed my entire frame suddenly, making me retract my hand in reflex. An involuntary shudder moved down along my spine all the way to my heavy limbs.

My conscious couldn't locate the cause of this sudden fear. Even so, my stance remained calm, the only telling thing was my abnormally heart palpitations and the risen hairs on the back of my neck.

Something was wrong somewhere but even through the whole situation, I knew I needed my brain to function. It didn't matter my muscles had no power in them. As long as my mind remained calm, I had the option of fighting with whatever loomed around me.

'Noo! ' A silent scream tore through me as a sudden invisible force jolted my body backwards. My eyes screwed shut as a sharp stabbing pain pierced through my scull, imbedding itself deep inside my head. Like a hot machete cutting across my veins, it spread from my head all through my body to my toes.

I tried moving my hands to clutch on anything as my insides burned but I couldn't. I stood frozen on the ground, desperately trying to move my body.

I was paralyzed completely, I could only feel the searing pain as it tormented my unmoving body. Just as the pain came, it soon dissipated to nothingness but not before another force pushed my body backwards yet again.

My body felt like a shell, harbouring something else powerful inside. The foreign power consumed and controlled me, making my feet take steps to a place I couldn't see.

My eyelids remained shut allowing no light to filter through. I felt helpless in my own body, frustrated at whatever was happening. My body kept on moving without it's own accord and even though the pain had evaporated, I still wished I had control over my actions.

Even my thoughts were tied and locked in place, just like the rest of my frame. I felt like I was somehow floating in the air, despite feeling my feet move.

It was completely unexplainable, and the trance that I was locked in seemed to extend for ages. Just like the pain had evaporated, the trance I was in was unlocked in an instant.

On reflex, my eye lids seemed to function again when my eyes opened, coming face to face with the Alpha. My body lost it's stiff posture and my brain began to function again.

His hands were holding my upper arms firmly.

'Are you okay Tamara? ' I was surprised at his soft voice. The worried tone in those words confused me.

'Where I'm I? ' I ignored his question as my eyes tried adjusting to the darkness surrounding us.

'You're favorite part of the forest. ' The answer was carefully said and even so, it still shocked me. There was only one explanation even if it really seemed far fetched. The force that had taken over my body must have brought me here.

I know I was supposed to be scared or even panicking but I was awfully calm. In fact I had only two questions.

How had the Alpha gotten here and why the hell was I brought here too?

'Tamara. ' He called me, pulling me out of my thoughts.

'You wouldn't open your eyes, I tried shaking you but you didn't react at all. ' He explained in worry, his arms wrapping around me.

'Jesus you're freezing Tamara. ' He noticed after hugging me, putting me firmly on his muscular chest.

'Here. ' He handed me his coat.

'Put it on, then we can get you inside to put on something warmer. ' Was my mind playing tricks on me or was it all real before eyes.

Why was he suddenly acting this caring and worried? What changed?

'I know you have a lot of questions right now, but I will answer what I know. ' He paused, pulling me by my hand.

'Once I make sure you are okay and well rested. In my house. '

'Huh? ' Had he just said we'd be going back to his house? Wonders shall never end, I thought.

'We had a deal, you broke it again but that can wait. For now come m..'

' Stop' I halted, pointing at a piece of paper before us. It was similar to the one we had come across earlier only that it had different words.


The words were written in blood again and like the other one, we couldn't scent the normal metallic smell of rust. He then bent over to pic it, holding it between his fingers.

'You led us right to the paper. ' He whispered in disbelief, staring at the small mystery.

'For the second time.' he added.

'What do you mean I led 'us '? ' I confusedly asked, I still had no idea how he got here, or how he found me.

'You asked me for help. ' he answered.

'That's impossible, I couldn't even talk. ' I argued.

'You channelled your words in your thoughts and directed them to me. I heard them loud and clear in my head, followed by an earth shattering scream. ' I tried comprehending his words as he uttered them.

'I don't understand. '

'Me too. ' He added.

'But I know that whatever led us here, knew this little paper full of mystery would be here. '

'It wanted us to see the paper. ' I whispered.

Was this one of the many abilities my mother talked about,


Was it an entirely different thing?

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